Deratization of rats. Methods for effective control of rats

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Deratization of rats. Methods for effective control of rats
Deratization of rats. Methods for effective control of rats

Rats are carriers of a huge number of different diseases that are very dangerous for humans. Rodents not only inhabit basements, but can even make their way into houses under the conditions that they consider suitable for their life: unsanitary conditions, poorly sealed holes and gaps through which a hole can be found. These mammals are characterized by a fast reproduction rate, and therefore the fight against rodents is a very important task.

The habitat of pests are shallow burrows, as well as nests abandoned by other animals. In rare cases, a person may encounter an entire colony, because by their nature, rats are loners. Rodents can breed year-round: on average, from 2 to 20 rats are born in a litter.

What is deratization of rats

The very word "deratization" came from the French language and literally means "destruction of rats". This includes various techniques developed by people to eliminate mice, moles, and, of course, rats. There are alsosome prevention methods to minimize the risk of rodents in the human living area.

deratization of rats

If we talk about the first option, then conditions are created for rodents in which they simply cannot exist: lack of food, water, constant scaring away. All this makes the rats leave human territory. The second is the effective control of rats through the use of radical measures to destroy this species.

Today, there are a huge number of ways to get rid of rodents, but we must not forget that animals have amazing collective intelligence. And if at least one individual falls into a trap or eats a poisoned bait, then others will no longer fall for such things.

Most famous ways

As mentioned above, there are many options for dealing with rats, and therefore it is worth talking about the most commonly used methods:

  • Deratization of rats can be biological. In this case, rodents serve as food for other animals. The first place here is occupied by cats, but there are also some breeds of dogs that can come to the aid of a person, such as a fox terrier or a dachshund.
  • The physiological method means the installation of various traps and mousetraps, as well as the use of boiling water, kerosene, gasoline or acetone. All these tools are used to fill holes.
  • Ultrasound. The so-called rat repeller is used here. A special device makes a sound that the human ear does not perceive, but rodents simply do notendure.
  • The use of chemicals. This includes the most radical techniques that give a 100% guarantee of getting rid of an unwanted neighborhood. Here they use: spraying poisons, placing poisoned baits, gases (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide), etc.
poison for rats

Some aspects

Before you start destroying holes, it is worth remembering that rats can gnaw through wood, plywood sheets and even cement with their teeth. Parts made of soft metals such as zinc, copper or tin will not become an obstacle for them.

When closing holes, it is recommended to use sand-cement mixtures with the addition of broken glass.

Processing of premises from rats is most often carried out with the help of gassing. Here they use sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide, but this technique is unacceptable for an apartment or a private house.

What you need to know about traps

Deratization of rats can be carried out in the old and proven way, namely with the use of traps and traps. Such devices are convenient to use in places where rats have not yet settled en masse.

Some people, using improvised materials, are engaged in the manufacture of rat traps, traps and traps on their own. The easiest way is to make a glue trap. Glue is applied to cardboard or plastic in strips of 4-6 cm, and food is placed between the strips. Trying to get a tidbit, the rodent will definitely stick. The rat will no longer be able to get out on its own. By the way, mechanical means manufactured by industrial methods are muchmore than homemade.

It's good to know that homemade and professional products are united by one factor - safety for people and animals, there is no poison for rats in such traps. In order for rodents to become interested in tasty baits, treats must be laid out using gloves. Otherwise, the rats, smelling the human smell, will not go into the trap.

how to get rid of rats permanently

Use of pesticides

You can get rodents out of a private house with the help of pesticides, one of the most effective means is "Krysin". Such a drug is freely available in specialized stores.

If we talk about how to permanently get rid of rats, then this remedy is a wonderful solution. As soon as the animal swallows the poison, it will die after a few minutes. It would be ideal if the rodent manages to get out into the yard before death. Otherwise, an unpleasant smell will come from the corpse, but it is rather difficult to detect a dead rat. Animals climb into risers, under the floor, into the collector and other places that are hard to reach for humans.

rat control

To avoid such trouble, it is recommended to use other means: "Ratidom", "Goliath". They also give a 100% guarantee and effect, but they act a little differently. The rodent begins to experience a lack of oxygen, and therefore tries to leave the room, to be on the street, where death will overtake him.

So, the listed tools are the most convenient to usedrugs against rats.

Using ultrasound

Pets and humans do not hear the full range of sounds, and therefore there are frequencies that are safe for everyone except "intruders". At the same time, both the nervous system and hearing suffer in rodents. Feelings lead to pain and panic. Deratization of rats will be much more effective if you use models that can change the ultrasonic purity, which will prevent rats from getting used to it.

Most electronic devices are easy to install, and they can affect a small area (one room). At the same time, there should not be many rodents.

drugs against rats

People's advice

If there is no desire to use chemicals, then you should try using long-known means.

Gypsum powder and flour are most effective. Both components are taken in equal proportions. By the way, instead of flour, potato starch is also suitable. Roll the mixture into balls and place in rat feeders. Deratization is that after eating and entering the body of a rodent of water, gypsum powder begins to crystallize right in the stomach of the animal. This leads to death.

There is a trick here. Next to the "feed" you need to put a bowl of water. Poison is placed next to burrows, spoiled food, excrement.

Some more he althy recipes

No less destructive substance for rats is soda. You will need:

  • sodium bicarbonate – ½glass;
  • flour - ½ cup;
  • granulated sugar - 1 cup.

Mix all components and spread out in the places where pests were found. Soda leads to gas formation in the intestines of rodents, which will cause death.

Such products as ash, vinegar, kerosene, turpentine are also not liked by animals. Wormwood, wild rosemary or tansy are laid out next to the rat holes. All this is also poison for rats.

feeders for rats deratization

Professionals to the rescue

Some people, when they find an unwanted neighborhood, turn to special services that, after taking some measures, will help get rid of the problem. Here are the services they provide:

  • inspection of basements and living quarters;
  • selection of the right funds;
  • bait layout;
  • if it is impossible to use chemicals, they will trap rodents with mechanical devices;
  • deratization of holes, destruction of broods;
  • elimination of passages leading to living quarters;
  • carrying out preventive measures.

What to do after deratization

If the rat population is very large, then repellents will be powerless here, and therefore it is recommended to use methods that destroy rodents. In such a situation, animals often die in living quarters:

  • space under the floor;
  • burrows;
  • cellars;
  • lofts;
  • panel ceilings.

Of course, the decomposition of the corpse begins,there is an extremely unpleasant odor. In this case, proceed as follows:

  • self search for a rat and its disposal. Be sure to use gloves, a respirator, as well as sealed packaging (several bags);
  • cleaning up the area where the dead rodent was found and treating with disinfectants;
  • airing the room;
  • carrying out washing of all things;
  • acetic solution is used to treat furniture. For hard surfaces, use peroxide, soap and baking soda as a mixture.

With these fairly simple tips, it's not that hard to get rid of bad smells in your living space.

effective rat control

Rat control is not needed if sanitary standards are followed both in the house and in the area around it. It is also important to respond in a timely manner to any appearance of even a single pest. Following these simple steps will prevent the appearance of rodents.

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