Gardening 2022, August

Violet Lady Hamilton: description and features

Huge, double and semi-double flowers are the dream of many women who try to decorate their interior with living plants. We will give a brief description of the violet with an unusual name, as well as some features of caring for these indoor flowers

Violet Blue Lotus for home

Violet The blue lotus is a very beautiful flower that adorns the windowsills of many houses and apartments. Care and reproduction are not difficult in comparison with others, but there are also some nuances. The plant is the best option for breeding

Foliar top dressing: technology description, limitations

Foliar feeding is the main way to deliver nutrients to plants. The application of mineral fertilizers and organics is carried out when preparing the soil for planting or directly under the root in the form of nutrient solutions

A classic representative of pink varieties: a productive Fidelio tomato, which is very easy to care for

The tomato variety Fidelio was registered in the State Register in 2007. The advantages of these tomatoes are, first of all, the high yield and excellent taste of the fruit. These tomatoes are considered quite unpretentious in care

Chibis tomato: variety description, recommendations for growing

Chibis variety does not require special care, so even beginners can easily grow it. Gardeners like this variety because of its ripening time, because it does not need to be tied up and stepchildren, because of the stable high yield both in greenhouses and in open ground

How to plant an orchid in a pot: rules, secrets and tips

The orchid is a popular house plant that will bring a touch of grace and beauty to any space. True, she needs to be looked after so that she looks perfect. Not the last role here is played by transplantation, which sometimes has to be done

How to root a cutting: methods and recommendations

Plants can be propagated in many ways, each species has its own method. Rooting cuttings is an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from the ones you already have. This option allows you to grow an indoor or garden flower that is genetically identical to its parent, which means it retains all the characteristics of the variety. Rooting plant cuttings is one of the easier methods. And you don't have to be an experienced gardener to try it

Treatment of wood with fire: the pros and cons

Many dream of eco-friendly housing made of wood on the lake. But the durability of wood is a concern. Over time, it undergoes aging and decay. Despite this, natural wood is very popular and widely used in interior design

How to grow bamboo at home in the ground: planting and care rules

"Lucky Bamboo" or "Lucky Bamboo" is an easy-to-care houseplant. It grows well in low indirect light and is a miniature alternative to the huge evergreen growing in the subtropical regions of Asia. This flower is actually not a bamboo at all, but a type of tropical water lily called Sander's Dracaena, native to Africa. The plant is said to bring good luck to the inhabitants of any place where it is grown

Prickly goof: description, types, cultivation features

All varieties of this plant are commonly used as decorative ornaments in gardens and home gardens. It is mainly used to create hedges. This plant is perfectly combined with deciduous shrubs of red and golden colors, as well as with coniferous trees

Tomato Tlacolula: description, photo, reviews

Are you looking for unusually shaped tomatoes for your plot? Gardeners recommend paying attention to a variety called Tlacolula. It was brought from Mexico. Its fruits are characterized by an original ribbed shape. With proper cultivation, the mass of one tomato variety reaches about 300 grams. We bring to your attention a description of the Tlacolula tomato, its photographs, care features and reviews of gardeners

Tomato Supermodel: variety description, characteristics, reviews

Every spring, as soon as it's time to sow tomato seeds, gardeners think about which variety to choose. After all, everyone wants to please themselves and their households with a plentiful and tasty harvest and make preparations for the winter. Recently, the Supermodel tomato variety has become quite popular among summer residents. It is discussed in detail in this article

Decembrist cactus: types, description, cultivation features

Many novice flower growers believe that all cacti grow in the desert under the hot sun and do not like excess moisture. Not everyone knows that there are species that grow and develop only in moist soil and do not like the sun. These plants include the Schlumbergera cactus or Zygocactus

How to grow onion seeds: cultivation technology, collection and storage

Many gardeners purchase ready-made planting material for these purposes, but in order to achieve a guaranteed successful result, it is better to grow the seeds yourself. However, not everyone knows how to grow onion seeds at home. Experienced vegetable growers say that the process of growing planting material does not require special skills

Violet: signs and superstitions, the meaning of a flower, is it possible to grow violets at home

