Living room in Khrushchev: design features and interesting options. Living room combined with kitchen in Khrushchev

Living room in Khrushchev: design features and interesting options. Living room combined with kitchen in Khrushchev
Living room in Khrushchev: design features and interesting options. Living room combined with kitchen in Khrushchev

How many words have been said about the legendary Khrushchev apartments with their uncomfortable layout, tiny kitchen, hallway and bathroom. Houses with such apartments were built in our country for a long time - from the mid-50s to the end of the 80s of the last century.

This housing has received a lot of criticism, especially in recent decades, but what most young people don't know is that this project was seen as temporary. Families of Soviet people who survived the terrible war and lived in barracks and hostels were resettled in these apartments. I must say that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were incredibly happy, getting such an uncomfortable apartment as we think today.

living room in Khrushchev

The architects did not then set the task of creating a convenient layout, so the rooms in such apartments are not spacious, kitchens and bathrooms are more like matchboxes. As often happens, the temporary project was delayed in our country for a long time, and to this day many Russians still live in Khrushchev apartments. But even in such a tinythe apartment can be made a good modern renovation, redevelopment to improve comfort.

Design of the central room deserves special attention. A small living room in Khrushchev is adjacent to a tiny kitchen and, oddly enough, designers do not consider this a disadvantage, but use this feature to create modern design.

How can you improve the design of Khrushchev?

At first glance, the task is impossible. But this is far from true. The design of the living room in Khrushchev will become more cozy and comfortable if light colors are used in its design. This applies to the walls as well as the ceiling, which should be 1-2 tones lighter.

In addition, light shades should be present in upholstery, textiles, accessories. There are no special requirements for the material used to decorate the walls: it all depends on the preferences of the homeowners. They can be covered with wallpaper with vertical, small patterns or stripes that visually raise the ceiling, painted, decorated decorative panels, etc.

living room design in Khrushchev

If you decide to make the walls plain, you can visually increase the height of the ceilings with the help of high candlesticks or lamps on the walls, rectangular long paintings, curtains and curtains with vertical ornaments, floor flowerpots.

The living room in Khrushchev is often used not only as a room in which households gather and the owners meet good friends. Quite often it is a resting place for one of the family members. Sowhen planning the design of a living room in Khrushchev, this circumstance must also be taken into account.

Style selection

So, you have decided to transform your small living room no larger than 18 m² into a comfortable and cozy room. First you need to choose the style of the interior. Of all their variety, designers recommend choosing only a few.

Minimalism - this style involves the simplicity of finishing both the room itself and the furnishings. In this case, plain materials and pastel colors of furniture and accessories are used. Small color accents will help make the room cozier.

Classic - this style is most often used when a kitchen or hallway joins the living room, while the opening between the rooms is made in the form of an arch. This style is characterized by leather furniture, wood trim in noble colors, a crystal chandelier and wall mirrors.

living room combined with kitchen in Khrushchev design

Some features have a living room in Khrushchev. The interior design of a small room should be subject to the main rule - the smaller the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, the less decorative wall elements should be decorated. Only small photographs and glass shelves for small items (figurines, candlesticks, etc.) are allowed on them.

Choice of furniture

When a living room in Khrushchev is decorated, many owners make a serious mistake - they arrange furniture around the perimeter of the room, hoping to fill the space as ergonomically as possible. Experts recommend installing it at least onten centimeters from the walls. In this way, you will achieve a feeling of free space sooner.

The living room in Khrushchev needs special furniture, which should be functional, especially if this room is a walk-through. Most of all, modular designs meet these requirements - when folded, they take up very little space.

kitchen living room in Khrushchev

If you prefer cabinet furniture, then opt for compact and concise designs with lots of open surfaces.

Upholstered furniture

It can be corners or folding sofas that become full-fledged sleeping places at night. The living room in Khrushchev is furnished with small furniture. Its upholstery can be both colored and plain, the main thing is that it does not contrast with the general color scheme.


Living room in Khrushchev, as well as any other house, is not complete without the use of textiles. Today there are many varieties and styles of curtains, most of which are successfully used in the design of a small apartment. In addition, these are various bedspreads, blankets, sofa cushions.

The living room in Khrushchev, decorated in the style of minimalism, will be perfectly complemented by Japanese curtains. In addition, curtains with grommets that are put directly on the eaves are suitable for such an interior.

When choosing textiles, it is important to consider how well the room is lit. But in any case, the interior will never spoil the transparent light tulle, which will give freshness and and provide free access to sunlight in the room.

Pleated curtains with a dust-repellent effect are suitable if your living room in Khrushchev is decorated in a classic style. True, it is better to refuse lambrequins, since they can make an already low room even lower.

Kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Owners of small apartments have to fight constantly for every square meter in order to make the most of a small living space. For this reason, in recent years, many owners have resorted to redevelopment, combining the living room and kitchen.

