Hinges for glasses: description, varieties

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Hinges for glasses: description, varieties
Hinges for glasses: description, varieties

In the interiors of modern rooms you will not surprise anyone with the presence of furniture made of glass. It can be doors or tables, glass shelves look original on the walls, and the bedside space is filled with cabinets or cabinets. A variety of design solutions allow you to create smooth combinations or tonal contrasts against the background of the surrounding space. Such products are able to create a feeling of purity and impeccability, responding with brilliance to various types of lighting. However, glass alone is not enough to create original designs. The compositions involve many auxiliary elements skillfully veiled in the edges of smooth surfaces. Among other things, they include various types of loops (we will consider them later in the article).

for glass without drilling

Hinges used in moving glass furniture pieces

Conventionally, all the presented mechanisms used in glass furniture can be divided into two groups. The first category includes elementswhich are attached to the surface with pre-drilled holes. They are also called cups. The second group includes hinges for glass without drilling. In addition, when choosing accessories for glass furniture, they attach importance to the method of installing components, of which there are two.

Applied glass hinges

Such elements are able to withstand significant loads. After all, glass is not a light material, and moving edges can have a tangible own mass. For this reason, products are made with a large margin of safety. Their installation is carried out using clamping bolts, which are designed to fix glass surfaces. The contact surface of the glass hinge is equipped with a special gasket, which is made of plastic (less often, rubber). This essential ingredient provides maximum seal for a secure fit.

glass hinges

Hinges of this type are installed without additional drilling of holes for fixing. This condition allows you to ensure the complete safety of the glass faces from accidental damage. In work, overhead hinges for glass are quite convenient, they allow installation in a short time. As a rule, such products have a classic shape, which is distinguished by excellent aesthetic data. The only drawback of such devices is the inability to carry a load that is more than 25 kilograms.


Such glass hinges cannot be installed without pre-drilling holes,for fixing surfaces. This is a very complex procedure, associated with a certain risk. For this reason, the landing of moving elements on hinges of this type can be carried out only by resorting to the services of specialists.

glass hinges without drilling

The designs of these loops have a rather narrow specialization. By and large, they are used for planting heavy glass door panels. The thickness of the glass sheet for the door is most often ten millimeters.

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