Fencing of the site, taking into account all requirements

Fencing of the site, taking into account all requirements
Fencing of the site, taking into account all requirements

Sooner or later, the fence of the site must be carried out, because the fence in the modern world is considered as an integral part of any individual territory. From time immemorial, borders have been laid to ensure the safety of the home and act as a decorative element. Until now, blind fences have been popular, but with the advent of numerous design solutions, the owners of country houses have begun to more often fence the land, which is successfully combined with a residential building. This is done so that passing people can enjoy the beauty of the well-groomed territory, having seen all the design delights.

Site fencing

Today, there are certain requirements for land fencing, which will help to qualitatively separate the interior from the rest of the world. Firstly, the fence must in any case mark the boundary of the property, according to the layout plan of the garden partnership or settlement. Secondly, when fencing the territory, strong shading of the site is not allowed, especially when light-loving crops are located in the immediate vicinity. Thirdly, good ventilation must be ensured.patio. And finally, it would be nice if the borders looked aesthetically.

Land fencing

High-quality fencing of the site will require a special foundation in the form of a strip or column foundation. The level of deepening depends on the freezing of the soil in winter. The distance between the posts usually does not exceed three meters in the case of a point base. When installing a heavy fence, a trench is dug around the entire perimeter to get a reliable strip foundation. The bottom is covered with a layer of sand or its mixture with gravel, on which waterproofing is subsequently laid. For special strength, the structure is reinforced.

Requirements for fencing land

When fencing the site, you will have to make a choice of materials for spans. In this case, it is necessary to be guided not only by aesthetic, but also by practical considerations. Of course, the fence in the first place should play its direct role, which is to protect the territory from intruders and picky looks. However, sometimes it is necessary to take into account the features of the location. For example, when a dwelling is located next to a busy highway, you will have to think about soundproofing. Don't sacrifice looks at the same time, though.

Fencing a plot in a garden partnership is most often easy, for this reason it does not require a foundation. You can just install the pillars and the base frame, if necessary. Racks are the most important element of such a fence, which makesspecial requirements for their selection. Most often, preference is given to metal poles, as they are not subject to decay, due to which they can last for many years. Also in the modern world, factory racks made of concrete are very popular.

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