The most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground: an overview of varieties, names, characteristics, reviews

The most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground: an overview of varieties, names, characteristics, reviews
The most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground: an overview of varieties, names, characteristics, reviews

We all love fresh vegetables and try to eat them as often as possible. Inveterate gardeners grow vegetables of different varieties and types on their personal plots. In the spring, there is a rush near the stalls with seeds. What to choose, so as not to be disappointed in the fall? In this article, we will pay attention to the green gentleman of the garden - cucumber.

Cucumber characteristics

This culture has gained immense popularity a long time ago. During the summer period, this is the most demanded product. In order to cultivate cucumbers in an open area, it should be remembered that they love warmth, good nutrition, and moisture. This is a short day culture. When cultivating a plant, every whim of the culture should be taken into account, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the gifts of the plant.

cucumbers in history

Cucumber in history

From literary sources it is known that cucumbers appeared 6 thousand years ago. The birthplace of this cultureconsidered India and China. In Europe, cucumbers appeared during the conquest of Southeast Asia by the Greeks. In France, the plant began to be cultivated in the 8th century, in Germany and Spain - a little later. Cucumbers arrived in Russia from Asia and became the first crop grown in protected ground. Nowadays, this vegetable has taken first place in terms of cultivated areas. Gardeners and gardeners gave the best reviews to varieties for open ground. All peoples of the world fell in love with cucumbers.

Choose seeds

Cucumber seeds can be planted both in open beds and in greenhouses or greenhouses. Consider the most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground. In order for the harvest to be of high quality, you need to set some priorities when choosing seeds:

  • Ripening period.
  • What care is needed.
  • Cucumber size.
  • Resilience to external factors.
  • Branching the bush.

In turn, the seeds can be hybrid and have the F1 icon. These seeds were bred by crossing different varieties. But seeds from such vegetables will not be suitable for propagation. But the plant is more resistant to external factors. And cucumbers have keeping quality and immunity to diseases. Hybrid seeds are great for outdoor growing.

Seeds are still divided into early and mid-season, self-pollinated and pollinated by bees.

Early ripe variety

Early-ripening varieties of cucumbers

Early ripening varieties of cucumbers surprise with a short period of time when it will be possible to harvest the first crop, but such a plant is subject to frequent diseases due toweak root system, and it bears fruit for a short time. But many gardeners plant early varieties of outdoor cucumbers for sale or to enjoy the first cucumbers from their garden. Preference is given to such varieties as:

  • Dynamite F1. Harvest can be obtained already on the fortieth day. The leaves of the plant are small in size, the bush is sparse. Cucumber about 15 cm, with tubercles. This variety is productive, and it is realistic to collect 10-15 kg of vegetables per square meter.
  • Masha. hybrid variety. Cucumbers will appear in a month. They are good for conservation. There are a bunch of 6-7 cucumbers in the bush.
  • Graceful. Received the title due to the fact that the cucumber has a beautiful shape.
  • Cascade. Less productive variety. The fruits appear a month and a half after sowing. Perfect for winter preparations.
  • Altai variety has a light cucumber color. The fruit is medium-sized and ripens in 35-40 days.

Mid-ripening varieties of cucumbers

Such varieties are not as susceptible to diseases as early ripe ones. They are easier to grow and require less maintenance. Medium varieties of cucumbers for open ground are more popular. They will give an excellent harvest on your plots and gardens. The most popular medium varieties of cucumbers for open ground:

  • New Phoenix. The variety is cold-resistant and not afraid of powdery mildew. Cucumbers are bright green in color with small longitudinal stripes of white. Very tasty and crispy.
  • Pikuli. The variety is universal and has a strong immunity to diseases. Oval shaped cucumberspiked, the length of the fruit is about 8 cm.
  • Far East. The fruits are great for canning. The fruit has a weight of up to 200 g and a length of about 15 cm. The variety tolerates long dry weather well.
  • Gunnar F1. Hybrid plant variety. The bush is tall, the cucumber is very tasty and has an aesthetically beautiful shape.
  • Popular varieties are also: Baby, Farmer, White Angel, Raphael.

Self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers

Such varieties of cucumbers can grow even in the worst conditions, while not losing their ability to produce a good harvest. The yellow flower acts as both a boy and a girl, so it can pollinate itself and produce beautiful cucumbers. Best outdoor self-pollinating varieties:

  • Friendly family. It adapts well to any conditions and climate. Cucumber reaches up to 12 cm in length. Not bitter and appetizing crunches.
  • Crazy. The fruit of this variety has a dark green color with a white pattern. The plant can bear fruit until the first frost.
  • Spring. A short climbing variety resistant to many ailments. Cucumbers are short in length and have a sweetish taste.
  • what varieties of cucumbers for open ground
  • Gerda. Cucumbers of a high-yielding variety for open ground are characterized by high resistance to diseases. The fruits reach 10 cm in length and have a pleasant, sweet taste.

Varieties pollinated by bees

What varieties of cucumbers for open ground to buy? The choice of each is individual. Many prefer varieties that are pollinated by bees. Counts,that the pollination process imparts flavor and additional flavor to the cucumber. Therefore, the most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground are pollinated by bees. These include:

  • Farmer. The fruit is green with white spines. Fruits longer than usual and is unpretentious in care.
  • ABC F1. Differs in excellent productivity. The fruits have the shape and size of gherkins. They are not afraid of most diseases, they do not have a bitter taste.
  • Swallow. Hybrid variety, has early ripening. The fruit reaches 100 g of weight.
  • cucumber Rodnichok
  • Lord. Another hybrid variety. Average maturity. Not afraid of cold weather and many types of diseases. The cucumber is deep green in color and has white pimples.
  • Compass F1. Not afraid of many diseases. Planted in June. The vegetable tastes good and has a small shape. Great for preservation.

