What are kitchen appliances? Photos, names

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What are kitchen appliances? Photos, names
What are kitchen appliances? Photos, names

Kitchen is always a separate world for the hostess. It has its own rules, its own principles of work and, of course, its own kitchen appliances. If you are well versed in this room, equipped it for yourself and clearly know how to work quickly and efficiently in it, then you can save an incredible amount of time. And the cooking process itself will turn from a painful routine into something interesting and dynamic.

What will we talk about?

This article will tell you about what to achieve such heights in working in an ordinary kitchen. To be more precise, we will talk about the most popular and necessary tools. We all singled out and even used kitchen appliances more than once, but let's streamline and supplement our knowledge about them now.

Indispensable appliances in the kitchen

First, there are four knives. The first is for meat, and the rest are for vegetables and products similar in structure. The meat knife should be wide, but made of thin steel. Such features will allowfaster, more convenient and safer to work with the product. A large vegetable knife is used to cut food. The kitchen tool for cutting vegetables and fruits in this category is a medium knife, but a small one is for small work, such as removing eyes and lesions on potatoes. All these devices should be bought with a metal handle, because the wooden one is not very reliable, easily absorbs odors and wears out rather quickly.

Kitchen appliance for cutting vegetables and fruits

Secondly, you can't do without scissors. There are many types of them, as well as knives, but the most necessary in the kitchen are the following: medium fish (for cutting fins and cutting the carcass itself), large (for cutting meat with bones), small (in order to cut bags of sour cream and similar products).

Thirdly, the above devices will very quickly become useless without a sharpener. For cutting tools to be truly effective, she is indispensable.

More about small but very important kitchen appliances

Now let's look at other hand-held kitchen appliances. Names and short descriptions are given below. These are small kitchen appliances, but their importance in the modern kitchen cannot be underestimated:

  1. Spoons (both usual table spoons and wooden ones). The latter are needed in order to manage jam and dairy dishes. As a general rule, three spoons are sufficient in the kitchen, but this number may vary depending on the situation.
  2. Cutting boards. Usually housewives manage with two: a large one - for working with dough, a small one -for meat, vegetables, fish and the like. Often separate boards are used for the listed products. This is more hygienic and reduces the risk of misunderstood flavors.
  3. Rolling pins. The most popular are two-handed, one-handed and rotating (it is also called European).
  4. Hammer, preferably wood.

Because electrically powered kitchen appliances often cost a lot to repair, using mechanical and hand tools is more cost effective. Most often, such devices also do not require much attention or care, which greatly simplifies working with them.

What inexpensive appliances can save time?

Now we bring to your attention kitchen appliances, photos and descriptions of which will show that they were created precisely in order to save your time as much as possible. Let's start listing and describing:

  1. Meat grinder. A truly brilliant invention. Complete with attachments, it can be used for more complex tasks than simple chopping of meat. It is even suitable for squeezing juice.
  2. Grater. If it is universal, it is simply an irreplaceable thing. Nothing more to say.
  3. Whitter. Electric, as well as manual, will quickly and efficiently stir everything - from creams and drinks to minced meat and sauces.
  4. Garlic crusher. Saves you the hassle of grinding garlic by hand.
  5. Timer. Meal saver and helper to get your head out of worries.
  6. Corkscrew opener. Will open in front of you almost any jar, bottle, pull out the cork. Besides,will do it very quickly.
Small kitchen appliances

More complex, but no less effective devices

And now let's look at those products that are not at all necessary in the kitchen, but are incredibly useful and effective. Let's make a top 10, which will include only the best kitchen appliances.

Instruments with many combined functions

Tenth place - food processor. It can replace the entire kitchen arsenal that we listed above. You just need to get it, turn it on, select the desired function and wash the device after use. He will cut, and mix, and whip, and grind. For a large family - one of the most necessary things. But there is also a significant drawback - the harvester requires scrupulous and complex care.

