Modern bedroom: interesting ideas, designs and reviews. Bedroom in a modern style - overview of options

Modern bedroom: interesting ideas, designs and reviews. Bedroom in a modern style - overview of options
Modern bedroom: interesting ideas, designs and reviews. Bedroom in a modern style - overview of options

Modern bedroom is the personification of comfort and peace, innermost desires and hopes. In the process of arrangement, it is not just a platform for design experiments, but also the embodiment of the art of living beautifully. Artistic ideas greatly expand its functionality, boundaries, bringing a futuristic touch to the traditional setting.

The variety of styles is astounding: modern, minimalist, lightweight art deco, eclectic… Each of them can be filled with exclusive and incredible components and turn your personal space into something magical.

modern bedroom

General tips

A bedroom in a modern style is multivariate, but it works according to one clear law - no frills. This is especially true for small rooms. The decor should be simple and stylish at the same time. It must meet three basic requirements: comfort, aesthetics and high taste.

The main accents in the bedroom fall on the bed and light sources (windows,lamps). Moderation is also important in decorating walls. Do not be zealous with paintings, panels and other accessories. It is better to stop at two or three, depending on the size of the room and the format of the accessories themselves.

To make the bedroom look like a single space, it is worth observing the harmony of the color scheme of the design with a shade of curtains. Of course, when decorating a bedroom, one should take into account not only fashion trends in interior design, but also the character and preferences of the household.

Modern bedroom can become both a reliable fortress, and a cozy haven for relaxation, and the embodiment of love and romance for its owners. Original design ideas will help to achieve this.

modern style bedroom


Classic motifs in the design of the bedroom have always been and remain the most popular. But every season they are filled with new notes, "chips", acquire other shapes and lines. Today, muted shades have become absolute color favorites: gray, pale burgundy, light brown, black with delicate splashes of white. In terms of textiles, natural silk dominates here. Gloss black, silver and gold are used as a supplement.

modern bedroom ideas

Aristocratic luxury

Surely there will be lovers of bohemian, glamorous chic, art deco style. It will create a truly luxurious space for lovers and connoisseurs of chic and beauty. The main colors here are white and gold. Monochromatic light walls, soft plushsilk and small decorative elements (sconces, candlesticks, photo frames) with gilding and furniture with a touch of retro will turn a modest bedroom into a space of luxury and gentle charm. This direction differs from the classical style in the great richness of design and softness of lines.

Loft style

Loft style in the interior is often called exquisite simplicity. A minimalist approach to furniture and bedroom decoration will not only save the owners' finances, but also significantly expand the room, giving it maximum comfort and spaciousness. The color scheme here can be both bright and muted (light brown, pastel colors). The main focus in this bedroom falls on the bed with a wide headboard.

modern bedroom 12 sq m

The peculiarity of the loft is the combination of rough and refined, chaos and order. Therefore, the decor here is minimal, but well-aimed. Wall decoration is just an imitation of its absence. The one at the head of the bed, as a rule, remains untouched or covered with wallpaper stylized as natural materials (brick, wood, stone). Others are covered with brighter colors, plaster. Since the loft is an attic style, large windows without curtains are required.

This trend is ideal for large rooms, but a more modest modern bedroom (12 sqm) can also be transformed into an original and stylish space.

Relax style

Modern bedroom ideas know no boundaries. If the area of ​​​​the room allows, then it can be turned into a multifunctional space. By making a conditionalzoning, you can divide the room, for example, into a sleeping area and an area for yoga, Pilates, drawing or music, place an exercise bike and even a home theater with a small sofa. So, a modern bedroom becomes a full-fledged embodiment of creativity and relaxation from everyday bustle. It is ideal to use discreet pastel colors, small-sized furniture and a minimum of decor.

Master Suite

Fashion trends in the interior can be difficult to fit into the space of ordinary small apartments. The master suite comes to the rescue - a trend aimed at pushing the boundaries of the premises through the use of color, architectural and furniture tricks. A small modern bedroom can expand significantly due to the predominance of light colors in the color palette. The bedroom can also be combined with a bathroom and wardrobe.

The modern design of a small bedroom is a minimum of furniture, no rugs, large mirrors and windows without curtains. At first, such an interior may seem cold and uncomfortable. Warm notes will bring bright accents, book shelves, paintings. The main thing in this design is balance. Using the techniques of the master suite, you can turn the bedroom into a real suite, which will successfully overlap with the lifestyle of modern life.

small modern bedroom

Originality of elements

Modern bedroom is not complete without exclusive receptions and interior components. Their ideas are multivariate. Even if the room setting does not adhere to a certain style, it can be given uniqueness and comfort withusing original decorative elements. These include the arrangement of pieces of furniture, non-standard sconces and lamps, curtains, niches, screens, shelves and much more.

Floating bedside tables

This is one of the modern interior trends. Its essence lies in the unusual arrangement of bedside tables. They are attached to the wall or headboard without any support underneath. They look very stylish and original.


Unusual designer lamps, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps can add futurism and atmosphere to a modern bedroom. These can be projectors of the starry sky or the underwater world with musical accompaniment, which will bring romantic notes to the stop. In the loft style, fancy retro lamps, hanging lamps are often used, which is quite consistent with the mood and features of the direction. Lamps in the form of drops, icicles, gilded balls or ornate, curved shapes are also popular.

Decorative panels

Decorative panels are fashionable and original in the interior today. They can be textile and continue the head of the bed, wooden, plastic, with a mirror surface, glass, etc. As a rule, this finishing method is used as an accent for the central wall of the room.

modern bedroom curtains


Modern curtains for the bedroom are multivariate, they have a clear correlation with the general style of the interior. So, curtains decorated with lambrequins and a weightless field (tulle) act as classics. If you need to muteduring the daytime, the curtains should be thick or lined.

Roman style is becoming more and more popular: thick curtains along the contour of the window, combined with tulle. At night, a closed window ensures a restful sleep; during the day, tulle decorates and lightens the space of the bedroom.

If the bedroom windows face north, you can limit yourself to using only tulle (with and without patterns) or medium-density curtains on rings. They are easy to move and emphasize the style of the interior.

The main rule when choosing curtains is that they should be a harmonious addition, and not a bright blunder in a stylish bedroom space. The advantage today is light colors. Curtains can be hung not only on the windows, but also above the bed, as in tsarist times.

modern small bedroom design


A bedroom in a modern style can appear in the most unusual form and carry not only the main function of a place to sleep, but also become a creative workshop for its owners. Increasingly, photos and descriptions of original ideas for decorating personal space appear on thematic forums. Among the reviews, hand-made wall paintings and panels are popular. As a rule, they do not carry a semantic load, but are abstract lines, hieroglyphs or unfinished silhouettes of people and objects. Hand made also touched on small decor items, lighting fixtures, photo frames, creating original screens for zoning a room.

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