Late-ripening varieties of cucumbers

The harvest from such plants can be harvested only after 50 days. Not to say that such varieties are popular with summer residents and gardeners, but there is a demand for them. Cucumber seed varieties for open ground late ripening:

  • Relay. Cucumber has a sweet taste. It reaches a length of 25 cm and weighs approximately 250 g. It is mainly used for preparing salads.
  • Chinese miracle. Ripens only two months after planting. The fruit is small and has a thin skin.
  • Chinese climbing. The variety has medium-branched bushes. The cucumber is cylindrical, approximately 12 cm long and weighs 100 g.Tolerates cold temperatures and is resistant to many diseases.
  • young cucumber

Hybrid varieties

As already mentioned, these varieties are not afraid of diseases, bad climatic conditions. Cucumbers can be stored for a long time, tolerate transportation well and have very excellent taste. The most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground were bred by crossing. The disadvantage of such varieties is that it will not be possible to dry the seeds on their own, since cucumber seeds will not be suitable for the next sowing. It will be necessary to purchase cucumber seeds again next year. Best outdoor varieties:

  • Marinda Marinda F. Self-pollinating cucumber variety. Bushes do not have many leaves, they are stress-resistant to external factors. In one place, five or more cucumbers are formed. The taste of the fruit is consistent, no bitter taste.
  • Paratunka F1. Bushes of medium height. Fruit ripening - on the fortieth day from sowing. Not afraid of powdery mildew and bacteriosis. The cucumber has a flat surface, weight 90 g and length 9 cm.
  • Grasshopper F1. Seeds are self-pollinated. The bushes are tall and climbing. They are immune to many diseases. Cucumber of medium size, located very densely on the bush. Up to two buckets of young greens can be removed from the garden.
  • Xena F1. Early variety. The bush is tall and neat in shape. The fruit of the plant has a weight of 115-130 g and a length of 15 cm. The plant is resistant to many viruses and diseases.
  • Emerald earrings F1. The variety is young, it was bred in 2011. The bush has powerful branched thickets with manyovaries. You can eat fruits already in the gherkin stage. The maximum fruit size is 11 cm, weight - 110 g. Ripening occurs on the 42nd day.
  • July is early. An early maturing variety. The bush is of medium length and is woven with powerful branches. Cucumber of small size, with a dark color. The variety is high-yielding - you can remove up to three buckets from one square meter. Hardy to most diseases.
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Hybrid varieties for canning

Besides the fact that cucumbers are eaten fresh, they are also grown in order to make delicious preparations for the winter. To do this, gardeners acquire cucumber seeds, which are well suited for conservation. Let's give an example of the most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground, which are perfect for winter pickles:

  • Goosebump. An excellent variety and has a distinctive feature. Spikes on cucumbers are black, which is a sign of good quality for conservation. Fruit weight - 95 g, length - 12 cm. The plant has dense greenery, yield up to 7 kg. Ripening occurs on the 45th day. Disease resistant.
  • Lord. The variety has an average ripening period. Pollinated by bees. It can produce crops before the first frost. Disease resistant. Cucumber of a bright green color, with white small stripes. Has a pleasant aroma in marinades and salads.
  • Brigantine F1. An early maturing variety. With proper handling and feeding, disease resistance can be increased. Cucumber has a beautiful, regular shape. Weight - 100 g, length - 15 cm. Excellent crunchescanned and has a pleasant aroma.
  • Siberian s alting F1. Young variety. Self-pollinated and matures in 40 days. Cucumbers are small in shape, about the size of a human finger. Great for pickling in jars.
  • S alted cucumbers
  • Nezhinskiy. The variety has long established itself in the market. Tolerates drought well. The fruits ripen late, but they are great for harvesting for the winter.
  • Competitor. The variety is popular with many gardeners. The shape of the fruit is fusiform. Cucumber has an emerald color. In canned form, it goes with a bang.

Popular outdoor varieties

  • Latch F1. In one inflorescence there are up to three fruits. Cucumbers are without bitterness and have a sweetish taste. The color is pleasant green, the peel is covered with small pimples with light pubescence. The weight of a cucumber reaches 95 g. It ripens in two months. Has a great crunchy flavor in a marinade.
  • Miracle crunch. Variety of early ripeness. The fruit is thin-skinned, with small pimples, with a slight fluffiness. The variety is not afraid of many diseases. The main stem of the plant is vigorous. You can collect up to 10 kg of crop per square meter. When s alted, it acquires aroma and taste.
  • Sugar Baby F1. The ovary ripens in 40 days. Disease resistant variety. Gherkins are covered with large tubercles. The flesh is firm and sweet in taste. Small cucumbers will adequately fit into jars for pickling. As a result, the gherkins will turn out hard and crispy.
  • Cruise F1. This variety of cucumbers is pollinated by bees. The plant is resistant to drought and diseases,such as powdery mildew and downy mildew. Cucumber light green with small pimples. Size - 10 cm in length, weight - 110 g. The taste is sweet and fragrant. Such cucumbers can be fermented without vinegar.

How to choose seeds?

If you choose the right seeds, you can get beautiful and tasty cucumbers. Harvest varieties for open ground have high endurance from many diseases and adverse climatic conditions. But you need to consider some factors when choosing seeds:

  1. Consider the conditions where you will cultivate vegetables.
  2. Decide when you want to harvest.
  3. For what purposes do you grow. If for fresh consumption, there are certain varieties. If for conservation, you need to give preference to the appropriate varieties.

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