How rats steal eggs: useful information, rodent control methods

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How rats steal eggs: useful information, rodent control methods
How rats steal eggs: useful information, rodent control methods

Rodents always settle near human habitation. With the onset of inclement, cold weather, they move to residential premises and outbuildings. And if there is a chicken coop on the site, then uninvited guests will definitely appear there. It's warm, there's always food, and it's safe. Pests cause irreparable harm to the economy, spreading infections and eating animal feed, as well as eggs. How rats steal them, as well as what are the pest control measures - we will consider this in the article.

Harm from rodents in the chicken coop

The rat is an intelligent and complex animal. She is able to defeat the cat and injure the dog. And in the chicken coop she is calm, safe and has something to eat. For permanent residents - chickens, rats are of particular danger, because they:

  1. They carry dangerous infections that affect not only birds, but also humans.
  2. Infect birdshelminths, fleas and ticks.
  3. Food from stalls consists of grains, root vegetables and vitamin supplements.
  4. Rats steal eggs from chicken coops, considering them a delicacy.
  5. Hatched chicks and young are killed.
  6. Harm adults by biting the scales on their paws while sleeping, stressing the birds, which in turn affects egg production and weight gain.
can rats steal eggs

Rats are not stopped by strong walls and concrete foundations. In the hunt for food, they gnaw through passages, make digs, by any means they get to the goodies that are in the chicken coop. And how rats steal eggs is just amazing.

Difficulties in fighting rats

People have been fighting them for a long time. They get rid of rodents in many ways. That is why rats have developed many methods of protection and the ability to survive in any conditions. Do not underestimate the mental abilities of animals, which also complicates the fight against them.

rats steal eggs from chicken coop

Rats sense danger and are very careful. They deftly bypass prepared traps and warn other individuals about them. Their intelligence is also evidenced by the fact that rats steal eggs from a chicken coop (photo posted in the article). Experts say that they do not abandon their elderly relatives and take care of them, and the young are taught to hunt and escape from dangers. Therefore, when choosing methods of rodent control, all these nuances should be taken into account.A person will have to use cunning and ingenuity to defeat a dangerous pest.

Rodent destruction of chicken eggs

Can rats steal eggs from a chicken coop? It turns out they can, and they even have several ways. They act:

  1. One by one - they take the egg with two front paws, and move with the help of the hind legs, crawling.
  2. Two of them - one grabs the prey and rolls over on its back, and the other drags it by the tail to a secluded place.
How do rats steal chicken eggs?

It is noted that rats store stolen goods in a certain place and feast on them when the product is rotten. Now you know how rats steal eggs and ruin the owner. Moreover, these animals move not only on the floor, but also on the walls and ceiling.

Methods for getting rid of rats

Before you start the fight against rodents, you need to think carefully and choose the most appropriate methods. There are five main ways to get rid of rats, these include:

  • mechanical - involves the use of traps;
  • chemical - using insecticides;
  • biological - the safest and most commonly used;
  • folk - time-tested without harm to chickens;
  • modern - the use of ultrasonic repellers.

Each method has its positive and negative qualities. Depending on the specific conditions, you can choose one of them or use several at once.

Reconstruction of the poultry house

The main task of the chicken coopis a comfortable keeping of birds in it and protection of the premises from pests. This should be taken care of at the stage of its construction or during operation. Remembering how rats steal eggs, showing their agility, you need to create unfavorable conditions for them. Since there is plenty of food in the chicken coop, you need to be concerned about its tightness. To do this:

  1. When building a chicken coop, put a concrete foundation under it.
  2. Impenetrable walls. Rats are able to penetrate a very small hole, so it is advisable to upholster the side surface of the building with metal tin to a height of at least a meter.
  3. do rats steal chicken eggs
  4. Put metal doors so that there are no gaps.
  5. Glaze the windows, and concrete the floor, rats will gnaw through all other materials and heaters.
  6. Keep the room clean. Systematically remove droppings, monitor the hygiene of food trays, collect eggs in a timely manner.

Having eliminated the access of rodents from the outside, you can deal with their destruction inside: on your own or invite specialists.

Mechanical methods of struggle

Can rats steal eggs? Yes, they can and come up with clever ways. The owner of the chicken coop is able to suffer significant damage, so they must be fought. To do this, use mechanical traps, inside which the bait is placed.

They are installed in places inaccessible to chickens and chickens, so that they do not get caught instead of rodents. And cunning rats can bypass them. Often usedglue traps, which are ineffective for adult strong individuals that can tear their paws off the smeared surface. Another disadvantage: the rodent remains alive and must be destroyed or released by someone.

rat traps

Biological methods

This way of fighting deserves special attention. It is effective and does not require the use of harmful substances. To do this, they get a dog or a cat that is able to catch rats. Not all pets are capable of destroying them, so it is advisable to first ask which of them will be useful for this role. In addition to animals, plants are used that have a strong odor that is unpleasant to rodents. These include: elderberry, mint, pharmacy chamomile, wild rosemary. They are planted near the chicken coop or lay out branches near the minks of animals. The method is good because rodents leave places that are unpleasant for them, and there is no need to mess with corpses.

Folk remedies

If mechanical and biological means are ineffective, you can try folk remedies:

  1. Wood ash. It is scattered along the walls. For chickens, it does not pose any danger, and the alkali present in it corrodes the paws of rats. It is activated when the rodent begins to lick the soiled paws. The appearance of discomfort causes them to leave the coop.
  2. A mixture of flour, alabaster, sugar and lime. Rats like its taste, but once inside, it burns the organs, and the rodents die.
  3. Barrel of water. It must be half filled with water, and pieces of lard should be spread on the surface. About the barrelput the boxes, making a kind of ladder out of them, so that the rats can get to the treat, the smell of which they feel well. It remains only to collect and dispose of the corpses of drowned rodents.
  4. Can rats steal eggs from a chicken coop?

Chemical method

When asked if rats steal chicken eggs, there is only an affirmative answer. Therefore, in the chicken coop, it is imperative to get rid of rodents. For this, insecticides are suitable, the range of which is very large. But it is important to remember that pesticides are not safe for birds. Therefore, when using them, the chicken coop is freed from the inhabitants for some time, moving them to another room. Gaseous preparations are considered the most effective means, but for their use it is required to invite a specialist.


When handling chemicals, you should always remember that rats can develop immunity to them. It is best to use new drugs that have just appeared on the market. They do not have an instant effect, so it is necessary to remove the corpses of pests in a timely manner.

Ultrasonic Repeller

Such devices are sold in any hardware store and are one of the most humane ways to control rodents. The device produces sound waves that are not picked up by the human ear, but cause panic and anxiety in rodents, and they urgently leave the room. To select an effective rat repeller, professionals advise to pay attention to the followingdetails:

  1. Power. When choosing a device, take into account the range.
  2. Location. Ultrasound only propagates indoors.
  3. Safety. The device must operate when there are no people.
  4. Change of hesitation. To scare away rats, the oscillation frequency changes automatically so that they do not get used to it.


Now you know how rats steal chicken eggs. In order to destroy them, they use a variety of methods that are also effective for eliminating mice. Rodents adapt to any conditions, they develop immunity to toxic substances, so there is no universal method for dealing with these pests.

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