LSTK construction technology: general characteristics and advantages of LSTK

LSTK construction technology: general characteristics and advantages of LSTK
LSTK construction technology: general characteristics and advantages of LSTK

LSTK technology is a special alternative type of frame construction. The recently increased popularity of this technique is primarily due to the possibility of reducing the cost of erecting buildings and structures, as well as its environmental safety.

What is LSTK?

Actually, the abbreviation LSTK itself stands for light steel thin-walled structures. The basis for buildings erected using this technology are metal bent profiles of different sections, connected by bolts. To improve the heat-retaining characteristics of such houses, special elongated holes are made in the walls of steel elements.

lstc construction technology

Any modern insulating materials can be installed as a heater in a metal frame. Most often it is mineral wool or polystyrene foam. As an internal lining, either drywall or plywood is used. Outside, such buildings and structures are trimmed with siding, clapboard, board or bricked.

Main areasuse

LSTK (construction technology) can be used during construction:

  • residential low-rise buildings;

  • warehouses;

  • outbuildings;

  • production shops;

  • trade pavilions.

Also, this technology is often used in the reconstruction of old buildings, the construction of attic floors and the assembly of ventilated or plaster facades. In most regions of our country, LSTK construction technology can be used. Perm, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Moscow, Yekaterinburg - everywhere such houses will be comfortable for living and will stand for a long time.

lstk construction technology reviews

Key benefits of technology

The advantages of buildings and structures erected according to the LSTC method, first of all, include:

  1. Cheapness. Savings are achieved through ease of design, no need for heavy equipment during installation, etc.

  2. Ease of erection. LSTK frame buildings are assembled in just a few days.

  3. No need to build powerful expensive foundations. For the manufacture of profiles, according to standards, steel with a thickness of not more than 3 mm can be used. Therefore, the frame walls erected from them weigh a little.

  4. Strength and durability. LSTK is a construction technology that allows you to build very stable buildings and structures. Such a profile is made from cold-rolledgalvanized steel sheet with a yield strength of 250 to 350 MPa. That is, the frame of the structure during operation will not corrode. Sometimes, for the construction of such buildings, a special galvanized profile is also used, additionally painted or coated with a polymer composition. To connect parts during the assembly of buildings, special fasteners made of stainless or galvanized carbon steel are used.

  5. Environmental safety. Steel, like wood, does not emit any harmful substances into the environment. At the same time, no harmful substances are used to process LSTK profiles.

  6. Fire safety. Most often, metal siding and drywall are used for sheathing LSTK buildings, and mineral wool is used to insulate them. All of these materials, like steel itself, are non-combustible.

Frame construction using LSTK technology, among other things, also has the following advantages:

  • seismic resistance of buildings under construction;

  • high assembly precision;

  • excellent performance of the structures under construction;

  • wide opportunities in the field of architectural planning.

lstk construction technology perm

Seismic resistance of LSTK

LSTC is a construction technology used, among other things, in the construction of buildings in areas where there is an increased risk of earthquakes. The fact is that such a profile is elastic (due to various kinds of additional ligaments). According toAccording to the assurances of the developers of the LSTK technology, buildings assembled on such a frame can withstand earthquakes with a power of up to 9 points without harm to themselves. Of course, most regions of Russia are not seismically hazardous. However, such strength and elasticity of the frames speaks of their highest quality.

Building accuracy

This is one of the most important advantages of LSTC technology. The design of such buildings is carried out using special 3D computer programs. All profiles are cut and packaged already at the production stage. That is, all builders need to do is to assemble wall panels from ready-made, appropriately marked material. There is no waste during the construction of the building, and all its elements are geometrically absolutely verified.


The convenience of living and doing business is another plus that distinguishes such construction of houses. LGSF technology allows you to build really comfortable buildings. Unlike wood, they never shrink and do not react in any way to changes in air humidity. That is, even after several years of operation, cracks do not appear in the walls of such structures, and the enclosing structures themselves retain their exact geometric dimensions. All this ensures maximum heat retention.

Architectural planning opportunities

Since the design of such structures is carried out using computers and special software, they can have a very different exterior, often quitestill original. In addition, the LSTK technology makes it possible to erect structures without the use of intermediate supports with spans of up to 12 m, and in the case of structural reinforcement, up to 15 m. Thanks to this feature, the interior space of houses can be designed as rationally as possible. In addition, this allows you to conveniently arrange elements of communication systems and build various additional segments into the walls (niches for built-in appliances, storage rooms, etc.).

lstk construction technology cons

What are the disadvantages of LSTK (construction technology)

An indirect disadvantage of this technique is, by and large, only a slight weight of the structures themselves. On heavily heaving soils in spring, light structures of the LSTK can rise above the ground. However, due to the strength of the material, cracks in the walls usually do not appear. In order to avoid lifting, it is recommended to carry out a thorough geological survey before building a building.

