How to equip a pond in the country with your own hands?

How to equip a pond in the country with your own hands?
How to equip a pond in the country with your own hands?

A beautifully designed pond in the country can become your favorite place. It is not very difficult to make it, you need to be patient. First of all, we determine the shape and dimensions in order to select the necessary material. Shops now sell plastic blanks for the pond. Any old container, for example, a basin that you have not used for a long time, can work great here. Or a baby bath, if the children are already grown. It is possible to adapt an old enameled bath, provided that you have purchased a new one. Even a tire from a big wheel can come in handy.

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Having decided on the question of "what to do", let's move on to the next one. How to make a pond in the country, having nothing but your hands? We begin to prepare the place where the pond will be located. To drown the chosen form, it is necessary to dig a hole. Its dimensions depend on the auxiliary material that you decide to use. If this is a small basin, then it is better to hide it in a flower garden. For the bath, you need to dig a large hole to completely hide it. If you are using a tire, then just dig it in to the middle.

how to make a pond in the country

A pond in the country can be equipped without a ready-made tank. So he evenit will turn out more interesting, because it will be possible to give it any shape. After preparing the hole, pour some sand there to make a pillow. Then we cover the entire inside with a film so that it fits snugly around the edges of the pit. We fix the ends on the surface with stones and pour some water. The film must be aged and completely take the form of a dug hole. When using an old plastic bath, it is also better to protect it, especially if it has cracks.

The next step to take when creating a pond in the country is to strengthen the shore. Here it is better to use the cobblestones that are found on the site. They are necessary to secure the edge of the film. If there are no stones nearby, use wooden blocks. They can be cut to different heights. It will be even more interesting.

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An artificial reservoir in the country can be entered into the landscape with a rockery or a grotto. Lay out a beautiful wall and launch your home waterfall. When choosing a place for arranging a reservoir, try not to have large trees nearby. Otherwise, you will often have to clean the pond from fallen leaves. Having overlaid the banks with stones, we fill in the water. Now it’s worth thinking about the flora of your pond: what flowers to plant and how to design a pond. You can buy ready-made figurines of ducks or other animals. But if you make frogs and a heron out of plastic bottles, it will be quite good, and even very cute. Using unnecessary trash, you additionally clean and decorate your territory.

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Leaving a pond in the country for the winter, it is better to pump water out of it. Otherwise, it will freeze and may damage your artwork. Large bodies of water can survive the winter with water, but the plants will most likely have to be planted again. It is unlikely that they will overwinter in an open area. If the size of the site allows, then you can dig a small pool. Its walls are finished with cement and tiles. It is better to install a light roof over the pool, which can be removed when there is no water. And if you think over the option of heating the entire tank, then in winter it will be possible to swim.

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