Hanging toilet with installation: which one is better to choose, installation and reviews

Hanging toilet with installation: which one is better to choose, installation and reviews
Hanging toilet with installation: which one is better to choose, installation and reviews

A newfangled solution for the bathroom is a hanging toilet with installation. Such a system allows you to install almost any equipment in a limited area.

Wall hung toilet installation

The possibility of installation does not depend on the material of walls and ceilings, and modern design solutions will allow you to select and install the most suitable plumbing.

Modern models of toilets

Among the current models of sanitary ware and equipment, there are hanging toilet bowls with installation. Sizes, shapes, type of fastening, material of manufacture, color palette and other parameters can be very diverse. Among the most popular are:

  1. Rimless wall hung toilets.
  2. Sensory hanging toilets. The main feature of this design is "artificial intelligence". The system will automatically start draining when the person moves away from the bowl. More modern designs haveinstallation of air filtration and automatic cover.
  3. Review of hanging toilets with installation offers a system with a microlift for consideration. This design is equipped with a special cover closer. The installation of a microlift avoids mechanical damage during the free fall of the lid.
  4. Corner installation. This system allows you to install plumbing in the corner of the room. This solution is ideal for small bathrooms.

What to look for when choosing a modern toilet

One design decision is not enough, therefore, to determine which installation for a wall-hung toilet is better, follows other criteria. The main attention should be paid:

  1. On the material of the bowl. Ceramics is considered the most suitable, because scratches appear very quickly on glass or metal, and polymer concrete needs the use of special gentle products.
  2. The shape of the bowl. Among the many available, you should choose the safest one - without sharp corners.
  3. Installation material. The most practical is stainless steel. Despite the high cost, this material is reliable and durable.
  4. Button for the drain system. More economical is the two-button system - stopping the "excess" water will significantly reduce unnecessary costs.
  5. Drainage system. The two-phase system is recognized as more optimal. Various modes allow you to adjust the filling of the tank (full or half) at the touch of a button.
  6. Cost. Before buying, you should choose a model in the ratio"price quality". At the same time, we should not forget that some firms inflate the price because of their world name, nothing more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such plumbing

Installing a wall hung toilet with installation has a number of advantages:

  • systems are quite compact compared to conventional ones;
  • drain structures are mounted into the wall, therefore, there is a significant space saving;
  • hygiene. Since all components are "hidden" outside the bathroom or toilet, the number of bacteria is significantly reduced, and the cleaning process becomes much easier;
  • lack of dampness. In ordinary bathrooms, fungi often develop. This is due to the excessive moisture of the coatings. A wall hung toilet eliminates this problem. It also increases the lifespan of floor coverings;
  • modern interior: Hidden sewer system and newfangled solutions to improve the interior of the room.
Toilet installation

Among the disadvantages are:

  • difficulty installing and dismantling equipment;
  • difficult access for routine checks and repairs.

Dependence of the choice of installation on the type of bathroom

Depending on the type of bathroom, you can choose the most suitable sanitary ware. So, for a typical bathroom with a small area, a hanging toilet with an installation would be an ideal option. The dimensions of this plumbing will allow you to slightly increase the space of the room. The main requirement for installation is a solidbase (plasterboard or wooden partition is not suitable for such purposes).

If the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to use more space, you can install a block or frame system. The first is a set of a flat tank, a drain button and fasteners. The toilet itself in this case is mounted both on the wall and on the floor.

The advantage of the latter design is its cheapness, and the disadvantage is the need for a reliable wall for fastening.

For zoning a combined bathroom, a floor frame installation is used. The reinforced frame takes all the load, so there is no need to build a wall.

Installing multiple fixtures on one frame

Some manufacturers offer the buyer a ready-made monoblock design of a hanging toilet bowl with installation. This design does not need to be hidden in the wall, tiled. It is enough just to bring the installation to communications.

The main disadvantages are rather high cost (from 50 thousand rubles) and limited design.

The design of the toilet bowl and its features

Hanging toilet with installation consists of the following elements:

  1. Rigid steel frame. The latter, in turn, is equipped with rods for height adjustment, as well as studs and strips with threaded connections.
  2. Bachka. It is the most complex element of the design. The tank is made of plastic and is insulated on the outside with a material that prevents condensation from forming. In the fronttank there is a hole for connecting the drain button (through it, inspection and replacement of faulty components is also carried out). In the upper and end parts there are slots for connecting the tank to communications. Inside the tank there is a water level control valve, shut-off valves, a metered water drain mechanism.
  3. Toilet bowls.

In addition to the above components, the package includes shock-absorbing pads, fasteners, etc.

Hanging rimless toilet with installation

Such models are quite popular because they are considered more hygienic. A high level of hygiene is achieved due to the absence of an internal rim. This model is very easy to clean, and the absence of a rim can significantly reduce the accumulation of various bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Features in installation installation

In order for the wall-mounted toilet set with installation to fit perfectly into the bathroom, you should correctly calculate the dimensions and select the material of construction.

