Pumping installation for increasing water pressure for the home: installation

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Pumping installation for increasing water pressure for the home: installation
Pumping installation for increasing water pressure for the home: installation

With the onset of spring, depending on the area, the water pressure in the water supply system of residential buildings is significantly reduced. This common problem always needs a solution. It is possible to demand the necessary pressure from the public service, but for a variety of reasons this is almost always impossible. Often in such situations, a conventional booster system is used. The purchase of these devices can be paid for individually or by all residents of an apartment building. It is always possible to install the pressure booster units yourself.

Pressure booster

Pump functions

Special pressure boosters are used to stabilize plumbing. The list of pump functions includes water supply to irrigation facilities, pumping liquids, and ensuring circulation in various technological processes. Tasks are also being carried out to increase pressure in fire-fighting systems, engineering structures of cold and hot water supply.

In some cases, the low head does notmakes it possible to use household appliances in a private house, office or apartment. In such a situation, a pressure booster in the water supply system will be simply indispensable.

Available models

The widest range of imported and domestic booster pumps produced can be classified according to a number of main features. Devices can have automatic or manual start mode. According to the type of construction, centrifugal and "in-line" pumps are distinguished. Such devices differ in the horizontal or vertical direction of rotation of the axis in the working system.

Booster pumping station

Grundfos pumps

In many countries these pumps are in very high demand. The products of the famous Danish concert with a flow sensor and a wet rotor are cast iron UPA 15-90, as well as UPA 15-90N with an anti-corrosion coating. The units have always been compact in size. The power of such pumps is small, they create almost no noise and are made only of high quality materials. Due to these characteristics, the water pressure booster plant occupies a leading position among existing manufacturers of such equipment. There is a special switch on the body that allows you to switch the pump from manual to automatic operation.

WILO products

The manufacturer specializes in pumps for various purposes and produces such units with wet rotors and flow sensors as PB400EA, PBH089EA, PB201EA and PB088EA in a cast iron housing. Can be distinguishedseveral advantages of the units: high resistance to corrosion, quiet operation, relatively low power consumption, low weight and compactness, thermal protection system, easy installation using fastening nuts.

Home pressure booster

Wester booster pumping unit

Most often used in the design of water supply systems for cottages, houses, individual apartments, small offices. Installed anywhere on the pipeline. These pumps can operate in various modes. A special switch is installed on the terminal block.

After selecting a certain position, the water pressure booster will work in one of several modes. This may be a permanent operation, in which no dry-running protection is provided. The pump can be turned off, but water will still flow through it to the consumer. The device can automatically turn off when there is no liquid and fire at a flow rate of more than 0.033 liters per second.

Pump Selection Guide

When choosing a suitable unit, you should pay attention to the maximum flow, head and power, the operating temperature range in which the booster installation normally operates, as well as the noise level. The price of pumps may depend on the brand, performance, materials and technologies used in the manufacture. You can buy high-quality and compact units at an affordable cost at special trading platforms,where building materials are sold, in online stores with a fairly wide range of such devices, as well as in stores selling plumbing. On the sites you can get acquainted in detail with the technical characteristics of such pumps, see the attached photos, and compare prices for a specific model, as well as get advice from a qualified manager.

Multi-pump booster system

Possibilities of using pumping stations

Pumps are often used to assemble an irrigation system. In the simplest mechanisms, where only the supply of water pressure is necessary, there is no need for additional devices. Automatic control of booster systems is not required in such cases.

Water supply systems from wells are installed in some buildings. Such pumping stations always maintain the required pressure, turning off and on automatically.

Multi-pump booster set can be used when there is insufficient water pressure in the main pipelines. Complete with such devices, intermediate storage tanks are often installed. Pumping stations are not recommended to be connected directly to the main water pipelines because there is a risk of idling mechanisms due to the lack of guarantees of continuous water supply or exceeding the permissible pressure.

Main components in water supply systems

A pressure booster installation for a home may consist of a pressure switch, a hydraulic accumulator, as well ascontrol and connecting equipment. Pumping stations are functionally distinguished by the ability to constantly maintain the required pressure in water supply systems and automatically regulate their own work depending on the use of water in the building.

Hydraulic accumulators are metal tanks with a special internal rubber membrane and air pre-injected under pressure through a nipple placed under a plastic cover.

Pressure switches are electromechanical devices that respond to internal pressure in water supply systems, and open or close the circuit depending on the pressure. The settings of this unit can be adjusted.

Management of booster systems

The principle of operation of pumping stations

When the pumping station starts working, the pressure booster is automatically activated and starts pumping water to consumers. After closing the tap, the accumulator is filled, while expanding the membrane and increasing the pressure in the water supply system. After reaching a predetermined pressure level, the relay switches off the pump. When the tap opens, the accumulator supplies water to the consumer under pressure. The pressure in the system will then decrease, and the pump will not be activated until a certain point. The relay turns on the pump again as soon as the pressure drops to a certain level.

Reason for lower pressure

With the change of seasons, not only changes in the temperature of the environment occur, but also the pressure in the water supply networks. This isthe phenomenon is caused by several reasons: the first is an illiterate miscalculation of water supply systems in the design process, determining the required diameter of the water supply system, the required capacity of pumping stations, and the average daily and average hourly water consumption. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the terrain, the number and growth of the population per year, the length of the networks and other factors.

Installation of pressure boosting systems

Installation of the pumping station

For the normal operation of each installation, the correct selection of the required diameter of the suction pipe is especially important. The most suitable for this will be flexible, crease-resistant reinforced hoses, as well as plastic or rigid metal products. When installing the suction pipe, sharp expansions, contractions and turns should be avoided.

Be sure to ensure a constant slope of the pipe from the installation to the source of water intake to prevent the formation of air locks or the accumulation of bubbles. To facilitate the process of filling the suction line and pump before start-up, as well as to prevent leakage from the system when the mechanism is turned off, check valves with a special strainer are usually installed on the suction pipes. The instructions for dismantling the pressure booster require that the water be pumped out of the system first and then all components should be disconnected.

Pressure pipeline

There are no such strict requirements for pressure mechanisms. Naturally, it is better not to narrow the diameter of the pipes unnecessarily so as not to create an additional loss.performance and pressure when supplying water to consumers.

Water pressure booster


Technology makes life much easier for a person. The work of many devices on the farm is associated with the supply pressure of water. A pressure booster pumping unit is the best choice in terms of ensuring the normal functioning of household appliances. These devices are widely used today in agriculture, in the design of domestic water systems or in firefighting. In order to choose such equipment correctly, it is necessary to determine its intended purpose and the necessary technical characteristics.

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