There are many superstitions and signs associated with violets, or, as they are also called, saintpaulias. Some of them prophesy positive changes in the lives of people who have this flower at home. Others, on the contrary, warn plant lovers against growing violets at home. In our article, we have collected the most popular signs and superstitions about violets

Tomato Ilya Muromets: photo with a description of the variety, characteristics, reviews

Tomatoes of this variety were named after the epic Russian hero. This is not surprising: the size of the fruits and the plants themselves are amazing. Bushes can grow to a height of two meters, and the weight of one tomato often exceeds 300 grams

Tomato "Shuntuk giant": photo and description

Today, a huge number of large-fruited varieties of tomatoes have been bred, and one of them is the "Shuntuk Giant". Its fruits are very large. Reviews and photos of the "Shuntuk Giant" tomato say that these giants are simply amazing in their size! From one such tomato you can make a salad for the whole family

Tomato Heart of Ashgabat: variety description, characteristics, cultivation features, reviews

Despite the fact that breeders produce a huge number of varieties and hybrids of tomatoes every year, gardeners do not refuse the well-deserved ones that have been grown for half a century. One of the oldest varieties that has not yet lost its popularity is the Heart of Ashgabat tomato. Description of the variety, fruits, yield, as well as the history of growing this tomato and reviews about it are waiting for you below

How many strawberries can be collected from 1 weave? Technology of growing strawberries in a greenhouse and in open ground

Strawberries are on store shelves all year round these days. But, of course, the most delicious is the one grown in our own garden. Often, berry lovers think about the strawberry business. And this is where a lot of questions come up. One of them: how many strawberries can be harvested from 1 hundred square meters? This and many other questions will be answered in the article

Tomato "rich hut": reviews, photos, yield, characteristics of the variety

With the advent of spring, farmers usually focus on choosing the varieties of cultivated plants that they plan to grow on their plot. Tomatoes, as a rule, are among the first in such a list, since these vegetables are given a considerable place in the human diet. Unpretentious hybrids have long been loved by summer residents and are very popular with them. Among such representatives, the “rich hut” tomato is grown in full swing, reviews of which will be presented below

Seeds of home flowers: selection and preparation for planting. What flowers are easy to grow at home from seeds

Growing houseplants is a very interesting hobby. In addition, flowers help create comfort in the house, improve the microclimate and purify the air. Growing a real beautiful flower from a small seed is not so easy, it requires a lot of effort and knowledge. This article details how to grow a home flower from seeds, what home flowers can be planted from seeds, and everything related to this

Organomineral fertilizers: description, instructions for use and reviews

Organo-mineral fertilizers are simply very popular among summer residents. Such formulations can be produced both in liquid and in dry or granular form. Their main advantages are considered to be excellent efficiency, efficiency and low cost

Nitrogen fertilizers: benefits and harms

For the normal functioning of any living being requires oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. The last chemical element is necessary for both human life and plants. To replenish its content, special nitrogen fertilizers are used, which will be discussed later

Tomato Golden mother-in-law: description, characteristics, reviews

Tomatoes are the most sought-after and popular vegetable crops that are grown in suburban areas by summer residents. Today, there are a huge number of different varieties suitable for certain climatic conditions. Particular attention should be paid to the tomato Golden mother-in-law

How to make a warm floor in a greenhouse with your own hands? Installation, power calculation, reviews

Winter greenhouse needs specialized floors. Thanks to the warm coating, the owner of the summer cottage can control and maintain the required temperature in the greenhouse. These important conditions have a significant impact on the growth, development and fruiting of various crops

Tomato "black pear": variety description, characteristics and reviews

When most people think of tomatoes, beautiful red fruits come to mind, but maybe not everyone knows that there are tomatoes of an unusual black color. Such varieties are a recent invention, approximately the middle of the twentieth century. We got a curiosity by crossing the varieties we are used to growing in the wild

Garden for the lazy: practical advice

Do you want your garden to always be in order, neat beds full of fresh vegetables and at the same time devote only a few hours a week to it? This is possible if you act according to a proven methodology, which we will talk about today. A garden for the lazy is a plot that does not require weeding, watering, or even digging

