Design of a rectangular bedroom: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips

Design of a rectangular bedroom: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips
Design of a rectangular bedroom: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips

Living rooms are found in different shapes, the owners of square rooms are the most lucky, since there are practically no problems with them when decorating. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about elongated and narrow spaces. From the very beginning there is a certain discomfort in them, which is hard not to feel, especially when it comes to sleeping quarters. What to do with an unsuccessfully designed apartment, how to design a rectangular bedroom? The main thing is not to get discouraged. Following the recommendations of professionals and a competent designer will turn a rectangular room into a comfortable space that you won’t want to leave.

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Creating visual space

The main task when decorating an elongated room is to visually turn it into a proportional and comfortable room. To achieve this, the correct arrangement of furniture, the construction of various dividing partitions, the thoughtful design of the floor, ceiling andwalls. The final version should be a multifunctional room for sleeping and relaxing.


It will be impossible to achieve such a result without zoning, so this technique should be used as much as possible. For example, you can allocate a work area, a dressing room, a place to relax, sleep, and so on. This design of a rectangular bedroom does not include the installation of partitions in full height, as they will make the lighting of the room unnatural. In addition, to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to carefully select finishing materials for walls, ceilings and floors.

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General recommendations from designers

As noted above, the design of a rectangular bedroom implies a certain furniture arrangement. In a narrow room, furniture should not be placed along wide walls, although this is convenient. The fact is that such furniture will visually make the room even longer and narrower.

  1. If the space is elongated from the window, then you can organize a workplace near it. Install a table under the computer, a bookcase and hang a few shelves there. The bed and TV can be placed in the center. If you want to equip a dressing room, then you should not do it along a narrow wall. It is also not recommended to use mirrored doors on a built-in wardrobe: because of them, the bedroom will become visually even narrower.
  2. Thinking how to design a rectangular bedroom with one window? If the window is located on a long wall, you can develop a different design for the bedroom. For example, it would be beneficiallook like a wardrobe the width of the entire wall, built-in on the narrow side of the room. Furniture doors should match the color of the walls. This arrangement will visually give the room the correct shape.
  3. A rectangular room, in which the length slightly exceeds the width, can be divided into two parts without using partitions. You can install a bed in the back of the bedroom, and put a small sofa at the foot of the back. It is good to place a coffee table in front of the sofa, and hang a TV on the wall. As a result, the design of a rectangular bedroom will have two zones: for sleeping and relaxing. One room will be visually divided into two separate rooms.
  4. Such arrangements fit especially well in the bedrooms of teenagers, since for them the room is at the same time a place to sleep, and a living room, and an office, and so on.
rectangular bedroom design


Particular importance in the design should be given to the color of surfaces and lighting. For the design of a rectangular bedroom 12 or 14 square meters. m. it is recommended to choose light shades for both walls and ceiling. Specialists for decorating the walls of small rooms advise using stripes on wallpaper and plaster. They will visually expand the space.

In addition, the design of a rectangular bedroom with photo wallpapers and mirrors on the walls will look interesting and mysterious. The main thing is to place them correctly. Laminate is used as the material for the floor, it should be laid diagonally. This layout will visually make the room wider.

rectangular bedroom design with one window


In a narrow bedroom, the walls can be painted, covered with decorative plaster or wallpapered. To make the room look wider, vertical striped wallpaper is glued to narrow walls, and long ones are painted in pastel colors. The following tones are considered ideal for the bedroom:

  1. Pale pink.
  2. Peach.
  3. Beige.
  4. Blue.
  5. Salad.
  6. Pale purple.
  7. Other delicate shades.

If you don't like striped wallpapers, then, for example, short walls are painted in a light color, and long ones - a few tones darker. Adherents of expensive classics can, when designing a rectangular bedroom of 16 square meters. m. use wood panels. Mahogany and other dark varieties look especially chic.


