Pest control 2022, August

Fighting bedbugs at home: effective techniques, professional remedies and folk methods

House bugs are a difficult problem to deal with. A complex action is needed to destroy not only adult active individuals, but also parasites that are resistant to the effects of poison, namely insect larvae and eggs. With a strong infection, it is very difficult to deal with bedbugs on your own. You have to use several methods at once. An overview of the most effective of them is presented below

How to deal with thrips on indoor plants: chemicals and folk remedies

Indoor plants give the whole apartment freshness and beauty. They delight the eye not only of the household themselves, but also of guests. Therefore, it is very disappointing when flowers suffer from diseases or parasites. One of the most dangerous are thrips on indoor plants. How to deal with such pests? What are they? We will talk about all this in detail in the article

Deratization of rats. Methods for effective control of rats

Rats are carriers of a huge number of different diseases that are very dangerous for humans. Rodents not only inhabit basements, but can even make their way into houses under conditions that they consider suitable for their life: unsanitary conditions, poorly sealed holes and gaps through which one can find a hole

Spider mites on indoor plants: what it looks like, photos, how to fight?

The use of plants in the interior of the house is a long-familiar and beloved pastime by many. They decorate rooms, purify the air and delight the eyes of the owners. Florists make a lot of efforts so that their pets are not exposed to diseases and pests. However, this is not always possible, and one of the most dangerous insects for plants is the spider mite

Boric acid and cockroach yolk: proportions, recipe, rules of use

These pests are excellent opportunists. They enter houses in a variety of ways and can perfectly survive in any conditions. And worst of all, they can multiply very quickly, and the survival rate is extremely high. Consider further how to get rid of cockroaches in the house using boric acid

Flower thrips - what is it? Photos, ways to fight

Many indoor plant lovers are familiar with an insect called flower thrips. This is a pest. Science knows several thousand of its varieties. As a rule, the insect feeds on agricultural crops, but it is not uncommon for it to choose ornamental plants

Mold on the window: causes, methods and remedies

One of the most common problems faced by the owners of plastic windows is the accumulation of condensate and mold. Even if you do not think about the aesthetic component of the problem, all the same, the possibility of negative consequences for human he alth cannot be ignored. In the article, we will consider how mold forms on the window and how to remove it

"Bars" from cockroaches: reviews, instructions for use. How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever

Cockroaches are very unpleasant neighbors for humans. They can appear in any house, even the hostess with perfect cleanliness. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of these insects, using all known means of control, but all to no avail. Someone tried Bars from cockroaches and posted a review of the victory over the Prussians on the Internet. How to use the drug, and will be discussed in the article

How rats steal eggs: useful information, rodent control methods

Rodents always settle near human habitation. With the onset of inclement, cold weather, they move to residential premises and outbuildings. And if there is a chicken coop on the site, then uninvited guests will definitely appear there. It's warm, there's always food, and it's safe. Pests cause irreparable harm to the economy, spreading infections and eating animal feed, as well as eggs. How rats steal them, as well as what are the pest control measures - we will consider this in the article

Remedy for wood lice in the apartment: a list of disinfectants, application features, effective folk methods

There are many insects on our planet. Each species lives in a particular environment, and some live next to us. There are those who need moisture to live. They find her next to a person in apartments and houses. All living organisms need certain conditions to reproduce. So, excessive humidity in the room can lead to the need for funds from wood lice in the apartment

Weevil in the apartment: causes, methods of struggle, tips and tricks

The weevil in the apartment starts in cereals, pasta and houseplants. These bugs destroy food pretty quickly. That is why when they appear, you must immediately take appropriate measures to eliminate them. For this, both chemical and folk remedies are used

Why bedbugs don't bite everyone: reasons, interesting facts

Bedbugs are insects that bite even clean people. However, some pests are not affected. But a person is considered food for blood-sucking insects. Why don't bed bugs bite everyone? The reasons for this phenomenon are presented in the article

At what temperature does mold die: methods of control and effective methods for the destruction of mold fungi

Mold most often appears in private homes. Violation of building codes (many masonry walls themselves), poor ventilation - all this contributes to the appearance and development of mold. Getting rid of it can be very difficult. But urban dwellers are not immune from such misfortune. Today we will talk about the temperature at which mold dies

