Mirror console: types, variety of models and description with photo

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Mirror console: types, variety of models and description with photo
Mirror console: types, variety of models and description with photo

The console has always been a topical piece of furniture. Due to the variety of types and shapes, it organically complements the interiors of various residential premises. Designers often choose mirror consoles to visually increase space and increase comfort.

original mirror console

Description and features

The console is a decorative furniture element and is located mainly near the walls. Today, the furniture market presents a variety of designs of these products. For models made in a classic style, minimalism is characteristic. In modern tables, the main emphasis is on functionality, so they contain additional elements - drawers, cabinets, shelves.

The console usually looks like a long narrow table. Often it is attached to the wall. The average height of the product is 70-100 cm. High models are used exclusively for decoration, and the size of the tables for sitting is no more than 75-85 cm.

Mirror consoles are highly durable because they are made of tempered glass. This isguarantees a long service life and increases resistance to damage.

Today, designers choose this option for decorating small spaces, since models with a mirror surface are small in size and have minimal functionality.

Console is often installed in corridors to place key bowls and small items on them. Mirror cabinets, consoles and chests of drawers visually make the room more spacious and comfortable. To enliven the empty spaces of the walk-through rooms and give a solemn look to the halls, the use of consoles with wall mirrors is common.

Modern mirror console

Benefits of mirror consoles

Such furniture creates a special atmosphere in a house or apartment. Consoles with mirrors compare favorably with others:

  • Versatility. Mirrors are in harmony with any interior, they are a reflection of the environment and do not require additional accents.
  • Visual lightness. A small console with massive legs and a tabletop does not overload the space due to the mirror facade. It looks fragile and compact, so it fits perfectly into the design of small spaces.
  • Aesthetics. Regardless of interior preferences, a moderate amount of mirrored surfaces is welcome. This furniture is recommended for families who cannot compromise on design issues.
  • The multiplication of light. Mirrors additionally illuminate rooms, so using them in consoles adds light and comfort to small spaces.with poor light sources.
  • Unassuming. These surfaces are easy to care for. To give the room chic and special charm, you can age them and add artificial cobwebs.

Types of console tables

Today, the range of consoles includes a variety of designs to suit every style and interior design. Products can be:

  1. Attached. Visually, they look like half a table, sawn lengthwise. These pieces of furniture are equipped with only one or two legs, so they are not stable enough. For this reason, they are attached to the wall.
  2. Suspended. Such a console has something in common with a conventional hinged shelf, but is distinguished by the presence of a decorative leg. The latter often does not reach the floor and creates the illusion of a "floating" table. Fixation of the product is provided by fastening to the wall.
  3. Freestanding. This is a completely mobile kind of consoles. Due to the presence of three or four legs, it stands steadily on the floor, and the execution in a rectangular, semicircular or triangular shape allows you to place it both against the wall, and in the corner or any other place in the room. For example, a mirror console with drawers can act as a bedside table or flower stand.
  4. Transformers. When folded, such a product is a narrow console. But if you expand it, it becomes a full-fledged dining or writing table. The tabletop may include two or more parts. The models differ in the transformation methods: the disguised parts recline, extend or appear when the tabletop is rotated.
Photo of the mirror console

Materials used

Materials for the manufacture of console tables are different. For elite classic options, an array of expensive wood species is used. Budget models, for example, Chinese Nobile mirror consoles, are made from chipboard or MDF with various finishes: wood imitation, matte or glossy structure in different colors. Retro models and products in the Provence style are made of forged metal. Modern consoles are more familiar with durable plastic, glass, natural or artificial stone.

You can often find combined products: for example, a glass tabletop with chrome-plated metal legs or a wooden table supported by an openwork forged stand. Decorate such pieces of furniture using carvings, silk-screen printing, mosaics, gold plating.

For the manufacture of high-quality mirror console, strong and durable materials are used to increase the reliability of the structure: forged metal, MDF, wood. Such products withstand the load of various decor items: from light flower vases to massive stone figurines.


The shade of the console is chosen depending on the interior. The recommendations of designers in the design of small corridors come down to white and other light shades. This visually makes them more spacious and lighter.

If the hallway is decorated brightly, a white console will balance the color scheme and add harmony to it. This color is optimal for any style - classic, vintage, Provence andmodern trends. The glossy black console looks no less impressive and contrasting. But so that it does not get lost in the general interior, it is better to decorate the walls in light colors.

For those who prefer a neutral, elegant ambiance, wood-tone models will suit. Here we are talking about classic products or components of eco-style and modern. The color is selected taking into account the tones of the rest of the furniture, the details of the walls and flooring. The choice of mirror consoles in Moscow pleases with a variety of materials, shapes and colors. Here you can easily choose the best option for your corridor, hallway or bedroom.

Mirror console table

Shapes and sizes

On sale you can find consoles of various shapes. Traditionally, they are elongated (rectangular) or oval, but can be made in other versions. Models in which the countertop has a semicircular or trapezoidal shape look interesting. For angular variations, a triangular design is characteristic. Such tables look organically at the junction of walls, which is very convenient for square rooms.

Different models and manufacturers may have different sizes of console tables. There are only approximate frameworks to guide their production. The smallest consoles are 70 cm high, the largest models reach about 120 cm. The length of the elongated tables is in the range of 50-80 cm, and the width is 35-50 cm.

Compact mirror console

Popular brands

Today, the console market has many high-quality diverse manufacturers from different countries. Depending on the interior style and available budget, you can choose from the following brands:

  1. The French company Etg-home is engaged in the production of similar furniture in the Provence style. Pastel colors, the presence of drawers and internal shelves make these models beautiful and practical.
  2. Mirror consoles made to order from Italy are characterized by a special sophistication. Thus, BrevioSalotti brand products are classics with curved legs and carved decor. The "chip" of the company is light shades and visual airiness of every detail.
  3. Spain also gravitates toward sophistication. Furniture firm Dupen produces console tables with gold, silver, glass surfaces and carved elements.
  4. Eichholtz is a Dutch manufacturer specializing in a range of consoles. Here you can buy everything from glass models and made of stainless steel to luxurious glossy art deco options and laconic wooden consoles suitable for retro and modern style. The brand uses natural and environmentally friendly materials in production, and is also distinguished by impeccable product quality.
  5. Among domestic manufacturers, Wisan is a good company, which produces small, elegant classic MDF products.
Mirror console chest of drawers

Mirror consoles are a beautiful and functional addition to the interior, especially in smallpremises. The variety of types, shapes and styles allows you to choose the right model, and a large number of manufacturers can satisfy requests for every taste and budget.

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