Wood in the bathroom. Wooden bath

Wood in the bathroom. Wooden bath
Wood in the bathroom. Wooden bath

Today, one of the main criteria for choosing interior items, along with convenience and practicality, is environmental friendliness. Wooden furniture, accessories and other elements are increasingly found in the bathroom. A wooden bathtub not only perfectly complements the interior, but also performs all the functions inherent in familiar analogues. It cannot be called an innovation, because rafts, ships, baths are made of this material.

wooden bath


Such plumbing elements are divided into several varieties, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • Rectangular bathtubs look like rectangular wooden boxes. Despite the rather primitive appearance, such a wooden bath has gained its popularity due to the ease of manufacture. This shape is ideal for small spaces.
  • Barrel baths, the method of creation of which practically does not differ from the manufacture of familiar barrels, may havevarious shapes: round, oval or resemble a large trough. Execution depends only on the wishes of the customer and the imagination of the master. All parts are impregnated with special solutions to ensure tightness.
  • Ship baths are the most elite look. The manufacturing technology is similar to the creation of real ships, often they are given the same shape. They are a real work of art and are installed on a specially equipped pedestal in the center of the room, they are the highlight of the interior. Their cost, of course, is appropriate.
  • Hollowed out bathtubs have an exquisite appearance and are made from a single piece of wood, thanks to which they have a high degree of tightness that other options cannot boast, and the ability to create absolutely any shape. The main disadvantage is the high cost caused by the complexity of production and the material used.
  • Ofuro is a traditional Japanese font made from larch, cedar or oak. Such a wooden bath has a non-standard shape, unlike other options. The design is complemented by a special protrusion that provides ease of use. After bathing, a dry barrel filled with medicinal herbs and sawdust is often used.
tree in the bathroom


Before choosing one or another option, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages of such baths in more detail.

Wood has a positive effect on the human body and has a healingaction, and the water filling such a bath acquires useful properties. There is also a normalization of the nervous system, the elimination of colds and the rapid healing of cuts and other skin injuries.

From an aesthetic point of view, wood always looks original and fits almost any interior, while uplifting and helping to relieve stress.

The natural wood bath allows you to arrange a real spa resort right at home. You can enjoy the skin contact with natural environmentally friendly material.


White with wood or completely wood bath will cost a lot more than products made of acrylic or cast iron, but the costs are justified by the non-standard appearance and pleasure of use. The price consists of the cost of material, handmade, functional and practical design that will appeal to every buyer.

In it you can arrange aromatic procedures, combining them with massage. Often there are lights and other convenient elements that also affect the final price.

natural wood bath

How to extend the service life?

Wood in the bathroom requires careful and careful care, as it is subject to decay, which can start from the slightest damage to the surface. Cleaning is carried out by means specially created for this material. They do not disturb the structure and do not corrode the tree.

Subject to these rules and othersrecommendations specified by the manufacturer, there is no doubt about the long-term operation of the interior element.

It is undesirable that the wooden bathroom, the photo of which is presented in the article, was used several times within one day. Also, it is not suitable for bathing pets and washing. To keep her appearance, she must be treated as a valuable item.

wood bathroom photo


Bathtubs are made from a variety of woods and can be any shape. The most widespread are larch, walnut, oak and cedar, due to their properties they are the best option for such plumbing. Exotic trees called teak, mahogany, zebrano, wenge are also quite popular. This material is highly resistant to moisture and is used to create ships.

A wooden bathtub is treated with special compounds that protect against the negative effects of moisture, fungal infections and prolong the period of operation. Large structures are made from separate parts of the required shape, which are subsequently securely fastened to each other. The last step is polishing and impregnation with a special varnish, which does not contain harmful substances.

Variety of shapes

The imagination of designers is so limitless that even a wooden sink in the bathroom can have the most bizarre shapes. It will become a real decoration of the interior. Bathtubs can be made in the form of an elegant yacht, a pirate ship or a medievalgraceful boat. Classic rectangular options are equipped with a comfortable headrest that complements the ergonomic shape and gradually turns into the box itself. You can also find original products decorated with small acrylic and glass inserts.

tea tree bath


Since ancient times, trees have been known that not only do not collapse with constant water ingress, but also become more durable and stronger. Among these species, it is worth noting mahogany, wenge, larch, teak and tea tree. Baths with excellent external characteristics are also made from the familiar oak, which is often used to create famous oak barrels. But all these materials are expensive. In addition, they must undergo special processing before being used in the process of creating a bath.

The use of more budgetary types of wood is highly undesirable, since the result will not only not suit the owner, but will also lead to a waste of finances, effort and time.

do-it-yourself wooden bathroom

Preparatory work

To begin with, a drawing of the desired product is drawn up, according to which the material is cut. Boards must be sanded until a smooth surface is obtained. Manual processing with sandpaper will take too long, so you should use a grinder.

It is worth noting that lacquer is not used to cover the bath, so the slightest irregularities andburrs that can cause scratches and damage to the leather.

Sliced ​​and processed boards are covered with special compounds that protect the material from external influences. It is necessary to choose high-quality primers, since the tree will often come into contact with water, which may not be the best way to affect the appearance of the product. The best option would be compositions from well-known manufacturers.

wood sink in bathroom


After complete absorption of the primer, direct assembly begins. The easiest way to make a rectangular product, it can be made by anyone who does not have special skills. Free air access must be provided to all surfaces, therefore, when choosing dimensions, it is important that the hand-made wooden bathroom does not come into contact with the walls.

The boards are fixed with wooden spikes. First, the bottom of the bath is assembled. The spikes used to fasten the boards are inserted into special holes, the surface of which is covered with glue.

During the assembly process, the ends of the boards are treated with a sealant, upon completion of work, the seams are covered with the same composition. After connecting the elements, excess sealant may come out, they must be wiped with a clean, dry cloth.

The bottom is reinforced with bars, which are fixed along the entire length of the base perpendicular to the boards. The bars are nailed at a distance of at least 5 cm from each other. In this case, the bar must fix each board to the bottom. A hole for draining water is cut with a drill equipped withspecial nozzle. The bars-legs fixed on the outside of the bottom will act as a support. The height of the supports is selected depending on the type of siphon used.

The sides are assembled in the same way. The inner ends of the boards, located along the edge of the product, are recommended to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees. This will provide a better and more reliable connection. After that, a hole is cut in the selected place for mounting the siphon.

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