Comfortable and comfortable double inflatable beds

Comfortable and comfortable double inflatable beds
Comfortable and comfortable double inflatable beds

Double inflatable beds deservedly occupy their niche in the market. They have a lot of advantages that make them not only in demand, but sometimes simply irreplaceable.

double inflatable beds

What are

Double inflatable beds are nothing more than a piece of furniture, and frameless. Structurally, they consist of:

  • Elastic shell. It serves as the edge of the bed and is designed to give shape.
  • Air chambers. They are filled with air when inflated and stretch the shell to the required dimensions. In double beds, there are from 2 to 6 pieces.
  • Inserts (transverse or longitudinal). They are in the form of flat rhombuses or cylinders. In the process of inflation, they are filled with air, as a result of which they take a vertical or horizontal position. Their purpose is to give rigidity and stability. In other words, they hold the body, due to which the human spine does not bend unnecessarily.
  • Valves for deflation and inflation.

What are they made of

  • Vinyl (Water Resistant PVC). Shells are made from this material.inserts and internal partitions. Vinyl is resistant to moisture, mechanical stress and abrasion. Thanks to these properties, double inflatable beds are suitable for reusable inflation / deflation, dragging and use in nature.
  • Flexible plastic. It is used to manufacture pump housings and valves. It perfectly withstands loads, does not break or burst under the influence of powerful air jets.
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    Flock. It is used to make the top coat. This material is rough, so the sheet does not slip on it.

Scope of application

  • Permanent sleeping place. Inflatable beds have a number of properties that make them in no way inferior to ordinary stationary beds.
  • Guest bed. This is a convenient solution for organizing an overnight stay for guests. Double inflatable beds can be easily assembled and then just as easy to remove.
  • Tourist sleeper. Air beds are lightweight, take up minimal space when deflated, and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Misuse. Very often this type of frameless furniture is used during outdoor recreation.


  • Light weight.
  • Mobility. Double inflatable beds can be easily moved, transported and carried.
  • Practical. Air beds are easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to quickly perform the required operations. At the same time, they can be washed with plain water, which is muchsimplifies maintenance.
  • Small price.
  • Comfort.


  • Vinyl shell can be damaged by sharp objects and pets.
  • Flocked coating collects dust, catches threads and wool.
double intex air bed 66974

How to choose

The first thing to focus on is the operating conditions. If the air bed will be used only indoors, then you should choose from models with a built-in pump. If you plan to use it while traveling or outdoors, then it is better to opt for models with a mobile pump.

And then the choice of an inflatable bed should be made on the basis of the physical indicators of a particular model. The more chambers, the more stable and rigid it will be. The thicker the vinyl, the more reliable and durable it is. And make sure you have a flocked finish.

How much does a double air bed cost

The price of this type of frameless furniture depends on several factors. This is the cost of the material, and the size, and the complexity of the design, and additional modules. So, a double Intex-66974 air bed with dimensions of 180 x 241 x 56 cm with a built-in pump will cost about 5,000 rubles.

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