Bathtubs "Ravak": reviews, review of models, manufacturer

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Bathtubs "Ravak": reviews, review of models, manufacturer
Bathtubs "Ravak": reviews, review of models, manufacturer

The Czech company Ravak, which is one of the well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware, is an international joint-stock company for its production. Acrylic bathtubs "Ravak" occupy a leading position in the Russian market. Each type is unique, combines aesthetic and functional qualities. All products are certified according to global quality standards.

Rawak acrylic bathtubs


Feature is the use of innovative technology, quality and original design. The products of this manufacturer are distinguished by an unusual shape and non-standard sizes. Several lines produced by Ravak can satisfy almost every customer. For their production, the highest quality material is used. Available in the following sizes:

  • 170 x 70 - standard;
  • 150 x 70 - compact;
  • 180 x 80 - overall.

You can buy decorativeslats that will help eliminate the gaps between the side and the wall.


Ravak bathtubs are made of cast acrylate, which guarantees that the product will retain the desired shape for many years. The warranty period is 10 years. This product will not crack. The surface of the baths is non-porous, high-gloss. It is easy to clean and has antibacterial properties.

To make this product as strong as possible, it is reinforced with polyurethane foam (PU Plus) or fiberglass (LA). PU Plus are great for installing hydromassage systems in them and all thanks to:

  • soundproof properties;
  • thermal quality;
  • hardness.

The acrylic layer in bathtubs is 6mm thick. The Ravak bath, reviews of which are extremely positive, has another significant advantage - it has good thermal qualities, the water in it cools slowly.

Ravak produces special models of sanitary ware. In it, you can connect a cabin and a bathtub together, which is complemented by curtains specially designed for the shower. Plumbing products are available in various configurations, accessories can be selected by color.

bath tub


This manufacturer produces bathtubs:

  • rectangular;
  • corner;
  • asymmetric;
  • free standing.

Rectangular models look very attractive, and all thanks to smooth curves. Asymmetric and angular allow you to save space. They are goodlook good in small bathrooms. The surface is made of a three-layer polyurethane coating, which provides sound and heat insulation, as well as durability.

Free-standing models are the subject of special luxury and decoration. They are placed in the middle of a spacious room. All products can be additionally equipped with a screen (front panel).

Magnolia shapes

Rectangular bathtubs

These popular products have a huge number of different solutions. According to reviews, the Rawak City bath is comfortable and roomy. She has:

  • measures 180 x 80 cm;
  • correct form;
  • unobtrusive design.

Magnolia's rectangular shape is very different from all other types due to its very stylish design. The front side is asymmetrical. In the center, the bath is slightly expanded, so the interior space is quite large. The drain hole is located in the middle.

Chrome's appearance is simple. The side surface of the model has a slope. Bath and shower lovers will love this.

You model has a deep space inside the bowl suitable for a person of any height. You can sit in the water in such a bath up to your shoulders. The best selling series is Vanda. She has comfortable armrests built right into the body.

ravak classic

Rawak Classic bath is different:

  • comfort;
  • simplicity;
  • large space.

The flat bottom makes showering very comfortable. In seriesClassic is the most compact mini-bathtub with a length of 120 cm.

The Formy collection includes 2 types, both have slightly asymmetrical sides. Dimensions: 170 x 75, 180 x 80 cm.

Evolution bathtubs have wide, rounded sides. Appearance resembles a soft oval. Additionally comes with a headrest. The bathroom for a romantic evening is called the Campanula model by the manufacturers. Its edges are rounded, the drain is in the center. Extra large and comfortable, the XXL model is made especially for larger people.

The Domino series is represented by a comfortable and roomy rectangular bowl. The volume is 225 liters.

Ravak Avocado"

Asymmetric bathtubs

Asymmetric products take up less space compared to angular views, while retaining their main advantages:

  • bottom length for comfortable bathing;
  • high volume;
  • if necessary, the shower function.

The collection is opened by the smallest of the entire range - Ravak Avocado. This model has nice soft lines that really resemble this fruit in shape.

The Rosa I, Rosa II and Rosa 95 bathtubs have a wide and very comfortable shower area. The first two are 105 cm wide, the last one is 95 cm wide. This very popular asymmetric model has a seat.

The classic rectangular shape of the "10⁰" bathtub series is rotated 10 degrees. Due to this, the space on the board increases, on which you can place the necessary accessories.

The unusual angular shape of the BeHappy model allowssave space. She has a three-piece curtain that follows the curve exactly. It is convenient to take a shower in it. The collection includes a washbasin, which is proposed to be placed right in the place of the bath where the legs are. This will save even more space.

The Lovestory bath, thanks to its unique expandable shape, is designed for two people to bathe together.

Asymmetric's classic shape has plenty of space and a comfortable seat.

Corner baths

According to reviews, the corner configuration Ravak bath is a practical purchase for a large bathroom. Its interior space is quite roomy. You can put the necessary funds on the seat. It has the ability to accommodate two people. In large-volume baths, hydromassage is mainly installed.

The manufacturer has released two models of corner bathtubs - the classic Gentiana and the more modern NewDay. They have sides of the correct slope on both sides, so 2 people can be accommodated in a deep bowl at the same time.

Ravak NewDay

Freestanding bathtubs

This type is associated with we alth. They are installed in the center of the bathroom. The collection of this manufacturer has 3 models of this type of bath:

  • Freedom O - it is a round bowl in shape;
  • Freedom R - Trapezoidal;
  • Retro - retro design with unique elements on the outer surface.

All bowls are quite large. They are very comfortable to take a bath together.

Helpful tips

Acrylic bathtub Ravak requires careful handling because when heavy objects fall, chips and dents appear on it. Small damage can be repaired with liquid acrylic. Do not pour very hot water into the bowl, the surface may be deformed. The whirlpool jets that come with the tub can become clogged and should be cleaned.

The surface of acrylic bathtubs is cleaned with products that are specially designed for these cases. The manufacturer offers formulations to restore and maintain the purity of the product.

Ravak Gentiana


Positive reviews about the bath "Ravak" primarily relate to its excellent quality. Consumers note:

  • ergonomic design;
  • no unpleasant smell from new product;
  • durability of materials.

Many people like the unusual shape of Ravak products, for example, the 10⁰ and Avocado models. To choose according to the “price-quality” category, it is inexpensive, since it is not possible to purchase analogues with a similar set of characteristics for the cost of “Rawak”, they are more expensive.

Users note that these products keep heat for a long time and are light in weight. The advantage is that the Ravak bath does not lose its original appearance over time and is hygienic. When choosing, you must keep in mind that it is this item that mainly affects the appearance of the bathroom. Therefore, only the best designers can create forms that always look stylish and do notannoying, that's exactly what the specialists of the company "Ravak" are. And users have a rich selection of quality and beautiful bathtubs.

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