Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design
Modern bedroom design

A modern style bedroom is the smoothness of the coatings, the rigor and conciseness of forms, rationality, and functionality. This direction became fashionable in the 19th century, and remains relevant today. This design is able to give the room an attractive and modern appearance. Is it any wonder that more and more people are choosing the direction of modernity?! How to embody his features?

Modern bedroom color scheme

What colors should prevail in such a room? Bedroom in modern style in beige tones is a classic. This color is ideal for a room where people relax and sleep. It creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Beige tone is organically combined with other colors. For example, his tandem with blue, brown, green looks impressive. The beige room is warm in winter and cool in summer.

white and black modern bedroom

Also common is a white bedroom in Art Nouveau style. This color will be perfectchoice for small space owners. It will visually enlarge the space, fill the room with light. Playing with contrasts, or rather the combination of white and black, is also popular.

What other shades can be taken as a basis? Silver, grey, gold, purple, brown, mustard are the options. Accents are traditionally placed with the help of light green, yellow, red. For example, soft pillows can take over the function of “bright spots”. We must not forget that modernity does not like variegation.


The Art Nouveau bedroom needs the right lighting. It's great if there are several light sources.

cozy modern bedroom
  • Ceiling lighting. The chandelier can be placed both in the middle of the ceiling and in one area of ​​the bedroom. The product should attract attention and organically fit into the interior. Preference can be given to crystal models.
  • Lamps near the bed. These devices should be placed on both sides of the bed. It's great if they have the original shape.
  • Floor lamps, lamps. There is a place for them in the part of the room that is used only for relaxation. It is great if they are made in an unusual form, for example, depict plants or animals.
  • Decorative lighting. It can be provided on the shelves, at the front door, on the ceiling. Colored lights are welcome.


The walls in the Art Nouveau bedroom are decorated with textured plaster, wallpaper, wood paneling. From plasticbetter to refuse. It is also not recommended to use wallpaper with bright and large patterns, with geometric shapes.

creative modern bedroom

Non-woven wallpaper with a natural pattern will be a wonderful choice for decorating walls. Silk products, photo wallpaper are also relevant. Small wood panels with a fancy pattern are also welcome, but the material must be of high quality.


Modern bedroom design puts forward certain requirements for the design of the floor. As a floor covering, you can use parquet or laminate. Not an ordinary tree will look great, but a fancy ornament made of floral motifs. Of course, natural stone is also suitable for decorating the floor. The choice of linoleum is also allowed, but it must be plain. The original solution will be a carpet with a fine pile. The color of the flooring is chosen based on the overall design concept.

modern bedroom design

Do I need a carpet? Yes, because with its help you can make the room more comfortable. However, it should not be colorful and bright, it is better to give preference to a plain product.


Glossy stretch fabrics, textured plaster are ideal for decorating the ceiling. The surface can also be painted. It is not recommended to use stucco molding, large figured inserts. However, the ceiling can be made multi-level. It is also allowed to use a 3D canvas with a soft pattern of smooth shapes and lines.

bright modern bedroom

Small lamps built into the surface will also help to decorate the ceiling. By the way, they can be not only round or dotted. They can also be arranged in the form of tree branches, leaves, and so on. The Art Nouveau style approvingly refers to the original ideas.

Windows, curtains

What do the windows look like in a modern bedroom? It is great if they are large, have a rectangular or arched shape, and have wide window sills. Panoramic windows are an excellent solution for such a room.

modern bedroom interior

Which curtains to prefer? Both blinds and asymmetric, flowing curtains will look spectacular on the windows. An important role is given to chaotically located frills, which depict sea waves. Curtains can be gathered from the side, interceptions with heavy and long tassels, as well as beautiful bows with ribbons are used for their dressing. It is important that the products do not interfere with the penetration of sunlight into the room.


Photos of the interior of the bedroom in modern style indicate that a large amount of furniture is not needed. Leather, metal, glass are the materials that this direction loves. The upholstery of armchairs and pouffe can be made of leather, it can also be used to decorate the head of the bed. The legs of the bedside table can be metal, lamps made from this material are also welcome. Let the surface of the table be glass, mirror elements can be built into the headboard. welcomeany experiments with combinations of materials. For example, a wooden cabinet can be safely supplemented with metal or stained glass facades.

elegant modern bedroom

The main role in this room is traditionally given to the bed. The bed should be spacious and comfortable. It is great if the bed has a high headboard, metal elements are also welcome. The bed can be round or rectangular, have a bizarre shape. The bed should not be placed in the center of the room, even if it is a large bedroom. Her head should be against the wall.

So, what pieces of furniture are traditionally present in the Art Nouveau bedroom? Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, mirror - a standard set. If the size of the room allows, armchairs and ottomans can be included in this list. Furniture not only can, but must be original. Art Nouveau loves interesting design, unusual and complex shapes. For example, a cloud-shaped table or a lip-shaped chair is welcome.

Stained glass and forging

Stained-glass windows and forged elements are often found in the interior of a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style. Glass with patterns is actively used in the decoration of windows, doors, chandeliers. They also decorate other surfaces where the use of this material is allowed. Stained-glass windows help visually enlarge a small bedroom, as well as divide a spacious room into functional zones.

An important role in such a bedroom is given to forging. Metal products (all kinds of figurines, figurines, lamps) do not look bulky. Their grace helpsemphasize the elegance of style.


Modern bedroom design photo emphasizes the importance of the role assigned to accessories. Decor elements should not be many, but it's great if they turn out to be bold and bright. Interesting ideas can be gleaned below:

  • Lamps of bizarre shapes. For example, they can be made in the form of an animal or a plant.
  • Unusual and bright pictures. Surrealism, impressionism, avant-garde, art deco, abstractionism, cubism styles are welcome.
  • Contrasting vinyl decals. Using them will help to give the bedroom a special chic.
  • Original figurines. These products can be not only small, but also large. Figurines can be made from any material. For example, you can give preference to wood, bronze, ceramics, porcelain, glass.
  • Fancy mirrors. It's great if they have an original shape, creative frames. Mirrors make it easy to make your bedroom look bigger.
  • Flower arrangements. They can be made up of any flowers: live, dried, artificial.

Space zoning

Large and spacious Art Nouveau bedroom can be divided into functional areas. Borders may be absent, blurred and blurred, clear. What zoning options are appropriate in this case?

  • Screens, partitions. They can serve as a space zoning tool and a decorative element at the same time. Let's say that a glass partition with an original design will look spectacular in the bedroom.form. Forged screen will help to emphasize the elegance and grace of style. With the help of beautiful curtains, you can designate a dressing room or hide a sleeping place from prying eyes.
  • Colors. For example, using a deep and rich color, you can highlight a bed.
  • Levels, niches. The bed is the main element of the bedroom. Why not emphasize this by placing the box on the podium? A tier on the ceiling will also help draw attention to the sleeping place. The cabinet can be hidden in a recess in the wall. On a hill, you can install a corner for relaxation, not forgetting the steps leading to it.
  • Lighting. Spotlights are a tool with which it is easy to designate a particular zone.

Cosy, comfortable, modern and beautiful - this is the Art Nouveau bedroom. The photos in the article will help you get a clearer idea of ​​the features of this direction.

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