Which decorative fence to choose for a summer residence?

Which decorative fence to choose for a summer residence?
Which decorative fence to choose for a summer residence?

What a capacious name - a decorative fence! The first thing that comes to mind is the forged sections of the lattices of the Mikhailovsky Garden. This is such a magnificent work of art that everything else pales. Even the Summer Garden is inferior to the laurels of superiority. But what about those who have never been to St. Petersburg and have not seen these beauties? Create your projects, draw your fences and enjoy the result.

decorative fence

Any material will do, as long as there is enough imagination. A decorative fence does not imply material, but the result that came out of it. But this is all lyrics, let's move on to more practical things. Probably, many owners of a country house have a question about how to make a decorative fence so that it is not very expensive, protects the territory and at the same time remains beautiful? How to install it and what material to use?

Based on the variety of performance options, we can offer a conditional breakdown into types and subspecies. First of all, you can divide all fences by filling or functional purpose.

  • Solid, or they are also called deaf, fences are built of wood, metal,brick, concrete. Their task is to close the territory from prying eyes. But a decorative fence can also be made of complex concrete sections that have decorative elements in the form of inserts.
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  • Partial fences have different gaps, they are designed to protect the territory from animals rather than from people. Any material can be used here. First of all, these are forged sections, welded products, a figured wooden picket fence. They rather decorate the site.
  • A wicker fence made of boards can be attributed to a separate type. It is an intermediate link between the first two options. Weaving can be so frequent that nothing can be seen through it, especially if it is double. But at the same time, it is not a solid fence either.

Sometimes the fence is made of different materials. For example, the lower part is made of concrete, brick or thick logs, and a beautiful lattice made of metal is attached to the top. The general appearance immediately changes and is perceived more easily. If we consider from the point of view of openwork, then this can also include a concrete decorative fence. The price of such a section depends on the pattern and size. Most often, an imitation of a stone comes from below, and at the top there is some beautiful element to decorate the section.

how to make a decorative fence

When installing the fence, it is necessary to provide poles that hold the entire load. You can use the same material from which you plan to make the fence itself, but it is quite possible to combine differentbasics. For example, if you decide to put up a decorative fence made of concrete sections, then the pillars can also be made from the same material. Or if you have a beautiful forged fence, then you can mount it between posts made of brick or metal.

Forged sections can be mounted on top of a low concrete slab, combining power and lightness. If there is a gazebo on the site, then it can be fenced in the same style with a pattern that has a decorative fence. You should also think about originality for the gate and gate. Usually they are performed in the same style.

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