Connecting an LED strip: how to do it right

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Connecting an LED strip: how to do it right
Connecting an LED strip: how to do it right

Proper connection of the LED strip involves following the special instructions that will be given below. Following them, the created LED backlight with your own hands will have to last as long as possible.

So, before proceeding directly to the installation of the tape, the first step is to measure the length of the section where it will be installed. It is important. After all, each of the LED strips can only be divided into certain minimum parts (cutting ratio). Some of them can be cut off at most so that only three LEDs remain, and other types so that either two or four remain, etc. (it all depends on the brand of the product).

connecting led strip

Of course, having determined only the required length, it is not yet possible to connect the LED strip. The second, also very important stage is the choice of the most suitable power source in terms of parameters. After all, the excess or shortage of such parameters as the operating voltage and specific power of the LED strip can lead to an instant or premature exit of it.out of service. If you decide to use colored (RGB) tapes, then in addition to the power supply, you also need to purchase a microcontroller that needs the right power supply. After purchasing all the necessary, and most importantly, suitable equipment, the installation and connection of the LED strip can begin.

There are many ways to use this type of decoration. But the most commonly used LED strip to illuminate the ceiling. However, one thing is for sure: wherever it is installed, the installation rules are the same in all cases. Below are some guidelines for this.

led strip for ceiling lighting

Most LED strips have an adhesive layer with which they are attached. And since it is known that the glue does not tolerate dust and grease, the surface must be carefully cleaned, unless, of course, it is contaminated. This is done by hand. The area where the tape will be installed can be wiped with alcohol or some kind of solvent - this will remove all grease.

Now it remains only to remove the protective layer on the back of the tape and attach it to the surface (do not press hard on the device, everything is done with light movements). It is important to remember that you can not bend the tape too much - this can damage the contacts (the minimum bending radius is 20 mm), and when cutting it, you need to use scissors. It is also important not to damage the soldering points. And if you want to solder two separate pieces, then you need to attach a soldering iron to the designated areas.The temperature should not exceed 260 degrees.

Now you can connect the LED strip to the power source. It is important to avoid contact with water and other conductive materials.

do-it-yourself LED lighting

Summarizing, we can give additional recommendations for handling LED strips:

  • - Flexible bands should not be bent for no reason.
  • - Do not allow broken contacts.
  • - Observe the polarity of electricity when connecting the tape to power.
  • - It is important to use only the most suitable power supplies.
  • - When the tape is mounted on a conductive surface, the area must first be insulated.

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