Wall mirror in the hallway: an overview, installation features for feng shui and photo models

Wall mirror in the hallway: an overview, installation features for feng shui and photo models
Wall mirror in the hallway: an overview, installation features for feng shui and photo models

Mirror is an important element of decor that visually enlarges the space, makes it lighter and more spacious. Despite its simplicity, the mirror is a multifunctional element. This is a must-have item in the house, especially in the hallway, because when we go outside, we always look into it. In addition, the entrance hall is the face of any apartment, so it is important to decorate it beautifully and correctly. To choose the right mirror for your hallway, check out its types, shapes, sizes and compare prices.

How to choose a mirror

Choosing an accessory to complement your interior is no easy task. The reflective surface, often used as a decorative surface, has an important practical value.

Choosing the right mirror is hard enough. To do this, consider:

  • The footage of the room. The size of the mirror in the hallway depends on the size of the room. Too small a mirror in a large corridor looks out of place.
  • Placing the door. Do not hang a mirror too close to the front door.
  • Furniture. Don't forget that in the hallwayin addition to the mirror there are hangers, bedside tables, ottomans. Therefore, arrange the furniture correctly and do not litter the space.
  • Illumination. Floor and oval mirrors do not look good in limited light.
  • Financial opportunities. The price of the product depends on its size and frame.

If the budget is limited, a stylish wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway will be the best solution.

Mirror in the hallway


The placement, size and shape of the mirror affect its function:

  • It is better to hang a full-length mirror in the hallway opposite the entrance. This placement will allow you to look in the mirror every time before going out. After all, it's easier to notice flaws in the image.
  • Mirror interior elements make the room brighter and more spacious. With the help of the original design, the room will be transformed, filled with bright colors and extraordinary brilliance.
  • Mirrors framed in baguettes will emphasize the general idea of ​​the room, complement the style of the interior.
  • The presence of mirror surfaces and inserts visually increases the space. For small spaces, the best option would be a hallway compartment with a mirror. Such a design move will save usable space and increase it several times.

Each mirror performs a certain load and easily copes with the task. One has only to choose the right mirror accessories.

Wall mirror in the hallway

Product shapes

Of particular importance in creating a modern interior is the shape of a mirror. Notit is worth remembering that the choice of product depends on the interior design of the hallway. As for the shape, there are mirrors:

  • Oval. Oval is a classic and common form of the product. Rounded shapes make the room cozy and comfortable, soften the space and add more light. For a hallway in Provence or country style, an oval mirror will be a real find.
  • Narrow. For small spaces, a narrow vertical mirror is best. Such a product is a thin panel and is characterized by a number of advantages: affordable price, compactness, unique design and versatility.
  • Round. A round mirror in the hallway is perfect, and smooth, soft outlines visually smooth out the corners, make the interior light and gentle.
  • Rectangular. Products with a strict but practical form. A popular option, in great demand among buyers. Rectangular mirrors are divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. A horizontal mirror expands the room, reducing the height of the hallway. It is placed above the bedside table or in niches. Vertical products, unlike horizontal ones, make the room a little higher. A vertical large mirror in the hallway gives you the opportunity to see yourself in full growth.
  • Rotary. An interesting and unusual part of any interior is a swivel mirror. With the help of a special device, the design is easily adjusted.

On sale there are often models of products of unusual shapes: triangular, figured and diamond-shaped, and even irregular in shape.

Large mirror in the hallway

Types of mirrors

Rebuild the space, place and change accents in the interior - this is the main task of the mirror. To achieve maximum harmony in the hallway between the interior and reflective surfaces, check out their species diversity. Popular options include:

  1. The hallway wall mirror is a practical option of various shapes and sizes, with and without a frame. Products are suitable for placement directly on the wall. Some models are equipped with small shelves or hooks.
  2. Floor mirror. This category includes mirrors with a swivel mechanism, which must have a frame. For such products, you need a large space and a well-lit place. Floor mirrors are expensive.
  3. Mirror surface finish. The installation of mirror elements on the walls, ceiling and floor expands the room, creates the illusion of infinity. The disadvantage of a mirror finish is the high cost and the need for constant surface care.
  4. Mirror composition. The mirror composition consists of mirrors of various sizes and shapes. Used as a decorative element, and no more.
  5. Mirror elements of furniture. A chest of drawers with a mirror in the hallway is the most practical option for placing a mirror. A dressing table and trellis are also good for the hallway.
  6. Sliding wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

