Avan project is: questions and answers

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Avan project is: questions and answers
Avan project is: questions and answers

What in everyday life we ​​often call a pilot project is, in fact, a pilot project. In English, it is called the pilot project. In this article, we will talk in more detail about what an advance project is and try to answer the main questions.

What is this

what is an advance project

In another way, an advance project is a technical proposal that should give answers to the questions as much as possible:

  • how constructively the proposed technical products (device, machine, apparatus, etc.) will look like;
  • its purpose;
  • global competitiveness;
  • how strength and load conditions were calculated;
  • does it meet the modern requirements of the industry for which future products are intended (engineering, instrumentation, weapons, energy, etc.);
  • what resources (material, financial, human) will be required for production;
  • what production conditions need to be created, what equipment will have to be used;
  • what production capacity will be needed.

To all these questions, developers, inventors,designers must respond before work begins. That is, the preliminary project is an absolutely independent work, which is carried out for the most complete presentation and drawing attention to the development and production of products.

When needed

when you need a draft

Since such a project serves as the basis for the terms of reference in the future, since Soviet times there have been requirements that dictate the need to create a preliminary project in clearly defined cases.

There is GOST, which provides for the procedure for drawing up a preliminary project, the requirements for its design and content, as well as the procedure for its consideration. The order for preparation is given by the customer interested in the production of new products. He must also choose a performer on a competitive basis.

There are orders that require not only a preliminary design, but also a prototype and even its testing. This applies to those cases when it comes to very complex projects that require huge investments, serious technical solutions and the use of a lot of other resources.

May not be approved

Given that a preliminary project is something that, in principle, may not be ultimately implemented, the regulatory documents provide for a situation where the developer and the consumer eventually come to the decision not to approve the development. This may be in cases where it is recognized either as inappropriate or impossible to implement the project.

Thus, the advance project prevents cases of large losses,inefficient use of many resources and is a reliable tool for sustainable management.

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