Power saws. Description

Power saws. Description
Power saws. Description

Disc saws have been used for decades in the woodworking industry for the process of sawing extracted timber, as well as for cutting wood blanks, boards, plywood. Previously, this tool was only a bulky unit with a bed and a heavy electric motor. Modern pieces are very mobile and convenient

makita circular saw

in operation, as a new generation of electric saws, as a rule, are manual with a lightweight electric motor. For example, consumer devices can weigh between 2.5 and 4 kg.

Electric circular saw. Design Features

This tool has a fairly simple design: a horizontal motor shaft, which is attached to the saw blade. The disk is necessarily closed by a fixed casing from above and movable from below. Electric circular saws have a base platform that can be rotated by 450, a branch pipe for suction of chips, starting fittings and a handle. That's the whole construction.

On the front of the platform there is a cutting line indicator. Some models of electric saws are equipped with a window on the body forobservation, which allows you to visually control the place of the cut. On the side there is a movable ruler with a guide for cutting at exactly the specified distance from the edge of the board. In addition to all of the above, you can also adjust the depth of the cut. All these features make the sawing process very convenient.

electric circular saw

Power saws. Varieties

These tools according to their purpose can be divided into 3 categories:

- household;

- professional;

- industrial.The main distinguishing features of each of the groups of tools are the resource of continuous operation and the depth of cut.

But if we compare professional and household circular saws, these parameters will be almost identical. And this allows us to say that this classification is very conditional. Service capabilities of different brands of electric saws of the disk type include adjustment and protective electronics. In particular, the standard design of the saw must necessarily contain a protective mechanism against overloads, against jamming of the saw blade, as well as a device for adjusting the shaft speed. Some models have a rare motor speed presetting feature.


circular electric saws

th electric circular saws are equipped with special splitting knives that prevent jamming of the saw blade. It is located behind this element and does not allow the cut to close in the area behinddisc.

There is a very common practice of using circular saws as a stationary machine. To do this, they are fixed with clamps on a workbench, a table is placed on top, which has a slot for a saw blade. Thus, a sawing machine is obtained.

Makita Circular Saw

Makita's tools are double insulated. This feature makes them safe. In this regard, they can be used not only in the garden, but also at home. Also, this model provides users with the opportunity to purchase additional saw blades.

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