Preparation for the destruction of pests "Bi 58": instructions for use, how to breed and use

Preparation for the destruction of pests "Bi 58": instructions for use, how to breed and use
Preparation for the destruction of pests "Bi 58": instructions for use, how to breed and use

"Bi 58" is a contact and systemic insecticide designed to kill biting and sucking pests. The drug penetrates the skin of insects and poisons them, and is also absorbed by the plant, protecting it from damage for up to 3 weeks. The active ingredient is phosphoric acid ester - dimethoate.

bi 58 instructions for use how to breed

Advantages of insecticide "Bi 58"

The drug has long established itself in the market due to its universal application. It is worth noting some aspects that distinguish it from other substances with a similar effect:

  • Bee 58 fights a wide range of pests such as aphids, spider mites, bedbugs, leafhoppers, thrips and others.
  • Compatible with fungicides and fertilizers, excluding alkaline ones.
  • Used at various temperatures.
  • Not phytotoxic.
  • The result of the impact is noticeable almost instantly.
  • Protects plants for a long time from several types of insects andticks.
  • The undoubted advantage of "Bi 58" is the price, which is noticeably lower than that of similar drugs with a similar spectrum of action.
  • It is possible to process plants during the entire growing season, but only 21-29 days before harvest.

Disadvantages of insecticide "Bi 58"

The downside of the active substance dimethoate is a strong, pungent odor. Often summer residents ask themselves what kind of instructions for use the "Bi 58" preparation has, how to dilute it so as not to harm the plants? Although the hazard class of this poison is positioned as 3rd, some experienced gardeners classify this remedy as a class 2 and do not recommend using an increased dosage in enclosed spaces, for example, when treating houseplants.

Medication Precautions

  • When working with such poisons, you need to be careful and use protective equipment: a respirator, goggles, rubber gloves.
  • After treatment, wash and change clothes.
  • Remaining solution must be disposed of.
  • The drug is poisonous to bees, animals and fish, so you can not pour the rest of the solution into the water, and also spray it during the flowering period of plants.
  • Keep the emulsion out of the reach of children and animals. Keep them away from the drug solution.
  • Use parts of treated plants only a month after spraying.
  • If symptoms of poisoning (nausea, dizziness, drowsiness) should immediately call the medical team.
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Scope of application of the drug "Bi 58"

In fact, you can use this insecticide on the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe garden plot.

Bee 58 is equally effective for:

  • cucumbers, beets, potatoes and other vegetable crops,
  • currant bushes, raspberries,
  • legumes and grains,
  • fruit trees such as plum, apple,
  • houseplants.

Earlier, "Bi 58" was produced by Basf and was widely known in Russia among farmers, as it had no analogues. With the advent of many similar pest control products, the substance that is part of the drug has become obsolete. Then the formula was improved, as a result of which "Bi 58-New" appeared. How to breed this product for use on individual crops can be found by reading the instructions below.

"Bi 58" - instructions for use: how to breed and what to use for

"Bi 58" is usually sold in the form of two ampoules with a dark blue liquid with a volume of 5 ml. Shake them a little before using. After that, the drug will darken a little. But there are other packaging, including canisters of 10 liters. They may contain an uncolored milky emulsion. This tool can also be sold in the form of a spray and tablets. For large containers with Bi 58, the price may seem high, but such a purchase will be much more profitable for work on an industrial scale. Approximate cost: 750 rubles. for 1 literWill tell you the proportions for the treatment of various plants with the preparation "Bi 58" instructions for use.

bi 58 for cucumber

How to propagate this plant spray

Recommended proportion for the preparation of the solution: 3 ml of emulsion per 10 liters of water. It is permissible to use a stronger solution: 1 ml per liter of water. But it should be borne in mind that the treated bushes can shed their foliage and die when using too strong a concentration of the drug "Bi 58".

Instructions for use: how to dilute the drug for various crops (based on 1 hectare):

  • 1, 5-1, 6 liters of the drug is recommended for spraying wheat to kill bed bugs, grass flies, aphids.
  • Other cereals are treated at the rate of 1.0-1.3 liters against aphids, thrips and grass flies.
  • Seed potatoes are treated twice using 1.6-2.0 L against moths, nematodes, wireworms and aphids.
  • Beets are sprayed twice with 0.5-1 l of the drug against ticks, pachyderm.
  • Grapes are treated twice with 1.2-3L to control spider mites and mealybugs.
  • Raspberry and currant bushes are sprayed twice, using 0.6-1.3 liters to kill gall midges and spider mites.
  • Tobacco plantations are treated twice with 0.8–1 l against aphids, mealybugs and thrips.
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"Bee 58" is a well-known drug that has proved to be an effective and inexpensive means for the destruction of pests. Subject toelementary rules for working with pesticides, it is safe for humans.

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