Frame Mirror

The main decoration of the mirror is the frame. Framing is always selected according to the generalstyle of the room, color of furniture and finishing materials. The size of the mirror affects the choice of raw materials for the manufacture of the frame. Most commonly used:

  • Tree. Wooden frames have been made to frame mirrors for centuries. This frame makes the product heavier, so it is only suitable for large mirrors.
  • Plastic. Plastic baguettes are as durable as wooden ones. They are used to frame voluminous mirrors, as they bend well. Do not forget that under the influence of a heavy mirror, a plastic baguette is often deformed.
  • Aluminum. Baguettes made of aluminum perfectly withstand heavy mirrors. Shatter-resistant material blends harmoniously with metal fittings.

The mirror in the hallway is often decorated with classic concave frames. Profiles with a variety of ornaments and patterns stylized to match the interior look especially advantageous.

Dresser with a mirror in the hallway

Mirror lights

The lack of windows in the hallway affects its lighting. The lack of light is eliminated with the help of a wall mirror in the hallway with lighting. This is a great solution for a dark corridor. With the help of such an element, the interior of the room becomes more elegant and stylish. Additional lighting will bring a little romance and comfort, create a special atmosphere.

In addition to the lamps mounted in the mirror frame, they use for lighting:

  • bra;
  • floor lamps;
  • lamps;
  • LED strip.

Following simple rules, you can not only choose the righta mirror, but it is also easy to decide on the backlight, choosing the best option that looks organically in the interior.

Entrance hallway with mirror


Horizontal models do not differ in large sizes, while vertical mirrors are varied. To purchase a mirror of the required size, decide on the place and method of installation.

The standard parameters of a rectangular mirror are as follows:

  • 0, 3x0, 4 meters - minimum dimensions;
  • 0, 4x0, 6 meters - medium-sized products;
  • 0, 6x1, 2 meters - large full-length mirrors in the hallway.

If the choice fell on a vertical product, calculate the dimensions correctly so that the canvas fully reflects the looking person.

Fengshui mirror

In our time, many people are addicted to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. It is no secret that this is an old mystical teaching about life in harmony with nature. The teaching says that mirrors in the interior should be placed correctly. For the hallway, a round mirror is best suited, as it is a symbol of harmony. The circle protects the energy of the house, calms the nervous system.

The sages of the East forbid placing a cabinet and a chest of drawers with a mirror in the hallway. Too bulky furniture causes great harm to human energy, it is better to limit yourself to shelves.

The science of Feng Shui prohibits hanging a mirror in front of the front door or in front of another mirror. This leads to the absorption of energy and limits the freedom of the spirit.

Mirror in the hallway Moscow


To give the mirror sophistication and tenderness, to make it more attractive, masters recommend decorating it. Most often, mirrors are used to decorate:

  • vinyl stickers, ornament, various shapes, but when decorating a mirror with stickers, the main thing is not to overdo it;
  • sandblast patterns. Processing will turn an ordinary mirror into a real work of art;
  • beveling.

If it is not possible to decorate the mirror with your own hands, you should purchase a closet with a mirror in the hallway with a finished pattern. This option will look no less profitable, although handmade is more valuable.

Mirror in the hallway

Where to buy a mirror

It will not be difficult to buy a mirror in the hallway in Moscow. Going into any specialized store, you will find a variety of products from companies - representatives of the domestic and foreign markets. Shops offer a wide range of mirrors at affordable prices. Pay attention, for example, to the following retail outlets: "MetalDecor" (Kholodilny Lane, 3, building 1, building 3, 2nd floor, office 3246), "Stained Glass" (Khlobystova Street, 19), " MaxLevel" (Smolenskaya embankment, 2/10), etc. If you don't have time to go shopping, use the services of an online store.

Placing a mirror in the hallway is a win-win option if presented correctly. As you know, acquaintance with the apartment begins with the hallway, so you need to comfortably and reasonably arrange furniture, pick upsuitable accessories and, of course, choosing the right mirror. Do not forget that mirrors differ not only in shapes and sizes, but also have different purposes. All these nuances must be considered when choosing.

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