Furniture 2022, August

Bed-sofa with lifting mechanism: description with photo

Sofa bed with lifting mechanism: characteristics, features, pros and cons, installation and operation. Sofa bed with a lifting mechanism: description, varieties, purpose, distinguishing features, selection criteria, photo

Is the whatnot a modern style or a bygone past? Models, advantages and placement tips

Home is peace and comfort, so it is necessary to arrange furniture in it so that you feel warmth and comfort. You can do the interior on your own, it is only important not to overdo it with furniture. Whatnot on wheels is able to replace huge cabinets and give aesthetics to the room

"Ami Furniture": customer reviews, range overview, materials used

Before buying a sofa "Ami mebel" you should read all the reviews. You should ask the sales assistant about all aspects of the acquisition: from assembly, delivery to full settlement. Before concluding an installment agreement, you should inquire about the possibility of early repayment

How to assemble an office chair without the help of strangers

Equipmenting your workplace, you can not do without buying a new office chair. You can assemble it yourself, without resorting to the services of craftsmen who take good money for work. Why spend? Instructions for assembling the chair to help you

Sofa with "American folding bed" mechanism: advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews

Sofa with "American folding bed" mechanism: features, specifications, advantages and disadvantages, operation, maintenance and care. Transformation mechanism "American clamshell": description, customer reviews, photos

Cantilever mount: design, description, assembly order

Quick installation of furniture, lighting equipment, communication components is possible using the so-called console mounts. Their wide variety ensures the safe operation of residential and non-residential premises and at the same time creates unique design solutions

Furniture in the color of apple-tree Locarno - a classic of modern interior

The variety of the palette of furniture facades makes you think when choosing. The Locarno apple color has been the most popular color for many years and was considered a classic. He earned the love of society by getting a feeling of warmth and calmness. Offers on the furniture market are full of various designs and colors. But the cozy color of "Apple Locarno" is still as relevant as it was many years ago

Sizes of the ottoman in the hallway, types and forms

What is an ottoman, what is it intended for, what sizes, types, shapes and materials of ottomans exist. Which ottomans are better to choose for rooms with different functionality, different styles and sizes. Selection of ottoman in the hallway. Photos of various ottomans, including those made by hand, as an integral functional detail of various interiors in modern houses and apartments

Beds - rating of manufacturers. The best bed manufacturers in Russia

A quality rest is vital for a person, which should include not only breaks in work, but also sleep. If not everyone can soak up the bed during the day, and rest comes down to distraction from work for the lunch period, then at night most people still sleep. Few people know how to choose the right furniture to fully relax. What you should pay attention to when choosing a bed in a store, we will tell you using the example of well-known brands

Mattresses "Strong": customer reviews, models, fillers and service life

Mattresses "Strong": consumer reviews, modifications, features, pros and cons. Mattresses "Strong": characteristics, filler, service life, photo. Mattresses "Strong": model range, selection criteria, description, manufacturer

Purple Chair: Views, Room Colors and Interesting Design Ideas

Purple refers to the cold shades of the rainbow. Despite this, some prefer to use it even in kitchen design. It gives a touch of mystery and mystery. In nature, it is extremely rare to find purple in its pure form, because it is obtained by mixing red with blue. People who dare to have an extravagant interior with purple chairs are bold and impulsive natures

Callax rack in the interior: purpose, choice of model and color

When choosing furniture for an apartment, you need to think about how to correctly place its items. An elegant solution to the problem would be the use of the Callax shelving in the interior. Every house has a lot of necessary things and items: these are documents, books, toys. The lack of lockers leads to confusion, so this kind of shelving will come in handy

Eco-leather bed: customer reviews, manufacturers and description with photo

Eco-leather bed: consumer reviews, manufacturers, model range, advantages and disadvantages, operating features, build quality. Eco-leather beds: description, structural nuances, photos, interesting facts

Mattresses "Sonya": reviews and photos

Reviews of Sonya mattresses will be of interest to consumers who are wondering about the quality of these products. Should the manufacturer be trusted? Why this particular brand deserves attention? In the article you can find reviews about mattresses and photos of such products

Wardrobe "PAX": reviews, design, photos

Many users are wondering about the wonderful system for storing things - the PAX wardrobe. Reviews about this type of furniture will help you choose a wardrobe. Ikea products are a great alternative to spacious Japanese-made cabinets. What are the features of these modular designs? Why do users call such cabinets the ideal storage system?

