Best toilet cleaner review

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Best toilet cleaner review
Best toilet cleaner review

Freshness and cleanliness in the house is the key to a comfortable stay in it. This is especially true for the bathroom. Cleaning the toilet is not a very pleasant task, but inevitable. To save time and effort, effective modern tools come to the rescue, giving plumbing not only a sparkling whiteness, but also able to quickly and easily remove rust and persistent limescale. Disinfecting the surface, they rid it of various pathogenic microbes and bacteria, thereby maintaining the he alth of the whole family. Today, manufacturers of household chemicals provide a wide range of cleaning products for sinks and toilets. They are available in the form of a cream, gel or powder.

Which is the best value for money toilet cleaner? To answer this question, consider the most popular products provided on store shelves.

best toilet bowl cleaner

Types of cleanersfunds

Depending on the purpose, such products are divided into several types:

  1. Means for cleaning the toilet from rust and limescale. As a rule, they contain acids or other aggressive components. They allow you to effectively deal with hard formations on a faience or ceramic bowl, easily remove the formed brown stains. But at the same time, such products can corrode the enamel, due to which, over time, the toilet bowl begins to turn gray or even become covered with a fine grid of cracks.
  2. Disinfectors. They do not remove limescale, but very effectively purify the water in the siphon and the toilet bowl from pathogens. They contain acids, mainly hydrochloric, as well as analogues of chlorine. Disinfectants not only quickly clear bacteria, but also help slow their reproduction.
  3. Universal. These bathroom and toilet cleaners are good at removing plaque, cleaning dirt and getting rid of bacteria. The composition includes acids and other active additives. Compared to specialized products, they cost less, but they are inferior in efficiency.

Let's take a closer look at the best toilet cleaners, user reviews and properties.

Cillit Bang Lime and Rust

best toilet stone cleaner

This is a very effective toilet cleaner. According to research, it is ideal for removing stubborn rust stains, lime deposits, bad odors, giving a crystal clear shine,which lasts long enough. One of the components is concentrated hydrochloric acid, due to which this tool is effective, but it is recommended to work with it with gloves. It is undesirable to use it for people prone to allergic reactions. Cillit is available as a gel. Thanks to the well-designed bottle shape, dirt can be removed effortlessly even in the most inaccessible places.

Users noted the following advantages of this product:

  • quick removal of contaminants from the surface;
  • pleasant citrus scent;
  • disinfectant action;
  • thick consistency;
  • presence of a thin nose, which contributes to the convenient application of the product;
  • quite economical consumption.

According to many users, this is the best toilet cleaner.

Among the disadvantages is that the product may cause an allergic reaction.


best toilet cleaner

This manufacturer of household chemicals is considered one of the most popular among Russian buyers. In its composition, this toilet cleaner contains chlorine, so people prone to allergic reactions should use it with caution. But thanks to this particular component, an excellent result is achieved: limestone and rusty smudges are easily removed.

Convenient dispenser distributes the gel in hard-to-reach places, dissolving plaque and dirt. Having disinfectant properties, Domestos prevents the appearance of bacteriaand microbes. Due to its thick consistency, the product is very economical. The product perfectly removes the persistent smell in the bathroom, fills it with an unobtrusive aroma of freshness. The special formula ensures a crystal white surface.

Users noted the following benefits:

  • antibacterial effect;
  • excellent toilet cleaning;
  • there is a convenient dispenser;
  • The product gives a radiant whiteness to surfaces;
  • has the best value.

According to many, this is the best toilet cleaner.

Cons: May cause allergic reactions when used.

"House" from Faberlic

This best toilet cleaner is phosphate and chlorine free. It is based on safe acids that are used in the food and cosmetic industry, but despite this, it gives excellent results after cleaning. An hour after exposure to the gel, strong dirt, rust, soap deposits, and limestone are removed instantly, without much effort. To obtain the best effect, it is recommended to clean the surface with a brush. Due to the very thick consistency, the emulsion does not spread, does not immediately dissolve under water, retaining its cleansing property. Due to the absence of abrasive substances in the composition, the surface of the sanitary ware is not scratched, it remains clean and snow-white for a long time.

According to some consumers, this is the best toilet cleaner. It has the following features:

  • effectively removes impurities;
  • has thickconsistency;
  • provides gentle care for plumbing;
  • there is a pleasant citrus smell;
  • presence of a convenient cap with a lock;
  • the product is antibacterial.

No deficiencies identified.


what is the best toilet cleaner

This product is also listed as one of the best toilet cleaners for rust and dirt due to the positive feedback from users who have been using it for quite some time. Its important advantage is that within 7 days after application, the antibacterial effect is preserved, which prevents the appearance of bacteria and microbes. The composition includes acids that remove 100% rust, limescale formations, soap deposits. The conveniently shaped spout allows you to apply the solution in hard-to-reach places, under the rim of the toilet bowl, thereby removing bacteria and dirt almost everywhere. Another significant plus of this tool is economical consumption. Even a very small amount of the product can restore the original appearance of plumbing. There is a lock on the cap for child protection.

Positive feedback:

  • lasting result within seven days;
  • antibacterial agent;
  • presence of a convenient and reliable dispenser with a lock;
  • restoring the whiteness of plumbing fixtures;
  • affordable price.

