Whiskey glasses and their features

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Whiskey glasses and their features
Whiskey glasses and their features

Whiskey glasses, this noble and popular drink, come in several types. Not all consumers know how to use this alcohol correctly, depending on the type of product, the place of drinking it and the traditions of the country. Real connoisseurs savor alcohol slowly to feel all the notes of aroma and taste. After a series of studies, experts identified several types of containers for drinking the drink in question. Since this alcohol is divided into types, the glasses for drinking it also differ from each other.

Whiskey glasses

Short Glass

Whiskey glasses of this category with an unusual name can be of completely different configurations. In the standard version, the volume of containers rarely exceeds forty milliliters, and it is never used in the process of real tasting. A rather small volume does not allow you to fully experience the aroma of the drink, there is some distortion of the original taste. From such a container, alcohol is drunk as a standard - in one gulp.


Similar whiskey glasses are also called "tumblr". The glass is equipped with a thick bottom and walls of a straight configuration. Sometimes the shape may slightly resemblesmall keg.

This container is often used for tasting drinks and cocktails, which include whiskey, bourbon or brut. In its pure form, strong alcohol from such containers is not tasted, the volume of dishes in the standard version is two hundred milliliters.

whiskey glass


The shape of a whiskey glass matches the shape of the flower it is named after. The purpose of the vessel is to enjoy old-fashioned single m alt beverages. They have the most intense flavor range and unsurpassed aroma. Various alcoholic blends and cocktails are not drunk from this dish, the container capacity is one hundred milliliters.


This glass with the original name has a bizarre shape, designed to enjoy the taste and aromas of a complex strong drink (whiskey). The upper part of the glass is narrower, which allows you to concentrate all the vapors in the right place. The volume is one hundred milliliters. The sample is not used for making cocktails.


The original crockery bears some resemblance to a "tulip". The volume of the vessel is fifty milliliters larger due to the elongated walls. In addition, the glass has a pronounced onion-shaped configuration. The dishes are used for tasting different types of whiskey, allowing you to maximize the taste and aroma of a popular alcoholic drink.

Whiskey tasting

Glencairn whiskey glasses

When the history of the famous drink called whiskey began, a special glass for hisIt has not been used in any country. Unlike wines, brandies and some other alcoholic beverages, whiskey was served in almost any convenient container.

Glencairn Crystal founder Raymond Davidson decided to tackle this problem. He began to develop a special glass that would be optimal for whiskey connoisseurs. As a result, a glass was presented, slightly reminiscent of analogues for sherry. The vessel is focused on the maximum possibility for the user to evaluate the taste and other characteristics of the drink. At the same time, the glass was distinguished by functionality and practicality for its use in bars.


This set of whiskey glasses soon attracted the attention of Scottish masters of the classic drink. Under their patronage, the further development of the history of the container continued. The shape was slightly changed, the volume increased to thirty-five milliliters, which made it possible to combine the optimal amount of liquid and air, which ensures the maximum disclosure of the aroma of the drink.

The second feature of the whiskey glass pictured below is its unique configuration. The narrow neck made it easy to drink the liquid without losing all the main flavors. The wide part made it possible to appreciate the color of the whiskey, and the general shape made it easy to hold the vessel in your hand. The transparency of the glass gave additional aesthetics.

Whiskey glasses "Bohemia"

Glencairn Glass can now be found at major events and festivalswhiskey all over the world. In addition, these glasses are presented in most high-end bars and used for tasting at large whiskey distilleries. By the way, the glass won a lot of awards, the average number of annual sales of a vessel is about three million copies. It is worth noting that it took decades to develop the popularity and recognition of this vessel. But now the legendary drink can safely declare the presence of unique dishes for its use.

Whisky glasses Bohemia

In Bohemia Quadro vessels, the drink reveals its taste palette to the maximum. This parameter influences the fact that many whiskey connoisseurs choose this elegant dish for enjoying strong elite alcohol.

It is best to buy a similar product from authorized dealers, so as not to stumble upon a fake. A real Czech manufacturer gives a guarantee for each batch of the product. Alternatively, you can purchase "Bohemian" whiskey glasses online. In this case, use the recommendations of friends, and also study the reviews about the online store. The set in question will be a worthy decoration of any collection of unique tableware, while allowing you to enjoy all the subtleties of the aroma and taste of a popular strong drink.

Photo of whiskey glass


Whiskey glasses of this brand are usually sold together with whiskey of the same name. The drink is distinguished by a combination of fruity and woody aromas, coupled with an original and pleasant aftertaste. Currently, the fourth company is engaged in the production of the drink.generation of the Grants family. The history of the brand began in the distant 1898. The "chip" of the company is a unique triangular bottle and branded cups. The line includes twenty-five types of m alt spirits based on the purest melt water.

Ralph Lauren ("Ralph Lauren")

Ralph Lauren is a famous couturier and designer. He is known to the general public not only for this, but also for his love of vintage technology and old-school exhibits. Apparently, this passion was the start for the creation of the original Ralph Lauren whiskey glasses. They depict vintage cars of the last century, which exactly copy the models that are in the collection of a famous fashion designer. You can buy these masterpieces in specialized stores. The unit price is about $125.

original whiskey glass

Selection criteria

Dishes for whiskey are usually chosen based on the type of product used. The type of glass is essential, allowing you to reveal in all colors the bouquet of taste and aroma of this alcoholic masterpiece. This is due to the fact that in the manufacture of whiskey, various technologies and components are used. Accordingly, each type of drink has individual features, which should be emphasized as much as possible by the dishes used for drinking or tasting.

In geometric terms, the glass is chosen based on the type of whiskey. Glasses differ in volume, straightness of the walls, shape, height. These minor differences make it possible to correctly present the aroma of the drink, focusing on the desired shades of a particular variety.The width of the dishes in the middle part determines the combination of liquid with air, which affects the final perception of the aroma of the product used.

Whiskey glasses and goblets

Helpful tips

Drinking grain whiskey should be done in small containers to focus on the taste of the product as it has little to no flavor.

Analogue on m alted barley has a pronounced smell. Dishes for drinking this drink should have an increased diameter in the middle and a reduced one in the upper part. This will allow you to appreciate the aroma as much as possible.

Mixed varieties are drunk from glasses of medium geometry. This balance makes it possible to enjoy both the taste of whiskey and its bouquet of smells.

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