DIY decor for home: interesting ideas, technique, photo

DIY decor for home: interesting ideas, technique, photo
DIY decor for home: interesting ideas, technique, photo

Sooner or later, but the interior of the home begins to lose its relevance over time. The interior decoration of the premises is becoming so familiar that it no longer pleases the owners with either comfort or originality. What can you do, that's the way we are. However, not everything is as bleak as it might seem at first glance. You can update the design with decor or crafts for the home. Do-it-yourself jewelry created can significantly change the atmosphere of a home in a favorable direction.

Where to start?

In any business, the main thing is to take the first steps, and then it will be much easier. But this is where the real problem begins. Not everyone has the strength or desire to make any attempt, always postponing.

DIY decor for home

Homemade jewelry may takea worthy place in any interior, regardless of the social status of the owners of the home. Even if it is a minimalist style.

You should try to focus on your own traits and hobbies. This will direct all energy in a peaceful and useful direction. In this case, you can not only express yourself as a person, but also give your crafts a bit of exclusivity.

If you have any skills, they will come in handy - you should use all your potential by spending it on making crafts for decor with your own hands. Now let's look at some good options where you can show your creativity.


Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are fond of knitting or sewing. This activity has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. So why not put it to good use?! In addition, recently knitted decor has begun to gain popularity, becoming a new trend in interior design.

Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers spent long evenings in this way their free time. Many dwellings were decorated with various napkins and tablecloths, but even today such decor has its place. Moreover, crafts will be appropriate not only in the kitchen, but also in any room, including the bedroom, hallway, living room and other premises.

In addition, there are people who like retro, country or Provence style. And you can create this with the help of knitted napkins, vases. The tying technique will allow you to breathe new life into different objects. And such crafts for decorating a room with their own hands will noticeably updatealready boring interior decoration.

Tie technique

Continuing the theme of knitting, you can make original candlesticks by crocheting jars with openwork knitting. During the day, this is a good decoration of the room. And in the evenings, bizarre interesting effects will be discarded from the emitting light, which as a result will create an original atmosphere of coziness, comfort and mystery.

Knitted crafts for home

Using the same tying technique, you can make nice decorations from sea pebbles that you brought back from vacation. Or you can go to the river and select especially beautiful specimens, which will additionally be covered with unique patterns.

At the same time, this technique is suitable not only for small items, you can tie pillows, ottomans and even furniture. True, in the latter case it will be a practical option for small items. To the measurement, the seat of a stool. For furniture of large sizes, it is better to tie covers. They are not that hard to clean either. Dressed in this way, furniture will add a bit of zest to the interior of any room or kitchen.

Below along the text you can find original and sometimes amazing photos of decor and DIY crafts.


This decor is also easy to make yourself. Usually this term is understood as a plant terrarium. In fact, this is a container made of glass or transparent plastic where plants are placed. Many people have flowers in pots and this looks quite acceptable, however, to give the interior a unique look, it is worth going even further. I.eset up a small greenhouse.

In addition, this solution will allow the use of whimsical vegetation that is not able to withstand normal growing conditions. The whole point is that there is a minimum amount of air in an airtight container, which creates a humid optimal atmosphere, which is an ideal environment for a number of flora species.

These plants include:

  • air;
  • royal begonia;
  • Cryptanthus bromeliad;
  • pellionia;
  • common ivy, etc.

It is not a problem to make a similar design for crafts or home decor with your own hands. Such a living decoration will take its rightful place anywhere in the room.

Wildlife corner

Only when choosing plants, one should be guided by their height - it must correspond to the size of the container. It can be a jar or even a cordless electric glass teapot, in short, anything that has a neck that can be easily closed and will be convenient for planting.

To begin with, the bottom of the selected container should be covered with material to form drainage, and then with earth. Then you need to think over the composition and make holes with a spoon with a long handle. Then it remains to place the sprouts in them with the help of sticks, it is easy to compact the soil and spray them. That's all - the florarium is ready.

Useful crafts for DIY decor

Sometimes, instead of heavy and massive cabinets, it is better to focus on several shelves, and they can be made independently and in their original form. That is, make themdifferent geometry - this will allow them to fit into any interior of the room. And no matter where exactly they will be located, on the walls of the kitchen or room, in the living room or hallway - in any room they will be able to attract attention.

Their shape can be very different, just connect your imagination:

  • triangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • wrong, etc.

In this case, you can create a whole variety of compositions that will look more original. Shelves can also be fastened in different ways, for example, on a hook, only in this case easily breaking objects should not be placed on these structures. The material is ordinary fiberboard or natural wood boards. In addition, due to their shape, such shelves certainly do not need additional decorations.

Nails and threads - a combination of incompatible

The next DIY decor or craft idea is able to amaze even recognized aesthetes in terms of interior design with its originality. Seemingly incompatible materials are combined here. Meanwhile, this is a whole trend in art that really exists and is called stringart. This decor can decorate walls, various pieces of furniture, boards, etc.