When installing, the position of the frame, the tank, the supply of sewer pipes must be taken into account.

which installation for a wall-hung toilet is better

Installation consists of several steps:

  1. The most suitable place is prepared first.
  2. Next, the installation kit with the toilet is installed.
  3. After that, you should carefully hide the remains of communication systems (supply and drainage of water).
  4. The final stage is the design.

Important! Installation should be carried out before the start of finishing work. The body of the installation is mounted along vertical and horizontal rails.

For DIY installation you will need:

  • pencil or marker (for marking);
  • level;
  • tape measure;
  • perforator.

Important! If the walls and ceilings of the house are reinforced concrete, special drills should be purchased before the start of the operation.

What to look for when installing

Before you choose a wall-hung toilet with installation, you should familiarize yourself with some of the nuances in the installation. The installation of the installation and the toilet bowl has a number of features. So, you should pay attention to:

  1. For a strong fastening of the frame to the work surface. For this, special studs are usually used. Using studs allows you to securely fix plumbing without damaging the tile or wall.
  2. Before installation, threaded holes are made. Only then mount the studs. Otherwise, you may not find the holes and ruin the finish.
  3. Gypsum board is used for finishing, it must be moisture resistant. This material is ideal for laying tiles or painting.
Monoblock installation system with WC

The hanging toilet bowl is fixed to the installation using protruding fasteners. To improve sealing and increase the reliability of the structure, all fasteners must be plugged with rubber gaskets.

It is possible to installmulti-profile system. In this case, additional placement of a washbasin or bidet is possible.

Installing a hanging toilet with DIY installation

The installation of the structure begins before the start of facing work and consists of the following steps:

  1. A drain pipe (sewer) is supplied to the installation site, the average diameter of which is 110 mm. Next comes the water pipe. The toilet should be located as close to the riser as possible.
  2. The frame is mounted next.
  3. After installing the frame, adjust the height of the bowl. The most optimal installation is considered to be at a height of 42 to 49 cm from the floor lining.
  4. After the installation of the frame, water is supplied to the tank. Important! For the supply, only a pipe is used (preferably plastic), but not corrugated. During installation, the reservoir valve is closed.
  5. After the water supply, the outlet pipe is connected. For such purposes, you can use a corrugated pipe.
  6. At the end, all joints are sealed and the system is checked for leaks. To do this, open the tank valve and drain the water into the toilet. If there are no leaks, you can proceed to the sheathing process.
  7. Before tiling, a limiter is installed in the front opening of the tank - a plastic cuff and a safety cover. The cover is necessary to protect against the ingress of dust and other foreign objects into the tank.
  8. Hanging toilet with installation is easy to install. When installing the bowl, the main point is the accurate measurement of the connecting pipes.
Built-in toilet

During finishing, you should pay attention only to the sheathing of all branches. If the system is installed correctly, you can safely wallpaper the wall. Despite the safety, experts still recommend laying tiles in the bathrooms or painting the walls.

Manufacturer rating

The rating is based on user reviews and the most frequent purchases of certain models:

  1. Installation of Cersanit DELFI leon. Polish plumbing is available to any buyer, has many models. The service life of the structure is 5 years. The main disadvantages are: the presence of plastic parts (for example, adapters), the lack of repair parts for the tank. There are also cases of sinking the drain button.
  2. The GROHE RAPID SL wall-mounted toilet installation kit (Germany) deserves a place of honor in the ranking due to its reliability. The design has a corrosion-resistant coating. The system is attached both to the side walls and to the floor. The main advantages are: ease of installation, silent filling of the tank, reliability of the design and fasteners. The warranty period from the manufacturer is 5 years. The disadvantages include high cost and frequent counterfeit designs.
  3. Installation of TECE. The German kit of this company has a number of advantages: reliability and high quality, a huge selection of components, many design solutions. The service life, according to the manufacturer, is 10 years.
  4. Hung toilet set with GEBERIT DUOFIX UP320 installation. This systeminstalled even in the most inaccessible places. The advantages are: reliability, good build quality, ease of installation and maintenance, availability of parts for repair. Service life - 10 years. A slight drawback is the lack of fasteners in the package.
  5. Toilet installation WISA 8050. Dutch construction has an impressive frame weight, but the strength of the structure is guaranteed for years to come. The advantages are: the possibility of height adjustment, reliable design and assembly, high-quality materials. Among the shortcomings are: heavy weight of the structure, lack of spare parts, difficulty in carrying out inspection and repair, complex installation and high cost.

User reviews

Given the various parameters, you can easily choose a hanging toilet with installation. User reviews will help you make a decision. So, experienced users recommend Cersanit DELFI leon because the system is reliable, external parts (such as flush buttons) do not get rubbed, and water is poured silently.

Reviews about the systems of the Polish manufacturer are mostly positive. Users also note that Cersanit installations, which are available in various designs, are ideal for both large and compact bathrooms. Also, all Cersanit models are cheaper than similar models from other companies.

Installation of a toilet bowl and a bidet on one frame

The German GROHE RAPID SL installation is also positive. Among them are long termservice without replacing components (except for filter cartridges).

The GROHE wall-mounted toilet set also saves you time on cleaning, because when you install such a system, all hard-to-reach places disappear. Also, the models of this company have a low cost.

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