Plumbing: installation, installation, repair

Plumbing: installation, installation, repair
Plumbing: installation, installation, repair

No matter how simple plumbing installation may seem, it requires special knowledge and qualifications in this area. You can meet various household items in almost any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom and bathroom. One of the main attributes of any home is plumbing, the installation of which, moreover, competent and correct, is the key to its reliable operation. Their service life depends on the correct installation of various devices, which is especially important for expensive models.

Installation and installation of plumbing: who to trust?

Installation of plumbing equipment is a rather complicated process that requires certain knowledge. Accordingly, it is advisable to trust this lesson to a qualified professional who has the necessary experience and special equipment, which means that you need to call a plumber.

installation and installation of plumbing

Installation of equipment involves the installation of various equipment - from pipes to showers, toilets, sinks andmixers. Do not forget that attempts to independently solve the problem can lead to not the most rosy consequences, ranging from damage to the purchased equipment and ending with the flooding of not only your apartment, but also all the lower neighbors. In addition, often repairs and installation of plumbing require shutting off the water supply throughout the house, which can only be done by specialists, since they have permission and access to the system.

Replacement equipment

During the repair in the apartment, not only decorative coatings and furniture are replaced, but also plumbing. Installing new equipment to replace the old and obsolete equipment allows not only to create a beautiful interior, but also to make the rooms in the house comfortable and cozy. However, it is worth considering that the reason for replacing plumbing is not always a repair. Often it is necessary to install new equipment due to the fact that the old one is faulty. Of course, in such a situation, many resort to repairing plumbing, but it is not a panacea and often does not have the desired effect. In such a situation, it remains only to completely change the equipment.

Bathtub Installation: Bathroom Plumbing

Installation of a bathtub implies compliance with certain requirements. So, its slope must necessarily be towards the drain hole: when it is level, the water from it will not drain completely, which will cause a high level of humidity in the room. From the edge of the outlet to the floor surface, leave at least 15 centimeters necessary to connect the siphon.

IncludedMany bathtubs come with special legs, on which they will be installed. If the shape is rectangular, the installation is carried out close to the wall, and the front wall must be closed. As a rule, a small hatch is left in it, designed for inspection and replacement of the siphon if necessary.

bathroom plumbing installation

A special pipe is connected from the outside of the bathtub, designed to ensure normal water flow.

Special liners are placed under the legs to level the position of the equipment. The bathtub usually comes with a special tide and eyelet, which prevent the appearance of a potential difference in the event of a power failure.

Toilet installation

The toilet installation process has its own little tricks. For example, they attach it in one of three ways:

bathroom plumbing installation
  1. The simplest is gluing the base of the equipment to the floor surface, but there are some nuances here: this can only be done if the flooring is tile or cement. Before this, the surface is thoroughly washed from dust and dirt.
  2. Mounting the toilet to the floor with screws or dowels.
  3. The third option is rarely used nowadays. The equipment is installed on taffeta - a wooden board. This, in turn, is fixed with screws and then poured with cement.

Installing a bathroom sink

The washbasin installation process is the easiest. First, it is connected to the outlet pipesiphon, then attach the sink itself to the wall. The most important thing during the installation process is to correctly place and connect the siphon: otherwise, it may cause not the most pleasant odors from the sewer. This should also be taken into account when installing plumbing.

plumbing installation

Installation of a sink allows not only to make your stay in the bathroom more comfortable, but also to decorate the interior of the room. Today, the sanitary ware markets offer a wide range of washbasins, and many models have a very original and unusual design that can become a real highlight of the situation. You can pick up any option, the only restrictions are the budget and dimensions of the bathroom.

The sink is installed at a height of 75 cm - the standard, suitable for both adults and children.

Connecting a washing machine

The washing machine, in fact, is directly related to plumbing. The installation of such equipment in the bathroom is often complicated due to the small dimensions of the room: after installing the bathtub, toilet bowl and sink, there is simply no free space left. A very unusual option will help save space and at the same time place all the necessary appliances - placing a washing machine under the washbasin.

plumbing installation

Designers often offer such a solution, since it is very convenient and unusual, especially if the sink has an original appearance that can be beaten in this way.

The only disadvantage of this installation optionis a ban on installing a drain above the washing machine, since the equipment vibrates quite strongly during operation, which can cause damage to pipes and leaks.

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