Tabletops "Scythian": reviews, review, colors. Furniture factory "Skif"

When choosing kitchen furniture, special attention is paid to the quality of the worktop. This detail plays an important role as a work surface. To purchase a wear-resistant, durable coating that does not lose the original attractiveness of the appearance and integrity of the material, read the reviews about the Skif countertops

Wall in the bedroom in a modern style: photos, how to choose

The bedroom wall in a modern style is not only a decorative furniture element, but also an object that helps to place a large number of things. As a rule, the walls are made in the same style, they consist of several typesetting cabinets of various types. What walls for the bedroom does modern industry offer today? What type to give preference? How to choose the right bedroom furniture?

"ASM-Furniture": customer reviews, models, photos

The sofa, firstly, should be beautiful, so that it pleases the eyes and gives pleasant emotions. Secondly, it is necessary to choose a comfortable and roomy model so that not only you can sit comfortably on the sofa. Where can you find the perfect upholstered furniture that will meet all the requirements? How about the company "ASM-Furniture"? In the article it will be possible to get acquainted with the assortment, and most importantly, with reviews, because they are a real indicator of quality

Children's "Anastasia" ("Gandylyan"): assembly instructions, photos and reviews

In the domestic market of manufacturers of baby cots, chests of drawers, wardrobes and other baby care products, the leading place is occupied by the Anastasia Gandylyan factory. This is the most popular baby crib model, combining excellent quality and adequate cost

The best double beds: types of models, rating and reviews

Everyone needs a rest. That is why different types of beds were invented for a good and comfortable sleep. Each of them is made of different material and decorated in its own way. To date, the bed can be chosen for every taste, color and style

How to remove the drawer from the guides: a short instruction

Modern design furniture is often equipped with telescopic skids. This is a simple design, notable for its convenience and reliability, but, like any mechanism, it can fail. If during operation the part has become unusable, it must be replaced. Here the owner has questions about how to remove the drawer from the rails

How to glue furniture with self-adhesive film: expert advice. Self-adhesive decorative film: types and properties

If you are thinking about how to revive outdated furniture, self-adhesive film will be one of the best options. It is easy to work with it, even a beginner can paste over furniture with it. In addition, this method will surprise you with its economy and stylish look. Today, there is a huge variety of self-adhesive films for furniture, windows, doors, glass, window sills and even architraves

Mirror console: types, variety of models and description with photo

Mirror console: types, features, advantages, manufacturing materials, photo. The article describes a variety of models and shapes, sizes, popular brands. Mirrored consoles: elegant cabinets, laconic tables, original chests of drawers, perfect color schemes

Baby crib: rating, review of the best manufacturers, photos

Baby crib: rating of manufacturers, varieties, safety requirements, photos, reviews of owners. Cribs for newborns: description, best manufacturers, transformers, characteristics, pros and cons

Sofa, ottoman, couch - varieties of the sofa. What are the differences? What to choose?

Upholstered furniture plays a huge role in creating home comfort. Sofa, ottoman, sofa, couch - the choice is huge and varied. How to do it right?

Forged console: photos, examples of finished products

Every person strives to keep up with fashion and meet modern standards not only in clothes, but also in the arrangement of the apartment. One of the most difficult moments in creating an interior is choosing a general style and appropriate furniture. The situation with forged consoles, individual metal elements and details looks original

Modern dressing table: sizes, types, photos

The dressing table refers to a purely feminine piece of furniture. It is being behind him that the girls bring beauty, trying to be the most irresistible. Therefore, everyone dreams of having this irreplaceable item in their home. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of models: a dressing table without a mirror, with a mirror, backlight, etc