Most often, the ceiling surface is made white, less often with a bluish tint. If the room is decorated in green and lilac tones, then the ceiling can be made in the same color, only a few tones lighter. In the past few years, it has become fashionable to make a film stretch or plasterboard suspended ceiling. Under them, if desired, you can make a spotlight.

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Plasterboard ceiling structures can be solid, figured and even several levels. The options look very nice, inside which the backlight is hidden. It turns out the effect of flowing light. Levels can be painted in different colors if it isallowed by the design of the bedroom of a rectangular room. By the way, the backlight in this case can also be multi-colored.


Placing a built-in wardrobe or compartment against a narrow wall allows you to give the room the correct square shape. The optimal depth of the cabinet is 50-60 centimeters. It is better to place it in the corner.

If the room is not only rectangular, but also very narrow, then the design should be thought out in such a way that tiers are present. Creating such an effect is quite simple: you need to use narrow and wide shelves. You can hang them anywhere, above the desktop, dressing table, bed. To make the arrangement look more harmonious, furniture can be ordered according to individual measurements and design. In this case, it will definitely fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom.

In addition to the standard set of furniture such as a bed, a table, a dressing table and hanging shelves, you can add a soft ottoman, several chairs with backs and a chest of drawers. All these items should fit comfortably in a spacious bedroom.

rectangular bedroom design


The bed is the main item in the bedroom, its core. Experts advise choosing the most spacious option. And foreign designers are promoting the theory that the bed should be the most expensive, from the category that the buyer can afford.

To correctly position it in the bedroom, you must consider the size of the furniture. If the bed is double, then it is advisable to leave passages to the sleeping places for both spouses. Widththe passage must be at least 70 centimeters. This rule applies to all beds. When installing, try to respect the parameters.

Unfortunately, not all room sizes allow for such an arrangement, because then there is no room for other necessary furniture. She simply does not enter the room. In this case, it is worth reconsidering the design of a rectangular-shaped bedroom and placing the bed across.

This option allows for a situation with both one passage to the bed and two. It should be understood that one pass will create inconvenience to both. The person who will sleep against the wall will have to climb over the spouse lying on the edge every day. However, in very small bedrooms, to fit all the furniture, you have to sacrifice something.

It may be that it turns out to leave two passes, but the width of each will be less than 70 cm. In this case, experts recommend stopping at one, but wider, it will be more convenient.

If the ceilings are high in a small room, then this is a huge advantage. A podium can be added to the design of a narrow rectangular bedroom. Especially this option will appeal to young, energetic couples. Lay a mattress on the podium and equip a sleeping place, and there will be free space in the lower part. There you can install a desktop with a laptop and create a mini-cabinet.

Using mirrors

It is better to place elements such as mirrors on one of the long walls. If this is not done, then the long room will look like a sleeping car. Mirrors have a property to a large extentdeepen and visually expand the space. Try to place them higher so that the bed does not fall into the reflection. It looks more aesthetically pleasing, moreover, this approach complies with the rules of Feng Shui.

design bedroom rectangular narrow

For those who are braver, you can look in magazines for photos of designs of a rectangular bedroom with a completely mirrored wall on one side. It looks very bold and stylish. The room visually expands several times. Mirrors can be framed or hung without it, to create figures and so on. The mirrored surfaces, enclosed in wooden gilded frames from floor to ceiling, also look chic.

Of course, not everyone will dare to take such a step. Mirrors located above the head of the bed do not look so defiant. They can be made in the form of circles of different diameters and bring backlight under them. It looks very impressive, besides it is technically easy. A professional master can handle this task easily.

Indoor lighting

You can bring the shape of a rectangular room closer to a square with the help of properly organized lighting. The main one is the central light. As an additional source, you can use spotlights installed along narrow walls. Table lamps and floor lamps will add coziness to the room, they are perfectly combined with each other. These elements should be located at different heights, this will highlight the best areas of the bedroom. On the sides of the bed, you can hang one exquisite sconce, and place spotlights near the mirrors.items.

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