4x6 bath layout: sink and steam room separately. The layout of the bath 4x6 with a separate steam room. Bath layout 4x6 with a separate sink

4x6 bath layout: sink and steam room separately. The layout of the bath 4x6 with a separate steam room. Bath layout 4x6 with a separate sink
4x6 bath layout: sink and steam room separately. The layout of the bath 4x6 with a separate steam room. Bath layout 4x6 with a separate sink

A visit to the bathhouse is a good way to improve your he alth. Bath strengthens the cardiovascular system, relaxes muscles, relieves mental fatigue, and has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

bath layout 4x6 washing and steam room separately

For those who decide to build a bath for their own use in their yard or in the country, we will talk about the general principles that need to be considered when designing a bath. And also we will give an example of a project in which the layout of a 4x6 bath is presented, a sink and a steam room are separate, it is also separated from the rest room.

Why exactly a 4x6 bath, and why are the sink and steam room separated? This is because this option is optimal, as it allows you to arrange steam rooms with dry and wet steam; the bath can be visited by several people at once; the company can be divided, as they say, according to interests. Someone warms up in the steam room, and someone drinks tea in the relaxation room. Also, the dimensions allow you to add a terrace to the plan, which makes it possible to relax in the fresh air. A shower can be placed in a separate sinkbooth.

bath layout 4x6 with separate sink and steam room

From the above, it is clear that the layout of a 4x6 bath with a separate sink and steam room should take into account many of the nuances and needs of future owners.

Where to place the bathhouse

The construction of any building involves first of all determining the place for construction. Experts recommend having a bathhouse as a separate structure (for safety reasons). Some projects involve a bath in the form of an extension to the main building, but then the common wall will require additional insulation.

The ideal option is the location on the banks of a reservoir, a river. After all, it's great to plunge into cool water after a hot steam room! This will add he alth and give thrills. But, unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity.

Things to consider when designing a project

The layout of a 4x6 bath (sink and steam room separately) requires the following indicators to be taken into account:

  • Type of soil. The design of the foundation will depend on this. For example, a finely buried strip foundation is suitable for sandy soil. Therefore, when choosing a foundation, it is better to consult a specialist. He will evaluate the features of the soil and recommend the most suitable type of foundation and building materials.
  • Determining the area of ​​the bath, the number and location of rooms. We have proposed a 4x6 bath layout. The sink and steam room are located separately from each other. This allows you to create a hot atmosphere directly in the steam room, and in the washing room - a comfortable, warm one. There is also a roomrelaxation, in which there is a pleasant coolness, where you can have a good time with friends.
  • Determination of the area of ​​each room. The layout of the 4x6 bath (sink and steam room separately) should include several rooms. The rest room together with the vestibule (can be combined) and in some cases with the porch (veranda) should occupy an average of half to a third of the entire area, depending on what is located in them. Washroom and steam room occupy approximately the same area as the rest.
  • Stove location. The stove must be placed so that the door is located towards the dressing room. The heater should be in the steam room itself, and the water container should be in the sink. This option is convenient to use, and it turns out that the stove is located in the center of the bath. This will heat all rooms sufficiently.
  • Sink equipment. On request, it can be equipped with a shower. Also in the room it is necessary to provide a place for benches for washing.
  • Design features of doors. For safety, all doors must open outwards. The door to the steam room is recommended to be made with a low frame and a high threshold (about 30 cm). This design will reduce heat loss.
  • The need and location of ventilation, sewerage and water supply systems. You also need to consider the power supply of your new bath.
bath layout 4x6 steam room separately

Choice of material for construction

The material, of course, must be environmentally friendly, resistant to various atmospheric phenomena, corresponding to all the functions of the bath. Tosuch materials fully belong to wood. For the construction of baths, both deciduous and coniferous trees are used. When purchasing material, be sure to ask what region and district it was imported from.

Bath can be log (as our ancestors did), frame and timber. Each of them has its own nuances and advantages of use.

Which oven to choose

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of stoves that can be used for a bath. The oven can be made independently, or you can install a factory one. They have various advantages and features of use. To select, you will need additional consultation with specialists who will help you choose the best option.

But still I would like to note that, depending on the type of fuel, stoves are divided into electric stoves and wood-burning ones (you can also heat with coal, fuel oil, gas). Electric furnaces are easier to install and operate, but consume a large amount of electricity. Wood-burning ones require a lot of effort both in installation and in caring for them. True, they are more economical, captivate with their authenticity and the ability to cause warmth not only in the body, but also in the soul.

Arrangement of a steam room

bath layout 4x6 with a separate steam room

The internal structure of the steam room should also contain a 4x6 bath layout. The steam room, located separately from the washing room, allows you to create the necessary atmosphere of warmth and privacy. It should be practical and comfortable.

Layout of a 4x6 bath with a separate steam roomprovides for a ceiling height of no higher than 2.2 meters. This is due to the peculiarities of air circulation. It is recommended to use wood as a material for the ceiling and walls. For example, lining made of alder, linden or aspen. For the floor, it is preferable to choose porcelain stoneware or natural stone. Only a wooden flooring is laid on top of it. It is also possible to make the floor wooden, but it is believed that this type of flooring is short-lived.

bath layout 4x6 with a separate sink

Shelves in the steam room are installed along the wall. You can arrange them with the letter "G" - this saves space and allows you to accommodate more people.

Ventilation system

The layout of a 4x6 bath with a separate sink should provide for an exhaust opening in the steam room, closer to the ceiling. This is necessary in order to achieve natural air circulation, oxygen supply, and also to remove polluted air.

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