Kitch nematode: causes, methods of control

One of the most dangerous plant pests are nematodes (roundworms). They live in microscopic sizes in roots, stems, leaves and even fruits, multiply very quickly. A great threat to the plant is created by gall nematodes - pests that live in their roots. Penetrating into tissues, parasites contribute to the formation of growths and swellings (galls) in them, hence their name

Cladosporium Herbarum: what is it and why is it dangerous for humans? Remedies for mold and mildew

What is Cladosporium Herbarum. What is its danger to humans, what diseases does it provoke? The main habitat, predisposing factors. Practical recommendations for the elimination of mold and fungus

Effective remedies for black mold

Most people strive to keep their home clean. However, even regular cleaning does not save you from various problems. For example, you may need an effective remedy for black mold. Water and ordinary soap are powerless against this enemy. But that doesn't mean you have to put up with it

Effective remedy for rats: list with names, rating of the best, composition and instructions for use

To get rid of rats, it is not always enough to have a cat. Sometimes a more aggressive and effective remedy may be required. However, it should not pose a danger to other residents. Therefore, consider the best means in the fight against rodents

Rat traps: types, characteristics, functionality and reviews

A rat is a rodent that likes to live in human housing because of the presence of food in it. During the year, the animal is able to eat 10 kg of different foods. Since the rodent has strong teeth, it is able to cope with wood, plastic, as well as electrical wiring and concrete. But the animal is dangerous because it is considered a carrier of various infections. Therefore, people use various methods of struggle, including rat traps. Their types are described in the article

How to get rid of moths with moth balls

Sometimes you want to get your once favorite sweater, which is hidden in the back of the closet. But the horror is that from a warm woolen miracle, a favorite thing has turned into an openwork cape. This clothes moth has worked hard on the design. How to avoid this situation and protect your favorite things from a pest using a traditional and proven method for years, we will tell in this article

The best rat bait: ways to exterminate rodents

Not only are rats voracious rodents and can destroy food and non-food items, they are also carriers of various infections. Man has been fighting them for a long time, inventing devices for trapping and poisoning them. But the existence of various traps and traps will not play any role if the attraction of the animal is not provided. That's why rat bait gets a lot of attention

How to get rid of itching from a mosquito bite? Helpful Hints

The bite of a mosquito (or rather a mosquito) is an absolutely harmless damage to the skin. In the rarest cases, it is possible to cause minor damage to human he alth (with allergic reactions to insect bites) in the form of a red rash. But despite the safety and harmlessness of a bite, the consequences of it sometimes bring a lot of trouble. The skin becomes red, the lesion swells, and besides, there is a terrible itch, which can only be avoided under certain conditions

Termites - what is it? Where do termites live and what do they eat?

These insects, which look like ants, but are not, are considered a terrible scourge in the general human understanding. From the actions of the so-called “white ants”, which are actually related to cockroaches, mighty trees crumble from one push, wooden buildings are destroyed … And besides, they pose a real threat to human he alth

How to get rid of a ferret at home? Effective Methods

Unfortunately, many poultry owners have faced the problem of an empty chicken coop at least once in their lives. The signs are the same: sucked blood, severed heads and bitten off paws. This is the work of a ferret. At first glance, this is a funny animal with a cute and pretty muzzle. But behind this mask lies a dangerous predator. How to get rid of a ferret?

Onion nematode: description, effective control methods, reviews

The onion nematode is a small parasite that is almost invisible to the naked eye. This small pest can quickly lead to the complete destruction of the entire crop, seriously infecting the soil. The danger of this roundworm lies in the fact that it can be in a state of suspended animation for a long time both in the soil and in the seed

Fighting cockroaches: modern methods and folk remedies

Humanity has been trying to drive these parasites out of its home for more than a millennium, and many ways have been invented to fight cockroaches. Recently, they have really practically disappeared from human habitations. But still, in some buildings, especially old ones, as well as in catering places, they can still be found, so the fight is not over yet

Get cockroach remedy: composition, instructions for use, reviews

Each of us at least once encountered cockroaches, despite maintaining the cleanliness of the house. The reasons for their appearance in the house can be completely different. But one thing is clear - such impudent and gluttonous neighbors must be fought. In this article, we will look at one of the cockroach remedies - GET