What other disadvantages does LSTK (construction technology) have? Another small disadvantage of this technique is that in such houses it is difficult to hang various household items on the walls: paintings, shelves, cabinets. Indeed, in most cases, the inner lining on the LSTK frame is made of drywall, which has a low bearing capacity.

Features of the method of building houses

Shallow or columnar foundations are the best types of foundations for LSTK houses. The construction technology in this case is as follows:

  • Allthe elements are laid out according to the installation scheme along the foundation area.

  • Waterproofing tape or poles in progress.

  • The support profile is attached to the concrete with anchor bolts. Previously, markings are applied to the foundation itself.

  • All load-bearing wall panels are sequentially mounted on the supporting profile, according to the marking made at the enterprise.

  • The frame of internal walls and partitions is being installed.

  • Ceiling panels or roof trusses of LSTK are mounted. The former are often not used. In this case, the lower chords of the trusses serve as the basis for the ceiling.

The construction of buildings using the LSTK technology is being completed with the installation of insulation and wall cladding.

Features of assembling ventilated and plaster facades

These elements are used primarily to improve the appearance of buildings and their heat-retaining qualities. LSTK-profile in the construction of ventilated facades and roofs is used to assemble the frame. The thickness of the elements in this case is determined by the material used to build the enclosing structures, as well as the area of ​​the latter.

Traditional ventilated LSTK facades are built using a simple technology. That is, the frame itself is first mounted, then the insulation plates are installed. At the next stage, the facade is covered with a diffusion film. Further, additional elements are mounted for arranging the ventilation layer and sheathing is performed.

lstk construction technology disadvantages

In addition to the construction of traditional, LSTK-profile can be used for the construction of plaster facades. The latter can be light or heavy, insulated or simple. They are also built using conventional technology. First, a profile frame is attached to the wall. Next, sheets of expanded polystyrene are installed. Then plastering is performed using a paint grid.

Assembly of floors

Interfloor ceilings - structures for the construction of which LSTC (construction technology) is also used. Buildings with such strong and durable ceilings and floors are being built in Ufa, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and other cities. For the installation of ceilings, a profile having a Z or C-shaped section is usually used. Rigidity is provided by the use of steel corners. After the installation of the beams, the crate is additionally assembled. A vapor barrier film is attached to it. Insulation can be pre-installed. Sheathing is most often done using gypsum-fiber sheets. From the side of the attic or attic, profiled steel sheets can be attached to the beams and crate (with a rubber gasket to ensure sound insulation). The subfloor itself is made either from gypsum boards or plywood.

LSTC: construction technology. Consumer Reviews

Opinion about such structures from their owners has developed, in general, not bad. Living in such houses is quite convenient. The advantages of structures of this type, many refer mainly to ease of assembly. The disadvantage of LSTK houses is considered by most owners to be a very low levelsoundproofing. All percussive sounds on a metal frame are carried just instantly. Many note the fact that, for example, a person located on the second floor in such a house can perfectly hear how his family members walk on the first floor. To solve this problem, the owners of LSTK buildings are advised to use special rubber gaskets on the rails during their construction.

lstc construction technology photo

LSTK is a construction technology (reviews are a direct confirmation of this), which is relatively cheap. In addition, such buildings are praised for their microclimate. They are quite warm in winter, and not particularly hot in summer. However, it is usually advised to approach the selection of a heating system and climate control equipment responsibly. The advantages of LSTK houses, among other things, include the rapid heating of the air in all rooms when the boiler is turned on. Sometimes condensation appears on the walls of such houses. But this happens quite rarely.

Unfortunately, there are not too many houses built using LSTK technology in our country yet. Therefore, there are quite a few reviews about them. Basically, this technique is used to build mansard trusses and ventilated facades. The opinions of the owners of suburban areas are unequivocally positive about such structures. The advantages include, first of all, low weight, strength and durability of structures.

construction of buildings using lstk technology


Cheapness, environmental friendliness, fire safety - all these advantages, of course, distinguish LSTK - construction technology. A photohouses built using this technology, presented on our page, clearly demonstrate their quite attractive appearance. Thus, due to the huge number of advantages, this technique will certainly gain more and more popularity among domestic owners of suburban areas in the future.

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