TV wall: review of models, choice, photo

TV wall: review of models, choice, photo
TV wall: review of models, choice, photo

If you are planning to make a small repair in some separate room (bathroom, nursery, bedroom or hall), then the best option is to purchase a new TV wall. This set of furniture contributes to the improvement of your interior. Of course, you can also change other furniture, such as a sofa, a table, or hang new carpets and paintings, but this is all a trifle compared to a multifunctional TV wall.

TV wall models

Today, there are many different options for this furniture, which can easily accommodate not only a TV, but also other equipment. Also, some models have special shelves for books and other accessories, additional niches for equipment and much more.

When choosing the right furniture for yourself, the first thing you need to focus on is its cost and quality of the product. These are the indicators that you need to pay special attention to. In this article, we will analyze not only the advantages of TV walls, but also discuss several popular options and their material from which they are made.


Modern TV walls have many advantages:

  • Capacity. This is one of the biggest benefits. Thanks to a wide variety of different racks and shelves, the TV wall can accommodate not only a large kinescope, but also many other useful accessories and video and audio equipment.
  • Ergonomic. This indicator allows not only to accommodate a lot of necessary things, but also to install the wall so that it looks harmonious in small rooms.
  • Attachments for additional equipment. Some models, in addition to the main niche for the TV, may have additional racks for various equipment, and special holes for wires will be made for them.

A TV wall is a serious and thoughtful purchase that will enhance the design of your room, making it more modern.


This type of furniture, like a TV wall, is made from different materials. The headset you purchase will depend only on your preferences and the material resources that you have. And yet, before choosing any model, you should pay great attention to the internal modules and their material.

In the manufacture of this set of furniture, 3 types of material are often used:

  1. Natural wood. Models made of natural wood differ from the rest in a presentable appearance and durability. One of the disadvantages of such products is the high cost.
  2. chipboard and MDF. Wallsunder the TV, which are made of pressed plates using special technology, are considered the most budget option. Chipboard and MDF are a worthy replacement for natural materials, as their quality is now at the highest level.
  3. Combined options. Models made of natural wood or chipboard and MDF can combine different combinations of glass, plastic and even aluminum. As a rule, all furniture made from combined materials is made only in a modern style.

As you can see, modern TV walls are made from different materials. And it's good when there is a fairly wide choice, since everyone's financial situation, room design and wishes are different.

Slide wall

One of the most common options is a slide wall. First of all, this headset attracts many buyers with its attractive price compared to other designs of the same material. Also, this furniture option is very ergonomic and compact.

Wall slide for TV

In addition to the TV, there is additional space for various equipment (speakers, VCR) and several shelves for accessories (headphones, books, photographs, CDs). With all this, the wall-slide for the TV does not take up much space and therefore fits any type of room and room size. This is not only one of the most budget-friendly furniture options, but also the best for small rooms and spaces.

Corner Mini TV Wall

Usually living roomcreated not only to accommodate guests, but also it equips recreation areas. All that is needed for this is a comfortable sofa and a TV wall. In the living room you can put a few comfortable chairs and a small table. Do not cram a lot of unnecessary furniture, trying to fill the free space. This room should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Of course, many people prefer to attach many different shelves or place many bedside tables throughout the room, but the best option is to install a TV wall in the living room.

corner wall

The main advantage of corner mini-walls is a non-standard design. Often we see only straight options that fit perfectly into a wide and spacious living room. Standard straight models are able to accommodate a large TV and an additional audio system, but only corner models can not only free up a lot of space on the central wall, but they are also very convenient to place in oversized rooms. The TV is installed on a special shelf in the corner or on the long part of the structure.

Wall in the children's room

Of course, a TV installed in a children's room is far from the wisest decision, but if you have such a desire and, most importantly, an opportunity, then let's look at modern walls in a room with a TV niche.

Wall in the children's room

The TV installed in the children's room will be useful only if the child likes to watch cartoonsor different educational materials, thereby he will stop distracting parents. When choosing such a headset, you should not pay much attention to its cost, because the most important thing is the safety of the child, comfort in use and external design. The best options are colored painted facades or laminated ones. Such models have a fairly low cost with a modern look. After choosing the right furniture for your child, make sure that all niches, shelves and other items are of very high quality and do not have sharp corners.


The purchased TV wall is a balanced solution that will surely please your loved ones and improve your interior, making it more modern. Such a choice must be approached with all responsibility, because your further comfort and well-being directly depend on this.

modern TV walls

Each model is different in its design and features. For example, in the bedroom it is best to purchase a set with many lower shelves for clothes. Corner mini-walls are perfect for the living room. The TV wall in the children's room requires even more special attention. Such a purchase must be agreed upon by the whole family, including the child, but still the final choice lies with the head.

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