Which trimmer is better - gas or electric? Tips & Tricks

Which trimmer is better - gas or electric? Tips & Tricks
Which trimmer is better - gas or electric? Tips & Tricks
which trimmer is better gas or electric

One of the most useful power tools for keeping your yard looking neat is a trimmer. This garden tool is able to get into hard-to-reach places where a lawn mower cannot get. Ideal for those who want to keep their yard in order.

Most trimmers are equipped with protective covers that can protect you from flying pieces of grass, and sometimes even from stones or small branches. Be sure to keep children and other people away from the device while the device is in operation.

The trimmer is designed for cutting grass on uneven terrain.

Which trimmer is better - gas or electric

Grass trimmers are divided into two classes:

- petrol;

- electrical.

Before you go to the store and buy the best grass trimmer, you should know a little about each type. Consider each type in more detail, its advantages and disadvantages. Andanswer the question: "Which trimmer is better - gasoline or electric?"

Gas Trimmers

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The petrol grass trimmer is suitable for tall vegetation and is the best choice. It has a more powerful motor and therefore a greater cutting capacity. Gasoline is poured into a small tank located next to the handle of the machine. The device is launched very simply: just pull the short cable.

Careful care and proper storage of the trimmer will guarantee you trouble-free and high-quality work for many years. If you have not used the device for a long time, you may experience difficulties with starting. In this respect, it is similar to a lawn mower.

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The advantage of a petrol trimmer lies in its capabilities (it can quickly mow a large area of ​​grass), as well as its mobility. It is able to bypass bushes, mow grass along fences and around other obstacles.

Additional benefit:

- the tank holds enough fuel to allow you to work for many hours without stopping and refueling.


- gasoline trimmers are quite noisy;

- they can emit harmful fumes;

- the appliances are heavy and therefore somewhat tiring to use for long periods of time;

- they are sometimes hard to start;

- this tool also tends to cost a littlemore than its electrical counterpart.

We have considered one of the types of trimmers. Now, to answer the question: "Which trimmer is better - gas or electric?", It is logical to consider an electric powered trimmer.

Electric Trimmer

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This type of trimmer is preferred by many homeowners. It will work as long as you have electricity. This model turns on immediately after pressing the button. It's lightweight, but doesn't have enough power to do more complex work. Most devices have a standard feature that allows you to rotate the bottom of the trimmer.

Depending on the model, you may be limited in size and cutting power of nylon strings. The wrong choice of trimmer can lead to breakage and more frequent replacement of components. In addition, you are limited in the length of the electrical cord. If your yard is large, you may need hundreds of meters of extension cable to be able to reach all areas that require mowing. In addition, the long cord is difficult to carry and can snag on trees and become a huge problem.

Still thinking about which trimmer is better - gasoline or electric?! Then re-read the article again and mark for yourself the most priority advantages of each type. And it will become easier to decide.

Good luck!

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