Before carrying out such serious work, you should weigh and consider all the pros and cons of such a decision. The fact is that not all walls can be demolished. And sometimes, in general, it is impossible to carry out redevelopment. But if you are lucky, and the technical characteristics of the apartment allow such a reconstruction, you can think about how the combined kitchen and living room in Khrushchev will look.

kitchen combined with living room in Khrushchev


If you tear down the wall between these rooms, you can create a modern studio apartment. Now you need to consider the design of the kitchen and living room in Khrushchev. It should be noted that this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is necessary that each part of the newly created united space fulfill its function - food will be cooked in the kitchen, household members and guests will relax in the living room.

Both zones should be correctly separated from each other and highlighted. And for thisThere are several design approaches. Most often, the kitchen area is isolated using decorative wide wooden skirting boards, which are placed along the ceiling and wall, thus repeating the line of the demolished wall. The color of these wooden elements should repeat the tone of the furniture set.

design of the kitchen and living room in Khrushchev

Visual highlight

Visually, the living room combined with the kitchen in Khrushchev is also divided. The design in this case involves the use of some accents. It can be wallpaper different in texture and pattern. By the way, they can be perfectly combined with the backsplash tiles above the work surface of the kitchen area. The combination of different floor coverings, for example, carpet in the living room and porcelain tiles in the kitchen, can also visually separate the rooms.

Space organization

After combining the rooms and freeing up the desired free space, it becomes possible to equip this room in an original way. The result of this work largely depends on the main function that, in your opinion, the combined room should carry. Consider several options.

  1. As a functional element that divides the space into two zones, designers often use a sofa. You can put a coffee table in front of it.
  2. Some owners are confused by the excessive openness that distinguishes the living room combined with the kitchen in Khrushchev. The design in this case can be somewhat complicated by adding a sliding partition between the zones or by installing a stationary open rack withshelves for flowers.


The kitchen area in the combined room can be distinguished using a podium. Undoubtedly, this will complicate the repair work somewhat, but believe me, in this way you will create a truly extraordinary design. Additional lighting around its perimeter will add a special zest to such a structure. In addition, it will become an additional source of light, as well as night illumination.

Bar counter

For many, a kitchen combined with a living room is often associated with a bar counter. It can be a continuation of a furniture set, or maybe an independent piece of furniture. A beautiful bar counter surrounded by high chairs always looks very impressive. Such a design does not have to occupy the entire space between the rooms. It can be placed in a very small area, leaving room for free passage.

If you wish, you can increase the functionality of the rack by making cabinets for dishes under it. And if you place an aquarium with fish under the bar counter, you will get a respectable and original design of the apartment. And at the same time, its practicality will remain - the table will perform its main function.

small living room in Khrushchev


A great way to separate the kitchen and living room is to create a complex multi-level ceiling, although large structures are contraindicated in Khrushchev due to the height of the rooms, but you can dream up a little. Smooth, slightly fluid forms of such a ceiling are created using gypsum boards. Enhances the zoning effectspot lighting.

It is better to entrust such work to specialists, because no matter how much they write that this work is not difficult, it is not easy for a beginner to master all the subtleties of installation. It will be a shame if money, material and time are wasted.

The Benefits of Combining Living Room and Kitchen

Many owners find it quite difficult to decide on such drastic changes in their home. Therefore, let us dwell on the pros and cons of such a reconstruction.

  • Removing the entire wall (or part of it) between the rooms, you get an additional usable area. Visually, the space seems more spacious. The kitchen, which has an area of ​​​​about six square meters, looks more open, as the dining area is shifted partially into the living room.
  • You have a real possibility of zoning the premises. Now you can afford not only a small table and stools, but a full-fledged dining table and chairs. Thus, you highlight the dining area.
  • All owners who have already combined the kitchen with the living room note that the room has become more attractive and comfortable. And if you add imagination and your own ideas to the advice of experts, you can create an original and stylish design.
  • It is impossible not to note the practicality of such a combination. Agree that in such a room it is more convenient for mom to cook dinner and look after the baby playing.


No matter how much we would like to say that such a redevelopment has no drawbacks, we are forced to admit that there are. And you need to know about them before starting the repair. If they don't scare you,feel free to get down to business. And if you consider them a serious disadvantage, it is better to refuse this venture.

  • In the living room, combined with the kitchen, there is practically no place for privacy. For a single person or, in extreme cases, a family of two, this option is appropriate. But for a family with a child, it will be hard to be in the same room all day long. Of course, this applies to a one-room Khrushchev, as a rule, such problems do not arise in a two-room apartment.
  • Another very important point: no matter what ventilation and exhaust system the kitchen is equipped with, aromas during cooking one way or another will spread throughout the apartment. Some of them quite persistently eat into textiles, carpets, furniture upholstery, which you will agree is not entirely pleasant.
  • In the kitchen - the living room should be very clean, because everything is in sight. If in a regular room you clean 2-3 times a week, then in the combined version this must be done almost daily.


As you can see, the kitchen, combined with the living room in Khrushchev, has many undeniable advantages and a number of significant drawbacks. Do not make hasty decisions, study them all, consult with experts whether such redevelopment is possible in your apartment, whether it can be done without the consent of the construction department of the administration. Well, if there are no obstacles to the realization of your dream, then get down to business.

Stick to the basic design rules, but don't forget that every rule has exceptions. fantasizeexperiment, and you will definitely create a modern stylish kitchen-living room that you have been dreaming of for a long time.

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