Repair of kitchen appliances

Ninth place - multicooker. In general, a miracle of technology that can replace not only appliances in the kitchen, but also the hostess herself. Cooking in it is safe - no burnt pastries or undercooked cereals. Among the advantages, it is important to note that the multicookers are completely independent, the hostess needs to load the necessary products inside and press the button. But, of course, there are also disadvantages - it takes up a lot of space, also requires care, it is quite difficult to wash it. It should be noted that the slow cooker is still not all-powerful - complex dishes still do not lend themselves to it.

Drinks and bread are what humanity needs

Eighth place - juicer. We think it is not necessary to explain its purpose at all. The popularity of this device at the moment is due to the fact that more and morepeople try to lead a he althy lifestyle. It is worth saying that there are two types of juicers - for fresh (used daily) and for blanks (used seasonally). What is important for kitchen utensils - juicers are easy to clean.

Seventh place - bread machines. Such a machine may hit your pocket a little, but housewives who use bread say with confidence that it's worth it. It is important to know that such a device has far from one function. As a rule, bread machines knead the dough very well, make jams or jams, sometimes even produce fermented milk products (yogurts). Who doesn't love being able to make their own bread recipe?

The best kitchen appliances

Universal helpers

Sixth place - microwave oven. Thanks to it, you can really save a lot of time. First of all, let's mention the incredible ability to heat up food almost instantly. But this is far from the only advantage of such a furnace. Here you also need to add cooking various dishes and quick defrosting. If you buy a more advanced microwave oven, then it will have other interesting and useful features that such kitchen appliances have.

Fifth place - mixer. There are indeed many types of such devices and even more nozzles for them. For example, you can use a mixer with its own bowl or submersible. Nozzles are needed to expand the functionality of the device. It is thanks to them that the mixer can both whip with a whisk and mix with a spatula, how to knead the doughhook, and chop with knives. Changing the speed setting helps to achieve different effects, and expensive examples can also do this without noise and splashing.

Useful kitchen appliances

The Most Useful Inventions of Man

Fourth place - electric kettle. Not new, but very useful kitchen appliance. Modern models can boil water faster and faster, and improved ones maintain the temperature you need for a set period of time, and even turn on at the time you specify thanks to the timer.

kitchen appliances photo

Third place - meat grinder. It has already been mentioned, but now we will consider the option not manual, but electric. It goes without saying that such devices are much faster and more multitasking. Like a manual meat grinder, an electric meat grinder has many attachments for a variety of purposes. The more modern the model, the more effective and better the nozzles. The same applies to knives, which in most cases are self-sharpening. Such meat grinders allow not only to grind minced meat, but also to cook sausages or nipples. As for the design, modern models are very compact and often automatically disassemble. Washing an electric meat grinder seems to be easy, but this process cannot be called very easy.

What a kitchen is not a kitchen without

Second place - stove. We don’t think that there is a kitchen anywhere without it. Since this is an extremely common type of modern kitchen appliances, it means that it is logical that there are a lot of variations and models. For example, you can choose betweengas and electric stove or buy a double one; you can install only a stove or choose an option with a built-in oven. You can tell a lot more interesting information about this indispensable assistant to any housewife, but that's a completely different story …

The first place is clearly occupied by the refrigerator. It is he who allows us to keep food at hand, and not run every time to the garden to pick a tomato, or to the field to milk a cow. It must be said that a modern refrigerator is not just a cabinet with cold. Smart systems and thoughtful engineering help this unit to use individual settings, thereby significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of refrigerators.

Kitchen appliances

What is all this for?

All of the above useful kitchen appliances greatly simplify our lives. That's why it's worth assessing your time investment and perhaps using the information in the article to minimize it as much as possible. In addition, such tools in the kitchen will make cooking not only easier, but also more pleasant, interesting, and even brighter. With our pace of life and constant rush, such factors play a very important role, and therefore we cannot simply discount the chance to simplify and at the same time beautify our lives. Happy shopping!

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