Modern multifunctional material - keeper tape

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Modern multifunctional material - keeper tape
Modern multifunctional material - keeper tape

Kipper tape - what is it? Any electrician will give you a detailed answer to this question. After all, electrical work is the main area of ​​application of this material.

What is tack tape made of?

A modern material with a wide range of applications - keeper tape - is a textile strip of fabric 8-50 mm wide made of cotton threads. Much less often, the ribbon is made of polyester, lavsan or silk.

kiper tape

There are several types of twill tape. The material differs mainly in the type of weave (twill or diagonal) and the thickness of the thread.

Keeper tape is very dense and strong enough to be used in tightening cable insulation or transformer windings. It is in electrical work that this material has found the widest application. It performs insulating, tightening and bandaging functions here.

Production of kiper tape

Today, the cotton braid we are considering is made mainly by a combined method: using cotton and polyester. This makes the material stronger andwear-resistant. The tape produced by the combined method is more resistant to bright light, temperature extremes and moisture. In addition, it is this material that can endure harsh cleanings.

The tape is produced on special tape weaving equipment, which can be either shuttle or shuttleless. The material is produced not only in white, but also in bright enough colors.

tape production


The tape, like any other material, must be made according to the state standard. So what kind of GOST exists for this? Keeper tape is produced in strict accordance with the technical specifications for the production of tapes for the electrical industry (GOST 4514-78). It is in this document that everything is written - from the appearance of the material to the methods of its packaging, transportation and storage.

According to the standard, the keeper tape should have a thickness of 0.35-0.40 mm and be made up to 50 mm wide. Also, the GOST strictly spells out the physical and mathematical indicators that the material released by the enterprise must comply with. So, for example, the produced tamper tape must withstand a certain breaking load.

The released tape undergoes mandatory quality control. The appearance of the material is evaluated and its compliance with the established standards is checked.

Where is tack tape used?

As noted above, the main area of ​​application of the material is electrical work. But this area is far from the only one.

Kipper tapeused in the production of uniforms, overalls and equipment for military enterprises. Also, it is with this material that the edges of the seams of outerwear are often edged. The textile industry has long appreciated the advantages of this durable material, where today it is widely used. In addition to all of the above, keeper tape is used in the manufacture of bags, backpacks and even hats.

gost tape keeper

The printing and paper industries did not stand aside. Ribbons for folders for papers are made from keeper tape, this material is used in bookbinding.

Another area of ​​application is the packaging of materials (boxes and various bundles). A strong cotton thread is ideal for this, because knots made from such tape do not slip or loosen. It should also be noted that, despite its "steel" strength, the keeper tape is an elastic and soft material, due to which it does not spoil the appearance and integrity of the package.

And gardeners and summer residents have found their use for the tape: it is often tied up with plants, because the material is strong enough, resistant to moisture and the sun, does not lose its performance for a long time.

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