"SV-furniture": customer reviews, choice and quality of furniture, its advantages and disadvantages

Every person has a moment when you need to choose furniture for your home or apartment. And then the question arises: which manufacturer's furniture is better, better and more functional? This article will consider the products of the factory "SV-furniture", customer reviews

How to artificially age furniture with your own hands at home: a master class

Today, many people dream of seeing their home unusual, they want it to be different from the traditional furnishings of our usual apartments. Everyone thinks about expensive curtains, handmade carpets, luxurious antique furniture. However, not everyone can afford such an environment - furniture that has signs of aging is very expensive

Cleaning the sofa at home: ways

How to properly clean the sofa at home, so as not only to get rid of dirt and stains, but also not to damage the upholstery? What products can be used for cleaning and in what order to achieve the best effect? What nuances should be taken into account in this case, depending on the material of the sofa upholstery? Find out the answers to all questions in this article

Massive hevea: types, quality of hevea furniture, description with photo, operating features and owner reviews

Russian buyers increasingly began to notice good and fairly budget furniture made in Malaysia, made of rubber wood. Solid hevea is a relatively new material in the woodworking industry, but it has already proved itself well in the Western European and American markets. What kind of tree is it, where is it grown and how is it prepared for the production of furniture - this, as well as other useful information in our article

What is a furniture gas shock absorber and how does it work

Recently, furniture gas shock absorbers for beds, gas lifts on kitchen furniture and other cabinet products have replaced conventional hinges and hinges. There are many positive aspects, such as smooth running, the convenience of raising the bed cover, unfolding the sofa, etc. Installing furniture gas shock absorbers is not particularly difficult, just study the recommendations for fixing the product

Hinged console: types of what it is made of

Today, many consider the console to be a decor. This is not true! After all, this item can be not just a room decoration, but also a very functional thing. So, the console is used to store small things, figurines and other favorite accessories. There is also a hinged console, the functions of which are very versatile. We will consider the types of this element in the interior and its features in this article

How to remove self-adhesive film from furniture: ways

Often, many of us personally try to breathe new life into old furniture. Not everyone can afford to replace a wardrobe or cabinet, so people resort to budgetary methods of restoring interior items. These include stickers. It can be changed an infinite number of times. To do this, such a coating must be removed. In the article, we will consider how to remove the self-adhesive film from furniture and leave the wooden product safe and sound

Table surface: types, restoration methods and photos

Some, in order to save money, try to make something interesting out of an old table / chair / curbstone. This article will help those who decide to restore the surface of the table and the table as a whole, giving it a twist and making it the center of attention in their home

Single bed with storage boxes: features, types and reviews

Not everyone is a happy owner of spacious apartments and houses. Therefore, such a problem as the selection of furniture remains urgent for many. Single beds with drawers solve this problem in many ways, at the same time combining a comfortable place to sleep and store things

Bed size: how it happens and how best to choose it

It is very difficult to imagine a home without such an obligatory piece of furniture as a bed. If you wish, you can do without bookshelves, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, even without a table, but it is difficult to live even one day without sleep. Therefore, the size of the bed and its design have long been of interest to those who are going to equip a new home or decide to make a general update of the furniture in the house

Wall mirror in the hallway: an overview, installation features for feng shui and photo models

Features of the choice of mirrors in the hallway. Species diversity, assortment and design of products. How not to make a mistake, choosing a design for your interior style. Features of mounting and combining a mirror in an interior of a certain style. Where and how much to buy a mirror in the hallway

Wall in the bedroom - choose the best option

The bedroom is the place where a person rests and gains strength. It should relax, give coziness and comfort, distract from pressing problems. This is the purpose of this room. However, the bedroom space is used not only for this. There should also be a place to store things, linen. And then you need to buy a wall for the bedroom. And which one, read in the article

Drawer - the key to convenience in the kitchen

In the kitchen, for the convenience of cooking, a huge variety of appliances and accessories are required. But finding a place for a large number of objects, following the ideal order, is quite difficult. For small kitchens, this problem is especially relevant. There is a way out: this is the installation of drawers and other sliding systems