Tomato seedlings: cultivation and care

To ensure that tomato seedlings in any region of Russia with a harsh climate grow and develop normally, and are not afraid of temperature changes and night frosts, it is recommended to harden it. For this, planting material is placed in the refrigerator for several days at night, if any, in the vegetable compartment

Avocado: growing conditions at home from the stone

Avocado is a tropical plant. At home, it is grown as an ornamental crop to decorate the interior of residential and office premises. Avocado has the ability to release a large amount of oxygen, creating a favorable atmosphere in your home or office. For the sake of this, they contain a tropical plant in places of residence and long-term stay of a person. It blooms extremely rarely indoors, you can not wait for fruiting at all. But flower growers always want to have a tree from the tropics in their collection

How to grow cucumber seedlings: tips and technology

In our country, a vegetable like cucumber is in great demand. But, despite the fact that it has become quite widespread, it is a very capricious culture. How the seedlings of cucumbers are harvested will directly depend on what crop you get during the season

Proper cultivation of cabbage seedlings

Cabbage is the vegetable that is present on our table throughout the year. Almost all summer residents grow it on their plots. But cabbage has one significant feature. It is subject to all sorts of diseases and pests. Industrially grown cabbage is undeniably very beautiful. But to achieve this result, it is treated with the strongest chemicals. If you want to get an exceptionally he althy vegetable, you can grow it yourself. AT

Cumberland - raspberries with black berries. Advantages and disadvantages of the variety. Raspberry cultivation

Black raspberry Cumberland is an exotic beauty that stands out favorably with large dark purple berries against the background of habitually red raspberry varieties. Raspberries have an amazing aroma and sweet pleasant taste. The vitamins and nutrients in its composition are invaluable he alth benefits. On each shoot of a bush, with proper care, about 10 brushes with 10–15 berries can be observed

How to grow date palm from seed at home

Date palm is an evergreen ornamental tropical plant, the top of which is decorated with beautiful spreading leaves. It is not necessary to buy an adult exotic plant to decorate the interior of a house. Knowing how to grow a date palm and how to care for it, such a tree can be obtained from a seed

Krasivoplodnik - ornamental shrub (photo)

Kallikarpa or beautiful-fruited is an ornamental shrub that attracts attention with its bright purple-lilac fruits, which is why it got its name. It is not difficult to grow it and is available to every amateur gardener

Why is hibiscus the "flower of death? Reviews of growing Chinese roses at home

Even among ancient people, it was customary to endow plants with magical properties, which they associated with ancient legends and bad omens. One such plant is the Chinese rose. Why is hibiscus the flower of death? Reviews of flower growers about its cultivation, superstitions and signs, an explanation of scientists

Yellow flowers: features, types, meaning and reviews

It is generally accepted that yellow flowers give to separation. Therefore, very few people dare to present them as a gift. And in vain. After all, these plants do not always lead to something deplorable. Everything happens rather the other way around. But read this article for more details

What is cannabis? Varieties of cannabis and use in medicine

The name of this annual plant is known to all, it causes a smirk among young people and hostility from the older generation. However, few people know that besides smoking for pleasure, cannabis is used for other purposes. What is cannabis? What are the varieties and methods of using the plant

Ficus Binnendijka: home care

The well-known ficus Ali is an attractive, medium-sized, unpretentious ornamental plant. Visually, the leaves of the plant resemble a small willow. Good care contributes to the rapid and abundant growth of green mass, which will delight everyone with its beautiful view

Kordilina kiwi: description, photo, cultivation features

Cordilina kiwi is a popular plant belonging to the Agave family. Outwardly, it looks like a miniature palm tree. Cordilina kiwi is a very unpretentious plant to care for, so it can be successfully grown indoors. We will talk about the features of care and maintenance in the article

Tomato Kumir: variety description, characteristics, growing features

Tomato Kumir is a favorite of many gardeners. It does not belong exclusively to salad types, although it has a pronounced tomato flavor and aroma. It is best used for juices, tomatoes and sauces, canned whole fruits. The variety produces delicious tomatoes until late autumn, while other varieties have already ceased to bear fruit