"Ami Furniture": customer reviews, range overview, materials used

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"Ami Furniture": customer reviews, range overview, materials used
"Ami Furniture": customer reviews, range overview, materials used

Furniture is an integral part of the interior. Its cost can be a significant part of the budget for repairs. Before buying, you should carefully study the offers on the market. The furniture of the Belarusian manufacturer "Torgovy Dom Laguna" under the trademark "Ami Mebel" is gaining more and more popularity.

Development history

In the nineties, furniture was produced in the city of Baranovichi, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus. Future competitors of Pinskdrev in the early 2000s acquired controlling stakes in small Belarusian manufacturers: Slutsk Furniture Factory, Zhlobinmebel, Kossovo Association. So expanded production, increased the number of storage facilities. Gradually increased the volume of products.

Marketing strategy

Distinctive features of the activities of the company "Trading House Laguna" is the constant growth of stores, frequent advertising on radio and television channels, regular discounts and promotions. The range is constantly expanding. Sale of goods by installments. In the territoryThere are 258 outlets in the Republic of Belarus, 31 stores in the Russian Federation, 3 stores in Georgia, 7 Ami Mebel trade enterprises in Moldova.

Customer Service

In most stores, salespeople are friendly, patient, helpful, and answer any questions. There is delivery at large shopping facilities, the prices for which can be found from sales managers. In small shops only self-delivery is possible. Before buying, you should find out about all the points of interest.

shop ami

When purchasing goods by installments, payment is practiced only in the purchase store during the periods specified in the contract. The product is delivered disassembled. In addition to paying for the goods, shipping, the buyer must hire an assembler or assemble the product himself.

Among the reviews about "Ami Furniture" there are dissatisfied with the level of service, lack of delivery, the need for self-assembly.

Materials used

In the production of furniture, raw materials of low quality are used. The bottom of the drawers of the sofas is made of thin fibreboard, which are nailed down. The side walls of the base of upholstered furniture are made from chipboard with a thickness of sixteen millimeters. The fabric is loose, so it often "sags" before the end of the warranty period. Fillers, according to reviews, have "Ami Furniture" of poor quality. They often lose their shape, bulge or form hollows at the junction of the seat and backrest.

Kitchen sets are made from wood fiber boards (MDF) covered with a filmmade of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Assortment of products sold

In the reviews, "Ami Mebel" is often compared with the manufacturer of household goods "Ikea". The stores sell upholstered, cabinet furniture. You can buy chairs, mattresses, figurines, mirrors, photo frames, paintings, wall clocks, hangers, storage containers, chandeliers, lamps, and many little things to create comfort in the house.

Upholstered furniture

"Ami" produces straight and corner, modular sofa beds, easy chairs, kitchen benches, sofas, ottomans, banquettes, pouffes. Buyers face the difficult choice of acquiring the desired piece of furniture among the variety of sizes, colors, and options.

Tokyo bedroom


The company sells a wide range of sofa products. The filling is made of foam rubber or a block of independent springs. Most often, the company combines two fillers: in the back - foam rubber, in the seat - a spring block.


Top material - fabric or eco-leather. Often there is a combination: the sofa is covered with fabric, and the armrests are made of artificial leather. Reviews of Ami Furniture sofas often contain customer indignation about the poor quality of coatings that stretch and “sag.”

Sofa "Ami Mbel"


Upholstered furniture is available in different sizes. You can choose the option for a small apartment or a private house. The range includes models for residential premises of any purpose: children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms.

Layout options

Sofas are laid out in the following ways: "eurobook", "forward folding", "classic book". The first option is the most common. Corner models can be expanded using the Dolphin or Eurobook method.

Among the variety of models, there are samples that are bought more often than others.

Nicoletti Sofa

Classic oversized. Dimensions are: length - 331 cm, width - 179 cm, depth - 86 cm. Seat height - 44 cm. According to reviews of Ami Furniture, Nicoletti is a frequently purchased model due to its size and attractive appearance. When unfolded, the length is 300 cm, the width is 163 cm. This sofa is suitable for tall people.

Nicoletti sofa

It is based on a block of independent springs with an orthopedic effect. The sofa has two niches for linen, which can fit several sets. The armrests are covered with solid woodgrain inserts. It is convenient to place hands or place objects on them.

Among the reviews on the sofa "Nicoletti" from "Ami Mebel" there are negative ones. They are associated with a low level of quality artificial leather. After a few years of operation, it cracks and crumbles. Appearance loses all appeal.


ami bed

"Trading House Laguna" produces forty-seven models of beds. Among them there are children's, for teenagers, in two tiers, with different widths, finishing materials. All beds have orthopedic mattresses.

Some models are equipped with liftingmechanism. Some have drawers for linen. Most beds do not have legs, they are installed on the base.