Craft from nails and threads

Those who have a huge creative potential, such a decision will provide complete freedom of expression. Here you can not only think over any composition, but simply wind the strand in a chaotic manner. As a result, you can create a real masterpiece. It is only worth rememberingthat there are things in the world that are revered by many as world recognized art, which, however, not everyone likes.

All you need to make such a decor is threads, nails, a base (a piece of wood of any shape and size). However, before starting work, it is still worth considering the composition, clearly outlining the outline. Along these lines, nails will be driven in to an equal height, and a strand of threads is located between them.

There can be a great variety of decor options or DIY crafts for the home here:

  • words;
  • road or any other signs;
  • silhouettes;
  • abstractions.

You can even create a whole picture with a variety of shades. True, this will require some effort. However, truly creative people have nothing to fear. There is one undeniable advantage in this handmade decoration - it is unlikely that anyone else will have exactly the same decor.

Original rug

Homemade rugs are far from uncommon, they are made by everyone who is not too lazy, but the canvas created from belts should definitely surprise, or even amaze with its appearance. There are several options for this decor, but they differ mainly in the way the belts are fastened:

  • back-to-back, using rope or staples;
  • sticking on the base.

To make a beautiful craft for decor with your own hands, in the first case, you will need 10 belts made of artificial or genuine leather. In addition, you can not do without a skin puncher or an awl, rope (string).

original rug

Each belt is cut to the same length, and holes are made along the edges with the same pitch (2-3 cm will be enough). After that, it remains to sew the belts together with a thin rope or twine. At the same time, they can be stretched arbitrarily: along, across, crosswise. If you use metal staples instead, the rug will look more stylish.

The second option allows you to reveal all your hidden potential - you can create any patterns you like: checkerboard, herringbone, zigzag, etc. The procedure is the same as in the case of the first option. It is only important that the straps are not wrinkled, otherwise the rug will not be as attractive.

When creating patterns, cut the straps into several pieces. Then you need to draw up a preliminary layout of each such element and calculate their dimensions. As for the base, this do-it-yourself home decor is made using dense fabric, from which the necessary shape of the future rug is cut.

The wrong side of the belts must be degreased before gluing. After that, the composition is applied to each element of the mosaic and is well pressed against the base. Excess glue is removed. The main thing is not to be in a hurry!

For a more successful implementation of the project, instead of fabric, you can use sheets of plywood and lay them on the floor. Ultimately, such a coating can imitate parquet or laminate as much as possible.

Kitchen crafts

Many ladies spend most of their time in the kitchen preparing delicious masterpiecesculinary arts. So why not surprise the hostess with homemade products ?! Moreover, it is not necessary to purchase expensive materials - everything that you may need, most likely, will be found in the household of each family.

Original stand for knives

The simplest idea is a knife storage that can be crafted in an unusual way. You need to take some kind of container and fill it with skewers or colored spaghetti. Subsequently, there and store kitchen knives. And they are unlikely to become dull from this.

There are still no less original ideas for crafts for decorating the kitchen with your own hands, which will be reflected in this room.

Where to put cutlery?

For another interesting idea, old tin cans can come in handy, so next time it's better not to throw them in the bin, but save them for making crafts. Usually 6 pieces are enough, but you can have more, depending on your own preferences.

The bottom line here is simple - to make a stand for cutlery from prepared and stored cans. You can of course buy ready-made, but it will cost a certain amount. And why spend money if you can do everything yourself?!

Banks should be well cleaned of dirt, including rust, and then painted in a pleasant color. As an option - the now fashionable color of tiffany. And after that, attach the cans to both sides of the board, the height of which should be slightly higher than the metal containers.

Original stand

Another good idea is an original hot pot stand,made of wooden clothespins. Such parts can be found in every home, and if necessary, they are not so expensive. Making such a decor or do-it-yourself craft for the home begins with removing the metal part from each clothespin. The flat surfaces of the elements are glued together, and for a secure connection, they should be fixed with rubber bands (this is a temporary measure).

Good use for clothespins

After the glue dries, the rubber bands are removed, the clothespins are glued in a circle. The result is a stand for a hot cup of tea or other drink. If desired, instead of a circle, you can make a square or any other shape that can turn out.

Dish rack

Another amazing idea to create a nice dish dryer. This will require wooden hangers in the amount of 8 pieces. You can, of course, more, but there may be certain difficulties, which can be guessed during production.

At the same time, for two hangers, the lower crossbars remain in place, and for the remaining 6 they need to be removed. Now these three pairs of hangers should be connected to each other with self-tapping screws. The remaining single hangers are located between both pairs, and the whole structure is fastened with removed crossbars.

Usually, some products have special recesses, which are very handy in this case, but you can easily make them yourself. Be sure to fasten with two crossbars under the junction of hangers in pairs. This will achieve the desired rigidity and stability.the entire structure.

Why throw away old hangers

Due to the fact that the tree deteriorates over time under the constant influence of moisture, it is worth covering the stand with a water-repellent emulsion. Or alternatively use plastic hangers. In any case, such an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdecor or crafts for the kitchen cannot but be admired!

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