Large bedroom design: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips

Large bedroom design: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips
Large bedroom design: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer tips

To think over the design of a large bedroom in a modern style, you can turn to professionals. They will help you take into account all the features of the room, choose the best option based on your financial capabilities.

We offer interesting solutions for those property owners who decide to independently choose the design of a large bedroom with a division of zones. A photo of the finished work is presented below.

Bedroom design options

The use of fiberglass in the interior

When selecting new materials for bedroom walls, in addition to aesthetic characteristics, it is important to consider performance. Have you thought about the design of a large bedroom in a private house? In this case, you can consider glass wallpaper as a decorative wall covering. Their technical characteristics are similar to ceramic tiles, but they are much more original, more appropriate for use in the bedroom.

When using such materials for decorating walls, you can be absolutely sure that mold and fungus will not appear in the house. Glass fiber is not combustible, dirt does not accumulate on them anddust, they do not tear. Regarding the cost of this decorative material, professionals note that it is quite acceptable for the average buyer.

For the most part, glass wall papers are produced for painting, that is, with a single color. Gluing glass wallpaper to the surface is similar to the process of sticking ordinary wallpaper. True, there are some important nuances that should be considered when working with this decorative material.

Design of a large bedroom in a modern style

Features of work

If you decide to design a large bedroom using glass wallpaper, you need to fix the material with special glue. It is applied to the walls, the wallpaper itself remains dry. It will take 2-3 days for the glass to dry completely. Only after that you can start finishing, that is, painting. If you decide to change the design of a large bedroom, it will be enough just to choose a new paint for your glass walls. Such actions will help bring freshness and novelty to the room.

The combination of styles in the bedroom

Classic Interior Features

To create a design for a very large bedroom (40 sqm), you will have to work hard. In the age of technical innovation, few seek to use the classic version of the interior; glass and metal are of greater interest. Professionals are convinced that it is possible to combine metal and modern appliances with the softness and smoothness of classic lines.

If your plans include creating a beautiful and harmonious interior in the bedroom, you cantry a combination of classic interiors with modern appliances.

To create a single mood in the bedroom, you can use the technique, the body of which is made of natural wood, in addition, complemented by patterned compositions made in a classic style.

Space zoning

Solutions for vintage fans

The option of styling vintage furniture in the bedroom is also of interest. Such interesting solutions are quite acceptable in a classic interior.

Despite the fact that there are canons that apply to the classical style, the design of a large bedroom can be done quite modern. If there is a fireplace in the room, its portal is decorated with natural stone. In the same color, the headboard, bedside tables are selected. The stylists suggest moving the television panel to the living room, and using family photos in the original frames in the bedroom. Currently, the classic interior in the bedroom is used quite rarely, stylists are trying to "weave" rococo, baroque, renaissance into it.

Partitions in bedroom design

In a modern interior, a variety of transparent partitions are quite common. Depending on your taste preferences, the characteristics of the room, you can choose a simple or complex design. Among the most popular types of partitions, we note structures that consist of metal, wood, glass. Such original partitions will perfectly fit into the design of a large bedroom in a private house. The photos below are thisclear confirmation.

Dream bedroom

The combination of transparent or frosted (translucent) glass, you can get a very original design project, make the partition a decoration of the sleeping space.

Pro Tips

What is the reason for such popularity and demand for glass mobile structures? With their help, the design of a large bedroom is being transformed. A photo of the finished project is presented below.

Original solutions in the bedroom

Partitions are characterized by amazing aesthetics and excellent functionality. Having spent a small amount of time on their construction, you can enjoy their aesthetic appearance for a long time. Ready-made designs are mobile, if necessary, they can be removed or used for zoning the space in the bedroom. With the right choice of color and material quality, you can turn a partition into an interior element.

The basis for creating a partition is selected so that it harmoniously fits into the interior chosen for the bedroom, combined with furniture, echoed with decorative elements.

Image details

If aluminum was chosen to make the partition in the bedroom, plastic, polycarbonate, and chipboard will be an excellent addition to this metal. The basis of the created design can be made of frosted or patterned glass. If you decide to "play" with mirror elements, it is better to turn to professionals. Modern stylists are careful to use large mirrors in the design.bedrooms. They prefer mirrored partitions in a small living room, while visually expanding the space, filling the room with additional comfort and warmth.

Combining a bedroom and an office

Work area in the bedroom

Recently, there are more and more people who prefer the calm and measured atmosphere of a house or apartment to office activities. With the right selection of details, the choice of color schemes, it is quite possible to organize a "study" in the bedroom. What does that require? It is desirable that the room is bright and spacious. Stocking up on creative ideas, the necessary materials, you can proceed to action. Stylists are wary of projects in which the homeowner wants to turn the bedroom into a work area. Why do designers have such an attitude to this issue?

For example, in a room designed for rest, the desire to relax automatically arises, which negatively affects the results of work.

It is important to responsibly approach the process of organizing a home workplace in the bedroom so as not to turn it into a heap of equipment. Of the elements that will be required for the "home office", we note a personal computer or laptop.

You can highlight the working area in the bedroom using a portable glass partition, which was already mentioned above.

In a spacious bedroom, this will not be difficult, you just need to choose the design of the structure, as well as take care of its strength.

Rational placement of items inwork area will help create a real working atmosphere.


There are a variety of bedroom design options. Depending on the personal preferences of its owner, his financial capabilities, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, you can choose exactly the project that will make this room warm and cozy, ideal for comfortable sleep and relaxation.

If the bedroom is supposed to be used for its intended purpose, the masters recommend allocating a sleeping place, reading space, dressing room, boudoir in it. To divide the space into several zones, you can install the bed on a pedestal, choose wallpapers of various shades for the walls.

Professional stylists consider dividing a spacious bedroom in a house (city apartment) into several separate functional areas, as well as using glass partitions, an excellent solution.

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