Aquanet bathtubs: customer reviews, range overview, photos

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Aquanet bathtubs: customer reviews, range overview, photos
Aquanet bathtubs: customer reviews, range overview, photos

The bathroom is an essential part of any apartment. After a hard day, it is pleasant to spend time devoting it to yourself in a high-quality and comfortable bath. The modern market of manufacturers is replete with various offers, allowing you to choose and equip a bathroom according to your personal desire and preference. One of the most famous companies is Aquanet. Reviews of the baths of this brand, product features will be discussed further.

A Brief History

On the market of sanitary products, the presented company has existed for a relatively short time, only about thirty years. It all started with the production of doors, oddly enough. Realizing that this type of product is not in demand, the manufacturer decided to move to a new level. Namely - to create furniture for the bath "Aquanet". Feedback on this product has been overwhelmingly positive.

Short story

At the beginning of the year 2000, the staff of the represented company decided to startto produce shower cabins, and just a year later, acrylic bathtubs appeared in the assortment. They were produced using Italian technology.

Ten years later, the company's catalog offered towel warmers, nice bathroom accessories and sanitary wares.

Currently, stores are open not only throughout Russia, but also in countries such as Kazakhstan and Belarus.


According to reviews, Aquanet acrylic bathtubs are presented in a wide range. Therefore, you can find the most suitable model for the bathroom.

Aquanet bath shop

For example, in addition to showers, you can purchase accessories. This simplifies the installation of plumbing. There are also various shower systems (top, side, hygienic). For them, you can also find special hoses, racks, trays and ladders.

Among the varieties of sanitary products are:

  • faucets for sinks, kitchens, bathtubs, showers, bidets and on board bathtubs;
  • wall-mounted, overhead, floor-standing and built-in sinks;
  • toilet bowls hanging, attached and floor;
  • urinals and bidets.

Bathroom furniture

bathroom furniture aquanet reviews

In reviews of Aquanet bathroom furniture, consumers note that the range presented by this company will be able to satisfy any needs and desires of the consumer. The manufacturer offers to purchase:

  • Furniture sets consisting of floor or hangingmirror box.
  • Sink cabinets available in custom sizes.
  • Rolling cabinets. They can be hidden under the bath to save space.
  • Mirror cabinet or regular mirror. Can be hung over the sink.
  • Cabinet-pencil case. It will also allow you to save maximum free space.
  • Banquette. It is not only functional, but also gives originality.

Types of baths offered

According to customer reviews of Aquanet bathtubs, the company produces different types of them. The most bought are:

  • acrylic bathtubs;
  • quarylic (this type of bath has recently appeared: as part of the coating, acrylic, polymeric substances and quartz);
  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • baths made from engineered stone.

The listed varieties differ in cost and performance. For each interior style, you can choose the appropriate plumbing option.

Customer Reviews

The owners of Aquanet baths in the reviews note affordability. After all, the cost of the presented products does not hit the wallet of the average buyer, which means that everyone can enjoy the quality and choose a design to their liking.

Aquanet bath reviews

Those who decide to install an Aquanet bath in their home, according to reviews, are satisfied with their purchase. Buyers note the quality packaging and fast delivery. As a result, the products are delivered to the address indicated in the application promptly. It has no defectsas during the transportation process the manufacturer packs bowls and accessories with high quality.

The performance of products also pleases the consumer. This is explained by the fact that the manufacturer approaches this criterion responsibly and conscientiously. The bowls are of good quality. The durability of the sanitary ware of the presented brand is explained by a special approach to production. We use high-tech equipment and advanced techniques for manufacturing bowls and accessories.

When buying acrylic bathtubs, sellers remind you that the use of chemical cleaning agents can severely damage the coating. This is worth remembering when purchasing acrylic, steel and other types of bathtubs. Consumers claim that when using special detergents, it is possible to maintain the spectacular appearance of the top layer of plumbing for a long time.

A large selection of finishes allows customers to buy the best option, because everyone chooses a bath according to their preferences. The overall design of the bathroom also plays a huge role. Therefore, for those who want a white acrylic bathtub, of course, a dark bowl made of artificial stone is not suitable, but for lovers of modernity, the usual cast-iron plumbing.

Installing the bathtub

When purchasing Aquanet bathtubs, according to customer reviews, you can be sure that the installation will be relatively easy and quick. It can also be done on your own. But it is much preferable to seek help from professionals.

Bath installation

First of all, masterwill take an interest in the dimensions of the desired bath, make a high-quality frame. In most cases, products come with a metal structure ready for installation, unless otherwise specified by the buyer.

If you want to choose a cheaper option, then the bath is installed on the legs that are included in the package.

In order for the bathroom equipment to acquire a stable position, it is fixed with special dowels, cutting them into the wall. This ensures the durability and longevity of the plumbing.

The seams between the wall and the bathroom can be treated with sealants, which will prevent moisture from penetrating the floor and not spoiling its coating.

Instead of polyurethane foam, special corners are sometimes used, which can also be purchased with the bathroom and measure their width upon purchase. This will help prevent returns and install plumbing in a short time.

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