Living room in a country house: design ideas, design tips, photos

Living room in a country house: design ideas, design tips, photos
Living room in a country house: design ideas, design tips, photos

The living room in a country house is one of the places that best demonstrates a sense of style. And each person sees it differently. Guests are received here, they look around and draw conclusions from the equipment of this space as to whether the owners of the premises have taste. It should not be extravagant or crowded with things. Let's demonstrate some of the best ideas for creating a living room in a country house. Photos will help you make your choice.

Cozy living room

Variety of designs

Living rooms are spaces that allow hosts to showcase their style even when space is limited.

Design ranges from black and white rooms to bright, chic, traditional and modern. This list is sure to amaze everyone and inspire creativity to a great extent. After all, having free space anddesire, you can always create a beautiful living room in a country house. Next, we will tell you exactly how to do this.

Living room decoration in modern style

Lounge corner

The corner living room is the perfect example of how to furnish a space that is really small. The striped wall along which all the furniture is placed and the carpeting give the room a spectacular and cozy look!

City Lights

Just put a black sofa, two small tables, a lamp plus a chair in a small living room in a country house. These accents will become the main elements of a small space.

Modern Style

The design of a living room in a country house can be effectively emphasized with the help of modern furniture in combination with a classic-style sofa and armchairs of a simple, restrained design. Consider installing a fireplace to make the room even more cosy.

Living room-kitchen

If the size of a country house leaves much to be desired, this does not mean that you will definitely have to sacrifice your living space. This place may be small, but it can be used both for meeting guests and for cooking. It is practical and convenient.

The simplicity of this room is visible in the chosen color palette. This space may be small, but placing more chairs allows more people to sit.

Space can feel big even if the living area is small. The effect of expanding space in this case will successfully provide an excellentchandelier. It is she who will make the room special.

Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

Bright room

A living room in a country house can be decorated with red accents against a backdrop of bamboo elements. It's pretty impressive and pretty. The red accents that have been placed in the home will surely do the trick and make an impression.

Office Room Idea

A living room in a country house can also combine the functions of an office. A small space should never be an obstacle to comfort.


This variant of the organization of space is reminiscent of living alone. One chair in front of the TV - one sofa. Minimalism for a small room.

Small living room

A small living room in a country house will look really modern with a well-chosen color palette of small plant patterns or solid color wall options.

The lighter the walls are, the more spacious the space will appear. That's what the designers say. It is not recommended to use wallpaper with large flowers. They will visually create the effect of tightness.

In a small room there should not be a lot of things and furniture. Otherwise, there will be no room for people and oxygen.

Small and simple living room

It happens that the living room in a country house, the design and photos of which are offered to your attention, is located next to the bedroom. A simple white sofa placed in this space allows the owner to watch TV after a day's work. This providescomfortable pastime. Here you can always rest in a cozy atmosphere.

bright living room

What designers advise

Even if the living room is tiny, there are plenty of ideas to help you design and furnish this space.

A good starting point is to think about how many people will regularly spend time in the living room. This will help you choose the right furniture for the space. Designers note that a large family will need a comfortable sofa and a couple of armchairs to sit comfortably.

If space is tight, chairs and pouffes are a great way to provide extra seating and can be easily removed when there are fewer people in the house.

If owners like to spend a lot of time in their living room, it's a good idea to have some lightweight side chairs to use when people come to visit. Small side tables or fold-out tables are another handy addition to give guests a comfortable seat.

Combined version

The open-plan kitchen is nothing new these days. However, whether the kitchen is separate or shared with a room, there are plenty of design possibilities. It is important to think about what you want to get in the end, and take into account the tastes of all family members.

The kitchen-living room in a country house does not seem as cramped as it often happens with kitchens separated by walls from other rooms.

There are many ways to separate it from the living room,for example using a kitchen island, table or bookshelf as a room divider. You can, of course, also use the entire wall to separate the cooking area from the living space. This prevents the heat and cooking odors from entering the living room.

Kitchen island as room divider

Refrigerator, stove, sink and small work area - cut off from the rest of the house area. For a long time, the kitchen was just that, a simple culinary area in which the chef worked alone. However, those days are gone and the kitchen has become a real center of family life and serves as a meeting place for family and friends. It is no longer just a space for cooking and baking.

And when the size of the room allows it, the kitchen island is a very important element that increases the possibilities of communication. Another great benefit of a kitchen island is that it can easily separate the kitchen from the living room without visually allowing the kitchen area to be completely isolated. On the contrary, the area is so inviting as several friends or family members can gather around it and have a conversation, even while cooking.

Low wall as room division

Even if you need a clear, but not complete separation of the kitchen from the living room, you can install such a wall. The low wall ensures that the space can be clearly seen as a separated area, but the still existing openness creates a more comfortable atmosphere. A wall like this should be open to allow access to another room.

What about the wall inold, rustic style? The added columns can be an attractive design solution for a kitchen-living room in a country house.

Photo of the living room


A simple trick to separate the kitchen from the living room is the table. If this is a conventional kitchen that divides an open plan space, then a simple table can visually separate both areas, similar to a kitchen island. And just like an island, a simple dining table can be a gathering place for friends and family.

A rectangular table is a great option. Because it can divide space both in length and in width. Adding a round table might upset the entire linear design, although it does take up a little less space.


Another very easy way to separate the kitchen from the living room is to use a bookshelf as a wall. The high and wide bookshelves provide good visibility when filled with books, and yet it does not give the impression of a completely isolated space, as it is not completely opaque. In addition, most of the bookshelves also do not reach the ceiling, providing additional space and relaxation room.

Classic wall

Of course, if you want complete separation between these two rooms, the tried-and-true wall will remain the best option for a kitchen that has its own space completely separated from the living room.

Spacious living room

Unified space advantage

Open living spaces are brighter and, above all,more attractive - they convey a sense of freedom and space. And although the purpose of the kitchen and living room is not necessarily the same, it is possible to successfully connect these spaces.

Thus, the whole process of cooking becomes a shared affair of those in the kitchen.

Country style

Despite the movement of progress, natural building materials are always in fashion. Therefore, even if artificial materials are made to look like wood or stone, such products are especially popular. The style, which effectively combines materials of natural origin, is called country.

One of the important attributes of the above style is a fireplace in the living room of a country house. Here, around the source of heat from natural fire, the attention of all residents is focused. If natural stone was used to create the fireplace, this style is considered classic. He is timeless.

If the fireplace is trimmed with stone, this is a sign of a country house. In combination with canonical shelves made of natural wood, you can get a spectacular interior.

A country house-style living room can also be created in the city. So you can equip an apartment on the lower floors. The cladding of the fireplace is created using rough raw stones. It will be effectively combined with expensive household appliances, furniture and other modern elements of apartment design.

You can also install wooden beams on the ceiling. This element of decor will provide surprise and originality of the space. Especially if the furniture is chosen in stylemodern.

Country living room design ideas


The ideas of designers and photos of the kitchen-living room in a country house, presented in the article, will tell you how to create a comfortable space where you can relax and cook successfully. Based on the proposed ideas, you can continue to implement your plans.

When planning interior design, it is important to take into account the preferences of all family members, so that everyone feels cozy and comfortable in a room where the whole family gathers in the evenings.

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