How to get rid of spiders in the house: folk remedies and chemistry

How to get rid of spiders in the house? The web in the house is an indispensable sign of the presence of a spider, because it is with its help that the insect lures potential prey into its webs. Cleaning the web is one of the methods of getting rid of the spider. But it is recommended to carry it out in combination with other measures, otherwise the next day you can admire the cobwebs in the new corners of the room

Clothes moth: description and appearance

Practically all over the world, the problem of the appearance of moths is widespread. Only residents of tropical regions can live in peace, because it is there that the clothes moth adapts very poorly

"Di-Chlor-Extra": instructions for use, composition, active ingredients

Disinfection is mandatory in all medical and children's institutions. For these purposes, tableting means "Di-Chlor-Extra" is often used, the instructions for use for which suggest the possibility of wide use for the disinfection of various hard surfaces and much more

Does Raptor gel help against cockroaches, instructions for use, reviews

The method of action of the remedy for cockroaches and ants in the form of a gel is quite simple - it includes elements that attract insects. Already after the individual absorbs the gel or has contact with it, it becomes a carrier of a poisonous element

An effective remedy for cockroaches: a review of drugs, composition, features of use, reviews of manufacturers

Get rid of cockroaches is very difficult, but possible. Consider the most effective means against annoying insects. Which of them are the safest for people and animals. It is also worth talking about other methods of getting rid of cockroaches

The best remedy for cockroaches in the apartment: reviews, name, description

The most effective and best remedies for cockroaches in the apartment according to consumer reviews. Practical recommendations for the choice of drugs. Use of aerosols, crayons, gels and dusts. Purchased and homemade traps, improvised means and herbs. Helpful Tips for Insect Control

Dichlorvos from cockroaches: reviews, composition, manufacturers overview, application features

For centuries, people have constantly struggled with pests such as cockroaches. These little parasites take up residence in the home under comfortable conditions and ruin the lives of their homeowners. Many are shocked only by the sight of a small insect, while others are inconvenienced by their number and unpleasant traces that they leave behind. But is it possible to fight them somehow!?

Rating of funds from cockroaches: top best

Cockroaches - these insects cause a lot of trouble to people. They instantly master any territory and quickly adapt to the factors of defeat. Looking for small supplies of food and water, they multiply rapidly and occupy new spaces. To destroy parasites, manufacturers produce many different drugs

How to get rid of scolopendra in the house: description of the insect, review of chemicals, reviews

Scolopendra is a species of small centipede that often lives in residential buildings, which is why people are shocked by their appearance. This is unpleasant, and the insect causes much more disgust and disgust than even cockroaches. Of course, finding a person who can live under the same roof with such a pest is very difficult. Therefore, anyone who is faced with this situation will sooner or later wonder how to get rid of centipedes in the house

Cold fog from bedbugs: reviews, instructions for use and effectiveness

People use various methods to get rid of bedbugs. Each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons. According to reviews, cold fog from bedbugs is an effective way to kill insects. It works much better than traditional atomizers. The features of cold fog from bedbugs are described in the article

Can cockroaches fly? What kinds of cockroaches can fly?

For some, finding a Prusak in an apartment is a real tragedy and a reason to immediately call exterminators. Others put up with uninvited guests, involuntarily study their habits, and when they find chandeliers on the closet or in the ceiling, they think: can cockroaches fly? Entomologists can talk for hours on this topic, but we will briefly talk about the species that are capable of flying and about those that are not in danger of landing on your head

A good moth remedy: a review of drugs

If you are looking for a good moth remedy, then you can safely buy sprays. Some of them are professional and are used by many companies specializing in the fight against domestic insects. Most insecticides are available not only in the form of a spray, but also an aerosol

How to deal with wireworm on potatoes: the best means and methods

How to defeat the wireworm on potatoes with baits? Experienced gardeners advise soaking potatoes beaten by a pest in a solution of a chemical poison for up to 24 hours, and then digging them in the garden. As a result, after a couple of days it will be possible to detect dead wireworms along with poisoned tubers underground. Only first you need to mark the places of burying traps

Raptor cockroach trap: reviews, application features, effectiveness

The main purpose of the drug against domestic pests is to ensure the safety of a person's home, to prevent the penetration of various kinds of pests into it and their further reproduction. In order for these conditions to be achieved, it is necessary to purchase a proven and effective remedy. A few fairly effective drugs include the Raptor cockroach trap