Acrylic bathtubs "Santek": customer reviews

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Acrylic bathtubs "Santek": customer reviews
Acrylic bathtubs "Santek": customer reviews

Company "Santek" (Santek) - one of the leaders in Russia in the production of sanitary ware and ceramics. The company was founded in 1994. Since 2000, this concern has been producing acrylic and hydromassage bathtubs, which have become very popular and recognizable in a short period of time. They are still in great demand among domestic buyers. In 2007, Santek joined the European well-known manufacturer Roca Group, which made it possible to use all the latest developments of this brand. Due to the high quality, the products can compete with the products of the leading European manufacturers.

Features of baths "Santek"

Acrylic bathtubs "Santek", reviews of which we will consider in this article, are in the middle price range. Despite this, they are of decent quality, durability, functionality and original design. The production of these products is a new direction for the company. All models are made fromhigh quality cast acrylic. And a large selection of types of bathtubs and additional accessories allow you to purchase the right product for any interior.

All models provided in the company's catalog are grouped into three large groups: symmetrical, rectangular and asymmetric. The most popular are "Monaco", "Corsica", "Tenerife", "Caribbean", "Cannes", "Majorca", "Goa", "Ibiza", "Edera".

As options, "Santek" offers additional handle-holders and headrests. Asymmetric and symmetrical types of baths are equipped with built-in seating.

Popular models

For small apartments, country houses and cottages, most often buyers choose models from collections of asymmetric and rectangular bathtubs. They are quite compact and do not take up much space. For spacious bathrooms, owners prefer to choose symmetrical volumetric corner models, which are distinguished by their large capacity. Consider the most popular of them.

baths mallorca suntec


This is an asymmetric bathtub with compact dimensions. Products are designed for both right-hand and left-hand mounting. The beveled part is great for those bathrooms where plumbing has to be installed to the door. Dimensions are exactly as advertised. Acrylic on products is opaque, of sufficient thickness, very resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. According to reviews, acrylic bathtubsfrom "Santek" called "Majorca" - compact, comfortable, beautiful, compatible with small rooms, not noisy. Pleases buyers and the price.

bathtub acrylic suntec edera


Acrylic bathtub from "Santek" - "Monaco" 150x70, rectangular, original, with wide sides and a stylish screen that covers the legs and unsightly outer part. Even after prolonged use, the acrylic surface does not darken, stain or crack. Includes a stylish drain plug. The present wide sides are convenient to use as an additional stand for placing various small things.

Such acrylic bathtubs from "Santek" reviews are mostly positive. Noted for practicality, lightness, attractive appearance, ease of installation.

acrylic bathtubs


Asymmetric model, which many people like because of its original shape. The bathtub is easy to install. Acrylic on the product is of high quality, therefore it is able to withstand even strong impacts. Customers are also attracted by the fact that the water is drawn almost silently and remains hot for a long time.

Suntec acrylic bathtubs


Acrylic bath "Santek" called "Edera" has a solid metal frame that is reliable and can easily withstand even a full bath. The kit includes plugs fordrains and siphon. But watering cans and mixers will have to be purchased separately. The front panel is simply mounted and fits perfectly into the interior with absolutely any design. Products have a smooth inner surface, which is a little slippery, but it is much easier to clean than a embossed one.

Customer Reviews

Acrylic bathtubs "Santek" customer reviews received mostly positive. In their comments, many note the decent quality of acrylic, which can withstand mechanical stress and shock. The hostesses are pleased that it is easier and easier to care for such a coating than, for example, cast iron. Repair kit for high quality acrylic bathtubs.

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