Among the negatives is an unpleasant smell.

Toilet duck

best toilet bowl cleaner reviews

One more besttoilet bowl cleaner from rust and dirt. It contains hydrochloric acid. The product is distinguished by its affordable price, convenience and safety of use. The tool is available in the form of a gel, the density is medium, there is an original spout that allows you to distribute the contents qualitatively even under the rim of a plumbing fixture. Despite the fact that the composition contains a strong acid, the smell is quite tolerable.

Pros, according to user reviews:

  • presence of a convenient bottle with a curved spout;
  • leaves a pleasant smell after use;
  • excellent cleaning;
  • cap has "child protection".


This is the best toilet bowl cleaner for stone, rust and yellow deposits from poor quality water. An acid-based gel is made, which ensures a quite decent result even in very neglected cases. Can be used on a variety of surfaces: tiles, sanitary ceramics, enameled bathtubs, etc.

Among the advantages noted efficiency for all types of pollution, especially rust. Pleased with the low price.


  • necessary to rub when cleaning;
  • curved spout missing;
  • lid not blocked.


This is a gel-like stone and rust toilet cleaner with oxalic acid. It acts effectively and carefully, leaving the sanitary ware snow-white and fragrant. In terms of performance, this product is close to more expensive "brothers", and in terms of comfort of use, it is completelyovertakes them. Compared to other means, it is less popular, but deserves good ratings, because it has a low cost and good efficiency.

Pros of this product:

  • smell and composition is not so "nuclear" compared to products with hydrochloric acid;
  • Long-lasting fresh fragrance;
  • whitens well;
  • cap is child resistant.


  • not so good at removing limescale;
  • need to rub stubborn stains.


sink and toilet cleaner

Belgian ecological product that guarantees not only an excellent result after cleaning the bathroom, but also complete safety. This product does not contain hazardous chemicals. Ecover is popular with consumers who prefer eco-labeled products. The tool is available in the form of a gel, spray and cream. It easily and quickly copes with rust and lime deposits. It has antibacterial properties, removes unpleasant odors, disinfects well, gives a fresh pleasant aroma. Not harmful if inhaled, does not cause allergic reactions.

This is one of the best toilet cleaners, according to consumer reviews. It is able to remove even the most old dirt from the first time, gently affects the hands, and has a pleasant smell. In addition, the tool is very economical. Ideal for families with allergy-prone people and small children.

Main features:

  • safe composition;
  • effective cleansing;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • easy application.

Among the shortcomings, users noted the high price.

Frosch toilet bowl cleaner

bathroom and toilet cleaner

Frosch is a product from a famous German brand. The product is effective for cleaning all types of plumbing. It removes rust, limestone, well eliminates unpleasant odors. Biodegradable and hypoallergenic drug is harmless to the environment and he alth. The cleaner has been dermatologist tested and is safe for the respiratory tract and skin. The composition does not include synthetic additives, chlorine, chemical flavors. Citric acid has a very gentle effect on plumbing fixtures, copes with even the most difficult dirt, does not scratch the surface. Lavender extract removes unpleasant specific odors, while leaving a fresh floral scent for a long time. Many experts believe that this is one of the best hypoallergenic products in terms of price and quality.

Benefits, according to user reviews:

  • environmentally friendly product;
  • excellent cleansing even of stubborn dirt;
  • pleasant floral fragrance;
  • economical;
  • gentle care.

No deficiencies identified.

Zero Toilet Cleaning Gel

It contains no harmful substances such as chlorine, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, fragrances and syntheticdyes. The biodegradable product is safe for human he alth and the environment. The cleansing effect is achieved thanks to the citric acid included in the composition, which well removes even heavily stubborn stains of limescale, rust, and gives plumbing cleanliness and radiant whiteness. The tool has an antibacterial effect, which prevents the appearance and reproduction of various microbes. The extract of needles destroys an unpleasant smell. Due to the convenient shape of the bottle, you can clean the surface even under the plumbing rim. Gentle formula is very gentle on the surface of the toilet, preventing damage and scratches. Among the advantages of the tool should be noted:

  • natural composition;
  • gentle care of plumbing fixtures;
  • pleasant smell;
  • antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties;
  • affordable price.

No cons found.


Great budget chlorine product designed to fight mold, limescale, soap streaks, greasy stains. Designed for cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware. The gel disinfects the surface well, destroys all pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Due to the thick consistency, the agent does not drain quickly from inclined surfaces. The action continues even underwater. The antibacterial properties help remove harmful bacteria and prevent their growth. Sanfor perfectly neutralizes unpleasant odors, filling the toilet with a pleasant floral scent. The conveniently shaped spout helps to reach the most inaccessible places.The tool works very quickly. The maximum effect can be achieved after application after 10-15 minutes.

The advantages of the gel are as follows:

  • greatly copes with all kinds of pollution;
  • has antibacterial properties;
  • quickly and effectively removes dirt;
  • neutralizes bad odors;
  • has a thick consistency;
  • has an affordable price.

No cons found.

So, we have reviewed the best toilet cleaners. The use of such household chemicals requires dosed and careful use, proper storage and protection of the respiratory organs and hands. Happy shopping!

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