Projects of houses with a pool inside: characteristics, area and photos

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Projects of houses with a pool inside: characteristics, area and photos
Projects of houses with a pool inside: characteristics, area and photos

A beautiful house with a swimming pool is everyone's dream. Particularly attractive are the projects of private houses with a swimming pool inside. Equipment for installation in this case is planned at the design stage of the house. This is the only way to achieve the perfect result. It is logical that the project of houses with a pool inside is difficult to implement, and when developing them, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances related to the organization of the pool.

Choosing a Reliable Construction Company

projects of houses with a swimming pool and a sauna inside

The future owner of the building at the planning stage should take a responsible approach to the choice of design and construction organization. The best option is to order a ready-made or special project and the subsequent construction of a house according to it in one organization. A construction company that has earned a good reputation in the market will take full responsibility for architectural and construction work, providing appropriate guarantees at all stages.

Creation and approval of the project of a house with a swimming pool inside begins with geological studies of the siteclient, climatic and technical conditions, the possibility of engineering networks. If necessary, the design of the outer walls and foundation is adjusted.

Standard and individual projects

Building companies often offer on their official websites catalogs of typical projects of houses with swimming pools inside with photos.

Development of project documentation takes place in several stages:

  1. Developing a project at home.
  2. Calculate the size of the pool.
  3. Making up a master plan.

Projects authored by professional architects are diverse:

  • Differ in the number of rooms and floors, total area.
  • Can be equipped with an attic, garage, plinth, terrace.
  • Different architectural style: classic, modern, high-tech, European, antique and others.
  • Different building materials: wooden beam, brick, aerated concrete.
  • Special - for narrow and problem areas of land.

There are projects of small houses with a pool inside, the area of ​​which does not exceed 100 m2; large projects with building area exceeding 300 m2. Construction companies offer options to fit any budget.

Advantages of finished projects

projects of one-story houses with a swimming pool inside

Selecting an option from the catalog of ready-made projects of houses with a pool inside is convenient for several reasons:

  1. The ability to quickly get the project of interest. An individual project is developed onfor several months.
  2. When ordering a project for yourself, it is impossible to take into account all the nuances, and therefore individual developments are redrawn several times to achieve the ideal result.
  3. The cost of a typical project is much cheaper than an individual project.
  4. Photos and videos allow the client to view the future home from all sides, which makes it possible to appreciate the positive and negative sides.

The development of finished projects is carried out by experienced professional architects, taking into account all sanitary and regulatory requirements. Even the most demanding client will be able to choose the best option for themselves. The project can be modified at will: load-bearing walls, doors and windows are transferred.

Custom projects

projects of private houses with a swimming pool inside

The services of a professional architect are provided by a construction company to a client who has ordered a special project. The specialist takes into account all the nuances:

  1. Condition of land and groundwater.
  2. Difficulties in conducting engineering systems.
  3. Arrangement of additional premises.
  4. Decorative pool trim.

Special design of a house with a swimming pool inside is given the time necessary to obtain an optimal result. The architect takes into account all the wishes of the client and selects the right solution with the calculation of the budget.

What to look for when choosing a project

house with pool inside project photo

When contacting a construction company to a clientit is necessary to choose the ideal version of the project from several dozens offered in the catalog. It is advisable to decide in advance on the important nuances and familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the work.

The complexity of the construction and subsequent maintenance of the pool directly depends on its location. Initially, it is worth deciding on the purposes for which the pool serves. It can be used as a place of relaxation or for serious water sports. A sauna is often erected near the pool, which makes it necessary to think over ventilation and main communications when calculating the design of a house with a pool and a sauna inside.

The best option for the location of the pool is the basement or basement of the house. Projects of two-story houses with a swimming pool inside on the upper floors are very expensive. The heavy structure, which is a pool filled with water, can destroy the load-bearing beams, therefore their construction on the upper floors is dangerous and requires strengthening of the load-bearing beams and the foundation of the building.

Pool tank

There are two types of water tank:

  • Stationary or solid. It is a concrete monolithic casting.
  • Prefabricated in store.

There are different models of bowls made of composite materials. Their volume varies from 6 to 180 m3, the length does not exceed 13 meters.

Benefits of stationary bowls

projects of two-story houses with a swimming pool inside

Preference is most often given to stationary tanks due to their advantages:

  1. Choose sizes and shapes.
  2. Wide range of decorative materials.
  3. Wide selection of fittings and accessories.
  4. Connection of additional functions - fountains, hydromassage, wave acceleration system and others.
  5. Long service life.

The dimensions and shape of the pool bowl are selected based on the convenience of getting out of the water and the safety of bathers. Volumetric structures require expensive and complex maintenance.

Fixed bowl installation

It is almost impossible to build a stationary pool capacity without technological errors on your own. It is better to entrust the development of the project and the construction of a house with a pool to professionals.

To create stationary containers, different materials are used:

  1. Creating a monolithic structure from hydrotechnical concrete. The work is carried out with special skills and knowledge.
  2. Prefabricated structure made of propylene sheets, reinforced concrete elements, reinforced with concrete screed. Propylene can be replaced with polypropylene or fiberglass.

The tightness of the container depends on the waterproofing. To do this, the inner and outer walls of the bowl are treated with polymer mastics and penetrating waterproofing, filling the pores and creating a polymer waterproof film on the surface.

Engineering systems

project of a house with a small pool inside

Normal operation of the pool is possible during the construction of a complex of communication systems:

  • Ventilation.
  • Water supply.
  • Heating.
  • Sewers.
  • Lighting.

The sewerage system in the project of a house with a swimming pool inside is special and includes heating, cleaning, disinfection and emergency water discharge. At the request of the client, a dehumidification system can be mounted.

With the simultaneous operation of all systems, the load on the electrical networks increases. At the stage of building a house, they lay reinforced electrical wiring connected to a powerful electrical installation.


house plans with a swimming pool

Specific sanitary requirements are imposed on the projects of one-story houses with a swimming pool inside. In internal hydraulic structures, optimal air humidity and temperature must be maintained. The temperature indicators of air and water should not differ by more than 2-3 oC. The construction of a pool in a house requires the use of special technologies for hydro- and thermal insulation of walls and foundations.

Mistakes made in the development of the heating system and supply and exhaust ventilation can lead to serious problems:

  • A favorable environment is being formed for the reproduction of harmful microorganisms.
  • The accumulation of condensate on the ceiling, which has a destructive effect on structures, even those made of high-strength materials.
single storey house plan

Proper design and installation of communication systems affect the he alth of people living in the house and using the pool. Saving on such equipment is unprofitable. Desirableinstall an automatic system that supports certain functions:

  • Adjust air humidity.
  • Providing fresh air.
  • Dew point control.
  • Preventing condensation.

The choice of the project of houses with a pool inside must be approached with all care and responsibility.


Houses with a pool are no longer unique projects: today such options are in demand, which provides construction companies with a wide choice of proposals. Among the huge number of standard projects, you can always find one that meets all the needs of the client. When there is a need for uniqueness and a desire to emphasize your own style, you should turn to an individual project.

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