Bottle for the kitchen: types, sizes and design features. How to make a bottle holder with your own hands?

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Bottle for the kitchen: types, sizes and design features. How to make a bottle holder with your own hands?
Bottle for the kitchen: types, sizes and design features. How to make a bottle holder with your own hands?

Properly organized space in the kitchen is the key to creating a harmonious interior. The kitchen set and its individual elements (cabinets for storing food, kitchen utensils, dishes and other containers) should be as convenient as possible in everyday use.

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Each housewife, when cooking or eating it, uses various spices, oils, sauces, the container of which is a bottle. In most cases, such “miracle taste secrets” are stored in the refrigerator. But how inconvenient in the cooking process to constantly run from the stove to the refrigerator and back. If you think that it is impossible to arrange the necessary bottles at hand, you are mistaken. And such a modern device as a bottle holder for the kitchen is a direct proof of this. The second name of the bottler is cargo.

Types of bottle holders for the kitchen

Let's consider the classification of bottlers according to three main features.

1. Depending on installation features:

  • embedded. They are one of the elements of the kitchen system, they can be mounted in any drawer of the kitchen set;
  • standalone. Such cargo exists separately from the kitchen wall.
  • kitchen bottle size

2. Depending on the design features:

  • two-level. Most acceptable than three-level fixtures. This is due to the fact that a two-level cargo is a bottle holder for the kitchen, the dimensions of which are most optimal for storing bottles in an upright position;
  • three-level. They are less in demand than the previous type. The three-level devices do not allow even small bottles (such as soy sauce or spices) to be placed;

3. Depending on what content will be in the bottle, they distinguish:

  • spice bottles;
  • water bottles;
  • wine bottlers, etc.

Retractable bottle holder for the kitchen: dimensions and design features

All types of modern bottle holders are equipped with a retractable opening system. As a rule, a standard cargo consists of two interconnected shelves, which are located vertically and have a roll-out opening mechanism. The width of these shelves can vary from 100mm to 200mm (standard) in 50mm increments.

The design of the bottle can be different. It could be the perfect place to storenot only bottle containers, jars of spices, but also, say, baking sheets or towels. To store the last two, special holders must be in the cargo design (for a towel - a towel holder).

bottle holder for kitchen photo

Kitchen retractable bottle holders can also be equipped with bottle dividers, which will ensure that adjacent bottles of oil, vinegar or jars of spices are placed touch-free, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of vibration and ringing when opened.

The package of more expensive cargo includes a closer and a soft closing system. This guarantees smooth and silent closing of kitchen furniture.

Mounting retractable cargo

There are two ways to install a roll-out bottle holder:

  1. Attach the rails of the retractable "cargo" system on the base of the box - bottom fastening.
  2. Attach the drawout guides to the side of the box.

The second installation option is the most stable and convenient.

retractable bottle holders for the kitchen

Kitchen bottle holder can be installed on either side.

Where to place the kitchen bottle holder?

Cargo can be located where it is convenient for the hostess if the kitchen furniture is made to order. In order to decide on this "convenient place", first of all, you should understand what you will store there. If household chemicals, it would be best to design cargo near the sink. If the bottle for the kitchen will be intendedfor storing all kinds of spices, oil, vinegar, etc., the recommended area for its location is the cooking area.

The option of designing a headset with two retractable bottle holders at the same time is not excluded. It is categorically not advised to place them side by side.

do-it-yourself bottle holder for the kitchen

It is worth noting that it is recommended to place the bottle holder at the bottom of the kitchen furniture.

Diy kitchen bottle holder

The work of masters and needlewomen was appreciated at the proper level at all times. The fruits of manual activity have become especially valuable in the digital age.

How to make a bottle bottle at home? Consider the easiest way.

Kitchen bottle holder can be made from plywood sheet.

Required tools:

  • drill;
  • hole saw attachment;
  • sandpaper;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver.

Source materials:

  • plywood sheet;
  • bar.

Action Plan:

  1. Make blanks. We cut out two identical rectangles from a sheet of plywood, the length and width of which are 45 and 40 cm, respectively.
  2. On each sheet, using the annular nozzle, cut out absolutely identical circles. You need to arrange them symmetrically.
  3. Making legs. At the bottom of the plywood rectangle, cut out a semicircle so that a stable structure is formed. We do the same work with the second sheet of plywood.
  4. End sides of sawncircles to process with sandpaper.
  5. The bar should be cut into four identical pieces of 18 cm and cleaned with paper.
  6. Connection of plywood sheets. We take the bars and fasten them to the workpiece from two sides (front and back), stepping back from the top and bottom by about 5-6 cm.
  7. Paint the design.

The highlight of your interior can be such a bottle holder for the kitchen. Photos of homemade cargo with step-by-step construction instructions can be found in a variety of sources. There are a lot of options.

do-it-yourself bottle holder for the kitchen

What are the unspoken rules to follow when choosing a bottle holder in a furniture store

You can buy any piece of furniture, including cargo, in a regular store, an online supermarket. The latter has become overly popular these days. When “your” bottle holder for the kitchen is chosen from the widest range, the photo must be examined in detail, the dimensions of the furniture must correspond to the necessary ones.

1. Give preference to exclusively factory-made furniture. A reliable manufacturer is a guarantee of product quality.

2. Value for money. Only low-quality goods can be purchased at minimum prices.

3. Pay special attention to the fittings of the product - it should be expensive. High-quality fittings simply cannot be cheap.

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