Combined hobs: overview, types and description. Combined induction and electric hob: description, benefits and reviews

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Combined hobs: overview, types and description. Combined induction and electric hob: description, benefits and reviews
Combined hobs: overview, types and description. Combined induction and electric hob: description, benefits and reviews

Combined hob is a great option for those who have both electricity and gas in their kitchen. This combination allows flexible use of the hob, since different burners differ in their heating and operating temperature. But the main advantage of using the combined option is insurance against sudden power outages or gas line repairs.

combined hobs

Combination hobs: varieties

Modern technologies have made it possible to combine the capabilities of gas and electric stoves in different ways in one device. So, combined hobs can consist of:

  • Gas burners on a metal surface (one or more) and cast iron classic "pancakes".
  • Induction and gas burners on glass.
  • Hi-Light (quick heating burners) and"gas on glass".
  • Also can be combined induction and electric hob.

There are many variations of such combined appliances in terms of the number of electric and gas burners. The following are considered the most popular: "2 plus 2" and "3 plus 1", where 3 gas and 1 electric elements. Other combinations are possible, such as "1 plus 3" or "3 plus 2", but they are much less common.

Combination hobs can be independent and dependent on the oven, differ in the type of material from which the worktop is made, have different control methods.

The number of electric and gas types of burners that are equipped with the surface of the stove can vary, which allows you to purchase a combination hob with the set that is right for you.

Prices for different models of such devices depend on the manufacturer, design and type of installation.

combined hobs electric and gas

The benefits of using such kitchen appliances

The main reasons for the popularity of combined hobs are their versatility and functionality. Gas heating provides speed and plenty of cooking options. The electric zone pleases with heating power, convenience, cost-effectiveness in operation, additional safety in use.

Modern combined hobs are presented by manufacturers in a variety of modifications.

combi hob gas

Top reasons to buy these kitchen appliances:

  • Choice of different types of burners. This is an excellent backup option if there are problems with electricity or gas supplies.
  • Ease of use. The gas cooks quickly, while the electric stove provides more power.
  • Actual functionality (from electric ignition to gas control).
  • Combined hobs (electric and gas) have convenient controls.
  • A huge range of manufacturers and various models.
combined hob induction and electric


This combined technique has practically no drawbacks. Unless you need to control the utensils used. Some pots are needed for induction, and others for electric and gas burners.

Gas hob combination

The most popular are models that combine gas burners on the panel and an electric oven (depending on options). According to some hostesses, such stoves are good for baking, while other processes (frying, boiling, stewing) are best done on gas. Here you can choose not only traditional, but also more original compositions. For example, CATA LCI 631 A BK, the surface of which is made of tempered glass. Its four gas burners are represented by a triple crown, which speeds up cooking. There is also a convenient function - electric ignition.

No less popularcombined hobs electric and gas. They complement each other. Cooking is fast and convenient. At the same time, one does not have to be afraid to leave households without fresh food due to an accidental interruption in any type of supply. There are also many offers here. Bosch products are very popular with buyers. For example, the PME675K01E model has a stylish glass-ceramic surface with 3 gas burners (one of which is reinforced) and 1 electric burner.

The most modern, stylish and at the same time convenient solutions - when one glass-ceramic hob combines both gas and electric options. Such models are produced by Hotpoint-Ariston (you can also find a combination of the material itself, for example, glass and stainless steel). And for the Kaiser, Neff, Electrolux and Gorenje brands, Hi-Light burners are perfectly combined with glass-ceramic gas burners. And this is not a complete list of proposals. For example, in Electrolux EGE 6182 NOK everything is ergonomic and stylish: a beautiful glass-ceramic surface with 1 electric and 3 gas burners. This combined gas and electric hob has an electric ignition function.

electric combined hob

Combination electric hob

Such models can be combined not only with gas burners - in the assortment you can find interesting combinations of various technologies. When choosing kitchen appliances, such versatility can do a good job.

Combined induction hob

One of the representatives of innovative technologies is considered to be a combined induction and electric hob, the principle of operation of which is fundamentally different from the classical methods of heating dishes. An induction block is used as a heating element, which is located under the glass-ceramic coating. Moreover, it heats only the dishes, and the burner itself remains almost cold. The advantage of induction burners is very fast heating, a wide range of temperature adjustment and a high level of safety.

This electric combined hob is multifunctional and very convenient. Similar offers can be found at Neff, Bosch, Gorenje, Electrolux, Zanussi, Hotpoint-Ariston.

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