How to sew comfortable and soft bean bags with your own hands

How to sew comfortable and soft bean bags with your own hands
How to sew comfortable and soft bean bags with your own hands

Recently, the popularity of bean bags is gaining momentum. Even someone who has recently met a sewing machine can sew such an element of furniture. How to make a bean bag chair with your own hands is described in detail in this master class. This representative of frameless furniture will fall in love with both large and small family members. It is so convenient to laze in front of the TV or read an interesting book. The bean bag chair will perfectly fit into the interior of any room.

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Master class: DIY bean bags

When choosing a fabric, consider the color scheme of the room. If you plan to place a bean bag chair in a children's bedroom, then opt for fabrics with a fairy tale motif. A denim bag is suitable for a teenager. The chair for adults can be both plain and with an ornament.

Fillers - polystyrene balls - are sold in a minimum volume equal to one cubic meter. Considering that for one bag you need 0.3-0.5 cubic meters of balls, it is best to make two chairs at once. To sew bean bags with your own hands, first decide on the material.For each, two types of fabric are needed - for the inner cover and for the outer one. The inner one is best sewn from thick cotton fabrics (coarse calico, satin), and the outer one is made from muslin, thick linen, upholstery fabric.

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To make DIY bean bags you will need:

  • sewing machine;
  • centimeter;
  • pattern paper;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • fabric for two covers;
  • filler of polystyrene balls (ball diameter 3-5 mm);
  • zipper (minimum half a meter).

Step by step instructions

  1. Before you make bean bags with your own hands, do the cutting. On the pattern ΒΌ part of the pattern. It must be transferred to a large sheet of paper folded four times. Set aside 20 centimeters from point 1 to point 2, and 50 centimeters from point 1 to point 3. You can use graph paper and transfer the pattern to the fabric proportionally.
  2. Open the fabric. To do this, put the pattern on the fabric, fix it with sewing pins and circle it with a pencil. Add seam allowances - 1-1.5 cm. For the outer part, add another 1-1.5 centimeters - the cover should be slightly larger than the inner one. Repeat the same procedure for the second chair. You should end up with two sets, each containing 6 parts for both cases.
  3. Take two parts of the inner cover. Then fold them right sides, secure with pins and sew. Add one more detail. When you sew on the last, sixth, do notsew to the edge of 10-15 centimeters. Through this gap, the filler will fall asleep. Do the same with the inner cover of the second bean bag.
  4. how to make a bean bag chair

    Lay the front side of one piece of the outer case on top of the other. Pin with pins, stitch them. Add one detail at a time. The last, sixth, do not attach to the first until you sew in a zipper. The zipper is best positioned at the top edge. Then stitch the details from the zipper to the bottom edge. Don't forget to run finishing seams along the sewn zipper. The zipper can be replaced with buttons or Velcro tape.

  5. Turn the bottom cover inside out and fill 2/3 of its volume with balls. Close the gap by hand. Repeat the same with the second bean bag.
  6. Turn the outer case inside out, slide it over the balloon-filled inner case, and zip up. It remains to do the same with the second chair. Everything, bean bags are ready.

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