Decorative fence mesh: description, types and reviews. Decorative metal mesh

Decorative fence mesh: description, types and reviews. Decorative metal mesh
Decorative fence mesh: description, types and reviews. Decorative metal mesh

Private home improvement is associated with a wide range of tasks. The combination of protective and decorative functions in one object is a common phenomenon, and in the case of fences it is especially pronounced. If recently brick and concrete fences were in vogue, today there is a tendency to spread less aggressive materials. In particular, decorative mesh does not create the impression of complete isolation and even rejection from home ownership, and at the same time can serve as a stylistic decoration.

What is a fence mesh?

decorative mesh

The material is made from rods woven into a mesh fabric, which is then supplied to the market in the form of rolls. One of the main parameters when choosing a grid will be the format and size of the cells. So, the initial level is represented by materials with a standard size of 15 x 15 mm. As a rule, these are plastic models with thin rods. If you choose a decorative mesh for a fence with a large area, then it is better to look at models with larger cells. Metal products are produced with "grains" of up to 100 x 100 mm format. You should also decide on the sizecanvases. During the installation of the fence, it is desirable to minimize the joints of the two parts of the mesh, therefore, even when ordering the material, rolls of sufficient length should be selected. However, in difficult installation conditions, the segmented formation of the intake line will also justify itself.

Grid design tools

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If the protective qualities of the mesh are largely determined by the characteristics of the material itself, then the decorative function can be improved by vegetation. Actually, initially the decorative mesh was developed, among other things, as a carrier for the formation of hedges. Climbing plants are organically woven into the cellular structure, creating aesthetic images of plant walls. To do this, it is enough to install the grid itself, and then plant a suitable variety of climbing plants, flowers or conifers along the fence line.

As an alternative decoration, it is proposed to use handmade creations. For example, a decorative mesh can be framed with corrugated board, on the surface of which a pattern or pattern will be depicted. The advantages of this solution include an increase in the protective function due to the additional inclusion of metal.


decorative metal mesh

There are two types of nets - plastic and metal. Recently, the most widespread are plastic models. The fact is that such material is beneficial for its practicality, low weight and safety. WhatAs far as protective functions are concerned, plastic cannot be compared with stainless steel in terms of physical resistance to an attacker, but it is resistant to chemical attack and corrosion. The group of metal products includes many different versions, including a decorative mesh on the grille, which can give the appearance of the car a more sophisticated look. Models designed specifically for use in the fence structure should be considered separately. These are high-strength products, which are especially valuable in compositions of multifunctional fences.

What is the difference between decorative metal mesh?

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From the point of view of operational value, the best choice would be a high-quality metal mesh. It is reliable, strong, durable and performs all the same functions as polymer counterparts. However, it is important to choose the right material. Traditional domestic wire from the lowest price category without galvanization in aggressive conditions will not last even a couple of years. Therefore, it is worth choosing a low-carbon steel wire. With such a base, the decorative fence mesh will last up to 20 years without requiring painting work. But, of course, there are also disadvantages to the metal mesh. Mainly it is its rigidity, which can cause a lot of trouble during installation.

Manufacturer Reviews

The choice of nets for creating a fence today is very large, so there will be no difficulty in choosing the best option. For example, those who rely on the aesthetic merits of the material should familiarize themselves withranges from Tenax and ProFence. These companies focus on gardening and in this case take into account the wishes of the owners who care about the appearance of their possessions. Users of these products note the sophistication of materials, a wide range and durability. In the catalogs of the Lepse and Stren companies, a metal decorative mesh is also widely represented. The mesh manufactured by these companies is great for security. It is for these principles that the products of the above companies are valued by homeowners with garden plots and ordinary summer residents.

Mounting Features

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Initially, a fence installation diagram is drawn up with a clear indication of the points of fixation of the supporting stakes. The posts are installed in pits with a depth of about 0.8-1 m. It is not necessary to fill them with concrete, but a dense tamping mixture will provide a minimum level of fastening. Next, a mesh is attached, the protective and decorative function of which will largely depend on the quality of fixation. It is not recommended to directly cling the cells to the posts with nails and other hardware.

The most reliable option for a polymer product is to provide a connection through a solid clamp with a wooden lath, which is screwed or nailed to the bearing surface with a grip on the edge of the wire. Even more advantageous fixation allows a decorative metal mesh that can withstand high loads. In this case, instead of a wooden bar, an iron bar can be used, which is subsequently welded to the pole. Respectively,and carriers must also be made of metal.


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Mesh fences have a lot of advantages. They are cheap, require little effort in installation, are easily dismantled and act as a good means of supporting climbing vegetation. By the way, if necessary, a decorative mesh can open the visibility of the site, which is impossible in the case of concrete and brick fences. But, of course, in terms of protective qualities, this option is inferior to an alternative from the same concrete or stone. This shortcoming can be compensated only by installing a well-thought-out alarm system with a prompt notification function. Also, do not forget that fences not only protect private property from uninvited guests, but may also be required as a means of internal zoning on the site - and in such cases, the advantages of the mesh fabric are obvious.

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