Tomato Tlacolula: description, photo, reviews

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Tomato Tlacolula: description, photo, reviews
Tomato Tlacolula: description, photo, reviews

Are you looking for unusually shaped tomatoes for your plot? Gardeners recommend paying attention to a variety called Tlacolula. It was brought from Mexico. Its fruits are characterized by an original ribbed shape. With proper cultivation, the mass of one tomato variety reaches about 300 grams. We bring to your attention a description of the Tlacolula tomato, its photographs, features of care and reviews of gardeners!

Variety characteristics

raspberry tomato

This variety got its name in honor of the Mexican city of Tlacolula Matamoros, from where the first seeds were distributed. In general, the tomato belongs to the old American varieties. This is an indeterminate, mid-season tomato. Its fruits are pear-shaped, with pronounced ribbing. The top of the fruit has a greenish-black tint, their lower part is raspberry. The tomato is quite juicy, the taste of the pulp is classic, with sweetness.

The height of one bush when grown in open ground and greenhouse can reach twometers. The variety is quite productive, however, gardeners say, the fruits can crack. Tomatoes feel good after freezing: there is no liquid in them, only the pulp remains.

tlacolula tomato description

The lower part of the Tlacolula tomato is wide, the upper part is narrow, slightly flattened. The first fruits can be enjoyed already 90-100 days after sowing seeds for seedlings. From three to seven brushes appear on one bush.


There are several varieties of Tlacolula tomato. Their shape is almost identical, but the color is different. Among the varieties, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Pink Pink. This species is characterized by a rounded shape of the fruit, they are slightly flattened from above. Pear-shaped tomatoes are a little less common. These tomatoes contain a large amount of sugar and dry matter. Vegetables are suitable for those who are allergic to red foods.
  2. Tomato Tlacolula Yellow is distinguished by its most delicate pulp, juicy vegetables, with a bright tomato flavor. In the context of a tomato of this variety, it looks more like a chrysanthemum than a tomato.
  3. Tlacolula White. Tomatoes of this variety are extremely rare, because their cultivation will require a lot of effort. Tomatoes are very tender, have a sweet fruity flavor, according to summer residents who managed to grow white varieties of the variety on their plot, they say that these vegetables literally melt in your mouth.

Of course, the varieties are different from each other, but they also have something in common - all Tlacolula tomatoes are ribbed.

tlacolula tomato reviews

Features of growing seedlings

Collection varieties are extremely capricious and demanding to care for. In order to get a tasty and big harvest, you need to be patient, and at the same time show the wonders of knowledge of agricultural technology. Like the seeds of any other collection varieties, Tlacolula tomato seeds are recommended to be purchased in specialized stores. The first thing to do after acquiring planting material is to disinfect it. To do this, you will need to lower the seeds for 20 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, then place them in a cool place for two to three days, and then hold them in the open air so that the seeds are saturated with oxygen. The final stage in the preparation of tomatoes is treatment with growth stimulants, after which the sprouts grow strong and he althy. The soil in which you plan to sow tomatoes should also be processed. It can be poured with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or you can hold it in the oven at a temperature of about 100 degrees. How many tomatoes of this variety sprout? Time practically does not differ from tomatoes of other varieties: it will take from 6 to 10 days to germinate seeds.

how many tomatoes sprout

Seedlings should be watered with settled water, best with a spray bottle or drip method. Before we plant the Tlacolula tomato in the greenhouse, it is recommended to harden it: for this, the seedlings must be taken out for a short time. This will allow the bushes to grow strong, well endure a sharp cold snap.

Transplantation to a permanent place

When seedlingsturn 60 days old, they will be ready to change their place of residence. It is necessary to plant seedlings at a distance of at least 50 centimeters from each other. The soil layer must be at least 18 cm deep. Add turf and humus in equal parts to each hole, add 50 grams of wood ash.

It is best to plant sprouts in the evening, then the plants will develop better. When the bushes grow up, it is recommended to tilt them a little, stretch the stem along the beds and lightly sprinkle with earth. After that, the bushes must be thoroughly watered, and after two weeks, treated with a solution of Bordeaux liquid. The optimal concentration is 1%.

Tomato care

tlacolula ribbed tomato

Gardeners say: if there is not enough lighting in the greenhouse or in the garden, the bush should be formed into one stem. With a sufficient amount of natural light - in two stems. It is recommended to leave no more than 5-6 ovaries on one bush. After their development, the top must be pinched, and two leaves must be left above the upper part. It is best to water the plants with warm water. The earth should not be too wet or dry, the Tlacolula tomato does not tolerate either drought or stagnant moisture. In order to reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil, you can add a small layer - 2-3 centimeters - of straw or peat.

Experienced gardeners recommend carefully monitoring the air humidity and temperature in the greenhouse: the heat can dry out the flowers, as a result, the fruits will not appear. Every two weeks it is necessary to feed the bushes. It is best to alternate organicmineral fertilizers. For one square meter of soil, you will need one bucket of top dressing.

tlacolula tomato photo

Harvesting is necessary as the fruits ripen. In the event that they are not yet ripe, they can simply be folded into a basket and left in a warm room. At the same time, the ripest tomatoes should be placed in the middle of the container to speed up the ripening of the rest.


In reviews of the tomato of this unusual variety, summer residents note: the fruits have a delicate and pleasant taste, without sourness, sweetish. Tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, they make excellent salads, sauces, they can act as a condiment or ingredient for hot dishes.

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