Water disposal is the most important life support system

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Water disposal is the most important life support system
Water disposal is the most important life support system

One of the most important spheres in the life of city dwellers is public utilities. This includes water supply and sewerage, electricity and heat supply. The article will focus on the first two systems. It is good to start with a definition. Water supply is a system responsible for supplying drinking water to city residents and businesses. It is inextricably linked to the sewer.

Wastewater is

Water disposal is a system responsible for the removal of wastewater and its processing. No one will argue with the fact that without these important elements, the life of a modern person is impossible. Historically, settlements arose where there was water, but with the development of society, it became necessary to remove consumed resources. Sewerage for the house has become not a luxury, but a condition for normal living in it. And this applies not only to high-rise urban buildings, but also to private ones. Increasingly, in the dachas, people began to organize water disposal. This allows you to equip a country house with all the necessary amenities, which is valued in the real estate market. Achievements of modern engineering and technology make it possible to simplify the laying of the necessary communications.

Sewerage for the house

First, at present, pipes made of polymeric materials have been used as transport elements. They have significant benefits. These pipes are light, do not deform due to temperature changes. Secondly, in order to lay communications, you do not need to dig deep holes, the trenchless method is increasingly being used.

It is often not possible to connect a private country house to a centralized sewerage system, then you have to solve this problem either collectively or on your own. For these purposes, special submersible pumps are used, the size of which is small.

Water supply and sewerage

They are designed to pump domestic wastewater. The device is equipped with a mechanism that turns it on and off, depending on the need for this. There is another option. The bathroom, kitchen and toilet are equipped with a special tank, when filled, the pump is turned on. This unit is easy to use, and thanks to the installed filters, it prevents the leakage of specific odors.

Types specific to a system such as drainage

This is, first of all, biological treatment plants, as well as underground filtration. The first option is the most economical. The wastewater disposal scheme is similar to settling tanks. In a separate tank, the used resources are settled and fermented (partially). The main condition is the absence of oxygen. Next, the water is sent to underground filtration facilities, that is, furthersoil cleaning. Such a system has a significant drawback - the need to replace the filter element or flush it once every five, maximum 8 years. In private homes, a differently constructed drainage system is more popular. This is an installation with biological purification methods. They use activated sludge or biofilm. This method allows you to clean wastewater by 90%. There is one significant drawback - the abundance of reagents used in everyday life significantly reduces the efficiency of the installation.

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