Plastic ceiling: installation tips

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Plastic ceiling: installation tips
Plastic ceiling: installation tips

For repair work, a wide range is presented on the building materials market. You can buy everything you need. Just be aware of your needs. An important place in creating a beautiful interior is the ceiling. It can be mounted or ordinary. For the device of the first, different materials can be used, ranging from drywall to plastic.

plastic ceiling

Each of them has its own specific features, advantages and disadvantages. If it is necessary to carry out repairs in a room with a high degree of humidity, then a material such as drywall will quickly lose its appearance. But the plastic ceiling in the bathroom would be the right decision. It is easy to maintain and operate. In addition, the plastic ceiling is easy to mount. There are a number of nuances here. We will talk about them further.

How to make a plastic ceiling

Firstly, it is necessary to draw on paper, better than millimeter, crate. To do this, measure the perimeter of the room. It is better to do this along the top edge, as the walls may be uneven. A sketch is needed to make correct calculations of whatthe amount of material we need. The plastic ceiling will be mounted directly on the supporting structure, which can be made from a metal profile or wooden bars.

plastic ceiling in the bathroom

Secondly, let's start marking the walls. In this case, it is important to use the level. You should take into account how the lighting in the room will be organized, especially if you plan to build in lighting fixtures.

Thirdly, we cut the timber required for installation, strictly in size. It must be treated with a special primer for rooms with high humidity. It will not be superfluous to treat the timber and the ceiling itself with antifungal agents.

Fourth stage - fixing the wooden crate with screws.

Fifthly, we cut the panels. The plastic ceiling can be placed on the edge of the bar and fastened with small nails or a stapler designed for upholstery. It is important to place the fasteners in the groove, then it will be visually invisible. Don't forget the lamps. Holes for them must be cut in advance.

how to make a plastic ceiling

Why choose a plastic ceiling

This material is one of the cheapest, but in terms of quality, it wins in many respects. Despite the fact that plastic is considered to be an unnatural material, the use of modern technologies has made it safe for he alth. Its main advantage is the ability to create a beautiful ceilingwithout special knowledge and skills. It can be used in rooms with different sizes and for any purpose. Another nice point is that the plastic panels have different colors. Some varieties even imitate the surface of natural materials, have a specific texture, which will allow you to create a bright and unique interior for a relatively small price.

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