Fokine flat cutter - how to use? Instructions for correct use

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Fokine flat cutter - how to use? Instructions for correct use
Fokine flat cutter - how to use? Instructions for correct use

If you want to have fun in your summer cottages, do more than 20 types of land work without changing tools, much faster than you did before, and at the same time significantly increase productivity, while remaining in excellent physical shape, then it's time to find out what Fokin's flat cutter is. Let's take a look at how to use this miracle tool right now.

Where did this wonderful invention come from?

Fokin flat cutter how to use

Russian engineer V. Fokin was very fond of spending time working with the earth. Even then, he was thinking about a huge number of dacha-garden devices and their essence. The thought of simplifying the heavy earthwork did not leave him.

The engineer-inventor suffered a heart attack. Then his favorite occupation became practically inaccessible work for him. However, the technical mindset did not allow him to simply surrender to his ailments, and soon his invention was born, later called "Fokine's flat cutter". Its application has becomepossible for everyone. It has become a multifunctional and indispensable assistant in the capable hands of many summer residents.

Global recognition

To his miraculous adaptation, V. Fokin wrote several manuals, thanks to which even the most inexperienced person working with the land can achieve a high yield of any crop. To date, Fokin's flat cutter has many awards, including international ones, and 4 Patents for inventions in the Russian Federation.

Plane cutter device

Outwardly, the flat cutter looks like a flat stick with a metal plate bolted to it, resembling an irregularly shaped hook. This plate is bent several times at certain angles. This allows you to perform different work with a flat cutter.

how to work with a Fokin flat cutter

The fastening system is designed so that each person can assemble the product according to their physical characteristics (adjust the height, degree of load, angle of inclination, etc.). There are 2 main flat cutters, they differ only in size: large and small. The first is for basic tillage, and the second is for smaller work. But, in addition to the classic two flat cutters, you can find a large number of their varieties, mainly in size. Each occupation requires a tool of a specific size.

Real Flat Cutter

The record must be black, not painted (exactly such an instrument in the original). This metal is treated against corrosion and sharpened, which allows it not to rust or become dull. The handle is flat (rectangular), thanks towhy it is convenient to hold the invention, and after a long work with it, calluses do not remain on the hands.

It is very important to buy real instruments and not fake ones. Only in this case, the work of Fokin's flat cutter will be easy and comfortable. The original product has a triangular package, the plates themselves are stamped. The flat cutter is completed with bolts, nuts and a brochure on the correct work with the earth, the author of which is V. Fokin himself.

Fokine flat cutter. How to use it correctly?

V. Fokin's tool was conceived, first of all, for easier and he althier work with the earth. According to the author of the device, even a disabled person can use it. After all, if the work is done correctly, then the load on the body, and in particular the spine, will be minimal. An exception may be only an area with very hard soil.

You do not need to bend your back during operation, you need to barely press on the device, its main work goes on in the upper layers of the soil. Due to the fact that the metal plate with curves is very well sharpened, the movements will be accurate and smooth.

Fokina flat cutter instruction

It is important to remember that this product is neither a chopper nor a shovel, they do not need to dig deep and make a lot of effort during operation. Fokine's plane cutter was created for surface tillage. How to use it, it becomes clear soon after the acquisition of such an assistant. At first it will be a little unusual, but after a while you will appreciate the miracle device. From the side worka flat cutter resembles sweeping, minimum effort - maximum result, that's what happens when used correctly.

How to use a flat cutter?

It is very important to be in the correct position when using the tool. Therefore, we will describe how to work with Fokin's flat cutter:

  1. No need to bend in the lumbar region, on the contrary, the position of the body should be as even as possible, and the body of the body should be slightly inclined. To do this, adjust the height of the cutting exactly according to your height.
  2. Hold the products like a scythe, thumbs pointing up, and movements are light, from side to side.
  3. The deepening should be no more than 5 cm - this is the best solution for a complete weed control. The soil layers should be cut flat, and the blade angle should be parallel to the surface.
  4. In no case do not transplant a flat cutter onto a rounded handle! Firstly, it will become uncomfortable to hold, because it will slip out of your hands. Secondly, the angle of inclination of the metal plate to the handle will change, and this will significantly change the principle of operation of the entire device.
  5. Fokine's flat cutter must always be sharpened - this is one of the main conditions for its proper operation.
  6. Use the product only for its intended purpose, its range of action already includes a huge number of functions, so mowing hay with it, for example, will not be the easiest thing.
  7. work with a Fokin flat cutter

Fokine flat cutter. Instructions for use

So much we said aboutthe versatility of the tool and the variety of its functions, which may raise the question of what exactly can be done with a flat cutter. We list the main types of work of our country assistant:

- preparing the soil for sowing, namely loosening, removing weeds, digging beds;

- planting seeds (grooves for them and backfill);

- thinning vegetables, greens (in this case, a small flat cutter would be more appropriate, because the work is painstaking);

- crop weeding;

- hilling;

- cutting tall weeds;

- cleaning the trunks of fruit trees before whitewashing.

Fokina flat cutter application

More quick-witted users are sure to find many other uses for flat cutters in other areas of the household.

The most important thing is to just have Fokin's flat cutter at hand, and intuition and resourcefulness will tell you how to use it (and, of course, its author V. Fokin and other summer residents who have already acquired this tool). First, you need to get used to the device and get used to it, because even the handle may not seem comfortable enough at first due to its non-standard rectangular shape, and everything else will turn out by itself.

Product benefits

With regular use of this flat cutter, the fertility of the earth will be maintained, the soil will remain moderately moist, nutritious and saturated with oxygen.

You will forget about back pain and other discomfort associated with working on the site. Growing vegetables and fruitswill truly bring you real pleasure.

where to buy fokin flat cutter

Without regret, you can say goodbye to most of the country inventory and make room in your pantry for something worthwhile and useful. The product is so versatile that you rarely need to use other garden tools.

So, we told you about Fokin's flat cutter. How to use it was also described in detail. As you can see, everything ingenious is simple! The ingenuity and idea of ​​the engineer worked to the benefit of all summer residents!

Where to buy Fokin flat cutter? These days it is not difficult to find such a device on sale. Its popularity is growing every year. Any speci alty store, markets, online auctions and many other places will offer such a product. Make useful activity truly enjoyable and easy!

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