How to make moonshine from a pressure cooker

How to make moonshine from a pressure cooker
How to make moonshine from a pressure cooker

The most ordinary pressure cooker can easily turn into a workable moonshine with little or no modification. If you approach its manufacture correctly, then such a home-made distiller will last a very long time. And in no case will it be inferior in terms of productivity or quality to modern distillation systems.

Moonshine from a pressure cooker with your own hands

With a pressure cooker you can cook a wide variety of dishes. Many housewives use pressure cookers, but not everyone knows that they can be used in a different capacity.

moonshine from a pressure cooker

Another use of the pressure cooker is to make homemade quality moonshine with it. That is, you can make a moonshine from a pressure cooker with your own hands. At the same time, it will compare favorably with the distillation systems produced in the production.

Differences of home moonshine still:

  • pressure cookers are sold everywhere and are cheap;
  • minimum modification required to turn pressure cooker into full distillation unit;
  • you can use any, even the old one, in which it is no longer possible to cook food dishes.

The only drawback that the moonshine still has, converted from a pressure cooker, is the small size of its distillation tank.

In order to modify the pressure cooker and turn it into a distillation system, you will need:

  • thermometer;
  • lid for pressure cooker tank, hermetically sealed;
  • faucet;
  • coil;
  • a few small rubber or plastic hoses;
  • capacity for the finished product.
do-it-yourself moonshine from a pressure cooker

Refining the pressure cooker

The question of how to make moonshine from a pressure cooker is of concern to many. And you need to start work with the refinement of the evaporator. We'll have to redo the lid of the pressure cooker a bit. It is necessary to make two holes in it, if there are none, into which the futors subsequently crash. The first hole will require a 1/2 thread, and a 3/4 thread for the second. Through the first hole, the refrigerating chamber and the evaporator will be connected by means of a tube. A thermometer is inserted into the second hole.

Next, you need to create a distiller. That is, you will need to find a suitable coil or capacitor. The best option would be to buy this part in a store or market. Of course, since high strength is required, the coil must be made of quartz glass. Similar devices can be found inmedical institutions, or you can visit the bird market, where these devices are probably sold and it will not be difficult to find a coil of the right size.

Or you can make a capacitor with your own hands. You will need to purchase a copper tube, bend it in the form of a spiral, and use ordinary tap water as a coolant. Cold, of course.

It remains to correctly connect all the details of the future moonshine. In this case, special attention should be paid to the stability of all elements of the apparatus in the distiller, the reliability of fastening, and carefully seal each of the joints. The result is an excellent moonshine from a pressure cooker. The photo allows you to see all the details and components of the apparatus.

how to make moonshine from a pressure cooker

Design with sukhoparnik

The need to use a dry steamer in a distillation system has long been known. They are easily complemented by any pressure cooker or pressure cooker. At the same time, the functionality of the device does not suffer, it is still possible to cook manti in it or quickly cook meat or fish. It's just that one more detail is added to the design of the pressure cooker, which makes a moonshine still out of the pressure cooker.

As a steamer, you can use any glass jar with a lid with a capacity of up to half a liter. Two holes are made in the lid, into which two hoses are tightly inserted. The first connects to the pressure cooker, the second to the refrigerator.

The distiller works very simply. Alcohol vapors, which are formed during the boiling of the mash, condense in a steamer. Thenalcohol boils again and evaporates again, while heavy fractions and fusel oils remain inside the vessel.

moonshine from a pressure cooker photo

Speaking of such a home-made moonshine, it should be noted that it is possible to make not only excellent moonshine, but also make excellent whiskey or cognac and even rum on your own. In this case, you can use various flavors, which abound on sale. The most important thing is to dose them correctly and not overdo it.

How to take care of your distiller

In order to convert a pressure cooker into a moonshine, you also need to purchase care and storage products for all its elements. For stainless parts, you should buy a special paste, and for metal parts, you can use Pelox or Sarox paste.

You can’t do without silicone grease, since the moonshine still converted from a pressure cooker must be lubricated so that its parts do not dry out. Otherwise, air will pass in these places, and depressurization will deprive the device of working capacity. Many use special ointments produced by Flotant. You can buy them in fishing shops.

Storage of moonshine still

After the work with the device is finished, you need to wait until the distiller has completely cooled down, and then disassemble the system, starting with the refrigerator. Disconnect coil from all hoses, rinse thoroughly and set aside for now. After washing the silicone hoses and tubes, dry them. After washing the pressure cooker itself and the steamer, they are completelydry and carefully apply lubricant to all necessary parts. After that, you need to remove the moonshine made from the pressure cooker in a dark and dry place.

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