In "Tokyo", "Nadezhda", "Stephanie", "Riviera" the frame is made of chipboard, the front sides at the legs and headboard are made of MDF. Beds "Empire", "Venice", "Santa" are upholstered in fabric or eco-leather. According to reviews, the bed "Empire" from "Ami Furniture" is in the greatest demand.

Baby Models

The company produces models for children. "Alba", "Eliza" are made of chipboard. Has a ladder to the second tier.

"Eliza Deluxe" is a sleeping place on the second tier, on the first - a wardrobe for storing clothes and a work area, consisting of a countertop, a shelf. There are samples of bunk models for children with sofas on the first tier, and a bed on the second.

A lot of negative reviews about Ami Furniture beds. They are associated with low quality raw materials. Samples with soft upholstery are attractively depicted on promotional booklets. In reality, according to consumers, decorative stitching is sewn on the soft surface of the headboard, there is no “voluminous” effect.


For the convenience of sleep, you can purchase mattresses, mattress covers, toppers, pillows. All products with orthopedic effect. They have a removable cover that can be removed and washed in the washing machine. In all models, fillers have sanitary and hygienic certificates of suitability for use.

Some of the products consist of a block of independent springs, some have polyurethane foam as part of the filler. Mattress "Praktik" consists of a block of springs "bonnel".

Product sizes vary. Minimum dimensions - 80x186 cm, maximum - 180x198 cm.

There are sofa covers for sale. They serve to create a smooth surface without differences in height when sleeping on sofas. Made from hypoallergenic material. There is a cover that can be removed for washing. With the help of rubber bands, they are “put on” on the sofa, do not slip during sleep. In reviews of mattresses from Ami Furniture, there are those who are dissatisfied with the rapid sagging of springs or polyurethane foam.

Kitchen sets

"Trading House Laguna" produces cabinet furniture. Many buyers are interested in kitchens at a low price.

The assortment is diverse: angular and linear, various colors and sizes. Kitchens are made from chipboard (chipboard), facades are made from MDF. The color of the postformed worktop is discussed and selected before ordering a kitchen set.

ami kitchen

The most expensive kitchen - "Venice -2". Its dimensions are: length - 300 cm when installing a plate of 60 cm, width - 160 cm, height - 205 cm, depth - 60 cm. They are produced in white with dark handles in a classic style. The base material of the cabinets is chipboard, the facades are MDF.

The cheapest is Bella-7. Production material - chipboard, facades - MDF. At the same time, the length is 100 cm, the depth is 60 cm. It consists of two lockers at the bottom and two at the top. The bottoms are a nice dark brown, the tops are light beige.

Among the reviews about the kitchens of "Ami Mebel" there are few positive ones. Often there are negative opinions about the low quality of products. On hitmoisture, chipboard swelling occurs, sometimes the film leaves the facades with strong heat from the stove or hob.

Enterprise "Trading House Laguna" produces and sells a wide range of furniture products and goods to create comfort in the house. The company has an extensive network of retail facilities in the Republic of Belarus, more than thirty stores in the Russian Federation.

Pros of the company

The main benefits of buying Ami Furniture products are:

1. Price. This is the main attraction factor. Prices for furniture are lower than those of competitors. In conditions of limited funds - after purchasing your own housing and carrying out repairs - the factory's products allow you to purchase sleeping places at an affordable cost.

2. Installment. Before buying in installments, you should ask about the terms of provision. Today, the company allows you to divide payments into ten months. There is a first installment, the rest is distributed in equal shares for the period specified in the contract. During the pre-holiday period, shops may offer installment plans without a down payment.

3. Rich assortment. Any buyer will find furniture to his taste. The shops are full of small things to complement the home interior.

4. Warranty periods for furniture - 18 months. Be aware of warranty and non-warranty cases. In the event of a breakdown due to the fault of the buyer, the store will refuse to repair, replace or refund money.

5. Distribution of outlets. In Belarus, shops are open in large cities and in many district centerscountries, even small towns.

Cons of the enterprise

Many are repelled by the quality of products. Among the many customer reviews about Ami Furniture, it is difficult to find a positive one. The main dissatisfaction from the purchase is associated with the low quality of upholstered furniture. Consumers complain about premature wear of sofa upholstery, deformation of fillers. The thickness of particle boards for the manufacture of furniture is about 16 mm. When moisture gets in, it swells and deforms.

Assembly is done by the buyer. Often furniture does not have the required number of holes, fittings, assembly bolts, hardware. Many find it difficult to understand the instructions. Some buyers are forced to turn to the services of professional assemblers, paying extra for the work.

bedroom cologne

The level of service when a manufacturing defect is found is low. It is difficult to prove the fault of the manufacturer. Sometimes it is not easy to get in touch with representatives of the service center due to their constant workload.

Studying the reviews about Ami Furniture, weigh all the pros and cons.

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